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PA Server Monitor Release Candidate

This page is where you can find our very latest release. Versions that make it to this page are considered solid and candidates for production release, but they haven't finished testing or received enough feedback yet. If we implement a feature or fix for you, we will typically send you to this page to try it out.

Click here if you are looking for the current Production Release.

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Current Preview Release

Version [23 February 2024] is currently in testing.

[.077] * Fix for services that didn't get restarted or stopped properly
[.097] * Server status report can show monitor notes
[.097] * Current Errors group report can show monitor notes
[.097] * New user right to control who can set monitor notes
[.098] * Fixed name replacement when copy/pasting monitor to same server
[.098] * Fix for session cookies timing out when an HTTP connection is reused for a while
[.127] * Additional change to further prevent Client De-Sync (CSD) attack
[.129] * Less CPU usage getting a process list via SNMP
[.066] * Preventing negative performance counter values
[.066] * Give the ability to change the SSL certificate and private key filenames
[.066] * Fixed a few more places where the server status report could render twice
[.066] * Enabled HTTP server on IPv6 by default for new installations
[.075] * Added Dynamic Rules List rule "Has Monitor of Status"
[.075] * Doing some automatic index rebuilding to improve report performance
[.075] * Service Monitor will request StatIDs in bulk
[.075] * Dynamic Groups can have different server chart definitions
[.109] * Improvement showing what changed in monitor configuration XML
[.109] * Web interface can scroll the navigation tree correctly
[.109] * Improved CA renewal detection to make it easier to delete the CA folder
[.109] * Fixed embedded Chromium from needing to login again so frequently
[.109] * Automatically use LDAPS instead of LDAP whenever possible
[.109] * Extra checks to remove deleted monitors from the run queue
[.109] * Updated to SQLite 3.44
[.116] * Force a good session in the External API if one doesn't exist
[.116] * Fix for some property operator handling in non-English
[.116] * Showing expired certificate errors more prominently
[.116] * Better SNMP retries
[.116] * Failed HTTP requests that failed to an IPv6 address will try again with IPv4
[.116] * File Age Monitor can ignore sub-directories
[.116] * Fix for Console not remembering login servers when logged in as non-admin
[.123] * Service monitor can be configured to only record service status if the service is monitored - could shrink data table to 1/3 of size over time
[.133] * New separate, smaller, default size for Monitoring Status History database table
[.133] * Making error when compressing databases visible
[.133] * Never recording per-user services to the database from the Service monitor
[.133] * One-time check of Ignore Per-User services on all Service Monitors
[.133] * Fixed All-Systems-GO race condition
[.134] * Fix for External API CREATE_CHART that wasn't honoring width and height
[.134] * PALowPriorityHelper_Net4 runs in 64-bit
[.144] * Added system audit entries for monitors start/ending maintenance, and for System Alerts
[.151] * Fixed performance issue in the Dynamic Server List rule Has Service
[.163] * Cleaning the Statistics database table more often
[.163] * Syncing InventoryList.txt and SNMP-Perf-Mapping.txt to Fail Over
[.163] * Minor performance improvement - more noticable in larger installations
[.163] * Updated to curl 8.6
[.164] * Improved Broadcast message tracking
[.164] * $act.CustomProp can request custom properties from a Satellite in the case of a Satellite Down message
[.164] * When a Performance counter returns an error, reset sooner to try and fix it
[.167] * Fix string sent for monitorCustomMessage in Powershell Execute Script
[.167] * Fix missing monitorCustomMessage sent with Satellite Down Messages
[.167] * Fixed Calculated Status monitor when runnnig VBScript and requesting status of a remote monitor
[.167] * Improved performance counter parsing and handling
[.179] * Fix for crash in Disk Space Monitor when empty path is encountered
[.179] * Satellites can correctly inherit Custom Properties from the top Servers/Devices node
[.179] * Startup wizard properly saves the email and log file actions

Updates / Upgrades

PA Server Monitor can be upgraded by simply installing the latest version on top of your existing installation. Your settings and databases will be upgraded as needed.

You might need to reset the PA Server Monitor service's Run As account (from Settings or the Windows Services applet), but other than that no further configuration changes will be needed.

I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work over the years. You guys have always been great to work with. I was just looking in PA this morning and realizing how much it has done for us and wanted to let you know that we appreciate it.

Matt H., Integra, Inc., USA ionicons-v5-b