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SpeedFan HTTP Agent - Server Temperature Monitoring over the Network

Download SpeedFanHTTPAgent. SpeedFanHTTPAgent.exe is freely distributable in public and private projects, free, open source and/or commercial as well.

If you need something to monitor the output of SpeedFan or the SpeedFan HTTP Agent, our Server Temperature monitor can do it!

The SpeedFan HTTP agent exports and allows you to access SpeedFan's temperature data from across the network via a simple HTTP request. The following page is shown when you download and run SpeedFanHTTPAgent.exe

SpeedFan HTTP Agent

SpeedFanHTTPAgent retrieves data from SpeedFan, a great utility by Alfredo Milani Comparetti that reports PC temperature, fan speed, voltages and hard disk health. Retrieved temperature, fan and voltage data is made accessible via a simple HTTP request. (Hard disk health data is not available from SpeedFanHTTPAgent as it's not published by SpeedFan)


  1. Download SpeedFan and install it.
  2. You do not need to start SpeedFan -- SpeedFanHTTPAgent will take care of that as soon as it receives a request for temperature data
  3. Copy SpeedFanHTTPAgent.exe to the same folder that SpeedFan.exe is in.
  4. Run SpeedFanHTTPAgent.exe to configure the HTTP port that will be used.
  5. (optional) If you want SpeedFanHTTPAgent to run as a service, run SpeedFanHTTPAgent.exe -i to register it.
  6. Point a browser at http://{machine name}:{configured port} to retrieve the data.

Command Line Parameters


Starts SpeedFanHTTPAgent interactively and launches a browser showing this page


Installs SpeedFanHTTPAgent as an auto-start service


Removes the SpeedFanHTTPAgent service


Runs SpeedFanHTTPAgent interactively (without starting up a browser)

-setport {port}

Sets the port that the SpeedFanHTTPAgent HTTP server will use. SpeedFanHTTPAgent will need to be restarted to use the new port. This value is saved (and thus can be changed) in SpeedFanHTTPAgent.ini.


Indicates SpeedFan.exe has been tested on this computer and it is OK to launch.


Current HTTP Port: 8167 New Port: (restart SpeedFanHTTPAgent to use the new port)

SpeedFan has been tested on this computer and it is OK to launch it

Output Format

SpeedFanHTTPAgent can return the data in four formats as shown below. Note that the decimal point . is always used for floating point numbers to make parsing more predictable regardless of OS language settings.


Requesting the URL with no parameters will return this page with the simple data output in the table below.


Request http://{machine name}:{configured port}/?format=simple to get a simple list of temperatures and fan speeds. Example


Request http://{machine name}:{configured port}/?format=xml to get a simple XML output of temperatures and fan speeds. Example


Request http://{machine name}:{configured port}/?format=json to get a the data in a simple JSON format. Example

Temperature Data

Temperature 1: 40 CTemperature 2: 35 CTemperature 3: 38 CTemperature 4: 30 CTemperature 5: 26 CTemperature 6: 28 C Temperature 7: 30 CTemperature 8: 52 CTemperature 9: 58 CTemperature 10: 54 CTemperature 11: 50 C

We hope SpeedFanHTTPAgent is useful to you. If you have questions, feel free to ask at

SpeedFanHTTPAgent.exe is freely distributable and can be used in any projects/products whether private, open source or commercial. Please pass it on :)

SpeedFanHTTPAgent (c) 2017-2023 Power Admin LLC

Update Notes: - Initial release - Removed external DLL dependencies - Additional diagnostics added to error messages - Additional diagnostic logging - Fix to handle data anomalies - Recompiled with more modern Windows libraries, and resigned with more modern digital signature - Fixed problems when running on a computer for the first time - -i registers service as auto-start, fixed -u service uninstall option

Thank you so much for your excellent customer service.

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