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pa server monitor

Powerful Disk and Data Monitoring

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PA: Storage Monitor Features

ionicons-v5-e Report on file ages, types, owners, duplicates...

ionicons-v5-e Scan and catalog terabytes of file information

ionicons-v5-e Predict when disks will run out of space

ionicons-v5-e Monitor and alert on user and directory sizes

ionicons-v5-e Reduce costs by finding files that aren't used

ionicons-v5-e Alert on changed files, low disk space, etc.

ionicons-v5-e Centrally monitor and report on multiple servers


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Popular Features

Powerful Reports

Our File System Analyzer can answer tough questions about what is stored. Imagine having a million file volume and being able to quickly find out:

  • What files haven't been accessed in 5 years?
  • Who are the largest storage users?
  • What are the largest files?
  • What does the file type distribution look like?
  • How do directory sizes or free disk space change over time?
  • Are there duplicate files across the volume?

Download the fully functional free trial and see for yourself. The program can be installed and configured in literally a minute or two. Point it at a volume and let it start crawling through and cataloging everything it finds.

Advanced Features

  • PA Storage Monitor runs as a service, so it is monitoring your system as soon as the computer is started--there is no need to login or start a program manually.
  • Powerful and flexible actions that run in response to your alert criteria.
  • Schedule reports to be automatically generated at the end of a data collection session, and optionally have the URL emailed to you.
  • HTTP based reports for viewing within the storage manager software console, or from a web browser.
  • Ad hoc reports to quickly get answers based on data already collected.
  • The ability to monitor individual file sizes (database files, Exchange Server database, etc) and alert you if they grow beyond a limit.
  • User quota monitoring and alerts (even email alerts to the end users themselves)

Scary good service

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