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PA Server Monitor Release Candidate

This page is where you can find our very latest release. Versions that make it to this page are considered solid and candidates for production release, but they haven't finished testing or received enough feedback yet. If we implement a feature or fix for you, we will typically send you to this page to try it out.

Click here if you are looking for the current Production Release.

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Current Preview Release

Version [7 December 2022] is currently in testing.

[.014] * Ignored files in the File & Directory Change monitor will come from template parents as needed
[.014] * Ignored files in the File & Directory Change monitor can use wildcards * and ?, including in templates
[.014] * Fix to Log File Monitor's bulk config for "Monitors: Set Monitor Parameters"
[.014] * Fix for reports that contain $ which was showing an error
[.023] * Right clicking a monitor in the All Monitors trees can take you to the owning computer
[.023] * Added exception handling/logging support to PASystemDetails.exe
[.023] * Passing Powershell the default credentials the same as we do with WMI requests

Updates / Upgrades

PA Server Monitor can be upgraded by simply installing the latest version on top of your existing installation. Your settings and databases will be upgraded as needed.

You might need to reset the PA Server Monitor service's Run As account (from Settings or the Windows Services applet), but other than that no further configuration changes will be needed.

I wanted to say thank you for the brilliant product, PA Server Monitor! It has given me a much greater sense of security and confidence in my network administration duties, and is an absolute must for every admins toolkit.

Joe J., TechProse , USA ionicons-v5-b