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Broward County Public Schools Case Study


Approximately 30,000




Florida, USA

Broward County Public Schools Uses PA Server Monitor to easily and effectively monitor over 1,000 servers.

Broward County Public Schools needed a solution that would proactively monitor and inventory their servers districtwide providing them with visibility and advance notification of issues, fostering efficiency in issue prevention, resolution, and environment management. By having advance notices of server issues, they will be able to increase the availability of services to the district which is critical for the success of their teachers and students.

Absolutely! We would recommend PA Server Monitor for its ease of setup and use, as well as the affordability, which makes it extremely valuable for public, non-profit, and small IT teams.

Tamecka McKay Systems Analyst Enterprise Infrastructure Team Broward County Public


  • Cost-efficient
  • Advanced Notification of System Issues
  • Time & Resource Saving
  • Better Visibility of Environment


  • PA Server Monitor is affordable & powerful
  • Timely and Accurate Notifications
  • Easy to Setup and Maintain
  • Central Management and Reporting

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What was your main challenge/problem that led to you using PA Server Monitor ?

We have over 1,000 servers districtwide that need proactive monitoring, management, and maintenance. The Enterprise Infrastructure team is small and is in desperate need of appropriate tools for automation, proactive monitoring, and maintenance in order to improve service levels.

How has PA Server Monitor made your life/job easier ?

I expect our job to be easier in that we can receive advance notification when there is a potential issue and therefore prevent an outage. Additionally, we will be able to have better visibility of our environment resulting in better support, capacity planning, and service levels.

What would you say are the benefits of using PA Server Monitor ?

Improved service level, efficiency, reduced time for troubleshooting, and less service outages.

How has PA Server Monitor saved you or your company time and/or money ?

PA Server Monitor will save time and resources in that advance notification of issues will reduce downtime and outages for both IT Staff and our end users. Additionally, we can better manage our resources by having better visibility of our environment. Lastly, we sometimes deal with "shadow IT", which is frequently disruptive. PA Server Monitor allows us to be notified when a system is added to the network that may not have been appropriately authorized.

We considered SolarWinds and SCOM. We chose PA Server Monitor for cost effectiveness and ease of use.