Live Demo

What You'll See

Virginia, USA - The Live Demo is hosted on an Amazon EC2 medium instance. It monitors itself and a few other servers in the Virginia data center

The Live Demo's Central Service has four Satellite Monitoring Services communicating with it:

This small installation is monitoring approximately 120+ servers/devices.


You can view the demo three different ways:


Visit the following link with your web browser:

Mobile App...
Both iPhone and Android apps can quickly connect.
Console application...
Download the latest release and install the Console part of the application.


Two sets of credentials are available to demonstrate Access Control. Either can be used with the different connection options above.

View everything (read-only for the demo)

Customer 'ABC'
A fictional company's view of their own servers and devices. Managed Service Providers would give this kind of access to their customers.

Yes, one year is over. OMG. Santa is coming soon and guess what? I donĀ“t have a clue what I should give my wife... perhaps a POWER ADMIN license ? ;-) I love your software. Without POWER ADMIN my life is senseless!
Oliver B., Bartling.IT, Germany more customer quotes...
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