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Unsolicited Customer Testimonials

As I mentioned in the meeting, and I'll say it here, I've worked with several different monitoring systems in my career and nothing holds a candle to PA [Server Monitor].
Adam A, Symantec, USA
I'm working in this industry for 15 years now, but I can hardly remember working with a software company with a support like you have. You listen and new features come really fast. I'm deeply impressed by your support and now have the feeling we made the 100% right choice to choose PA Server Monitor.
Hanjo P, Pohlmann & Dimai GbR, Germany
Hands down your company is the BEST vendor I have ever worked with in my 41 years working in IT.
Karla P, Northwestern Energy, USA
[To the boss:] Just wanted you to know about the dedication to the product and the support response that they provide. Very satisfying to know that when you have an issue you don't have to worry if you are going to get assistance and assistance in a timely manner.
Robert P, CorroHealth, USA
Once again you deliver a service level way above expected, thank you very much.
Thomas R, ITaiga AS, Norway
We are also demo'ing a [PA File Sight competitor product]. Have had them 2 weeks now. In the 2 hours with your stuff, setup and config has been MUCH simpler. And the ability to edit what we want reported on is far easier.
David H, DCH, USA
Still loving your product (several years now). Nothing else compares for what I want. Prices are reasonable. Flexible licensing models. Customer service outstanding.
Mark, Enterprise Automation Services, USA
My management is amazed by the way Power Admin responds to these questions. An issue found on Friday was fixed in a release on Monday. Not many vendors can do this.
Marc P, Ster, Netherlands
Thank you for providing such a great product and support.
Moshe M, 3M Health Information Systems Division, USA
Your product is by far the best I have ever used in this field, and I hope we can continue to work together.
Riley D, L4U Library Software, Canada
I must say I am very impressed; in my 16 years as an ICT pro I have come across many monitoring products; you are by far the best.
Ernst V, Global Collect, Netherlands
Very happy with the app so far, it blows away [a major competitor]
Sandy H, Family Insurance Solutions, Canada
[We needed] a way to centrally monitor and manage multiple server issues in a manageable way. [PA Server Monitor] does that in spades. Its versatility in the scope of monitoring is extremely broad - and accurate.
Hands down. It's the bomb.

Oly G, On-Site Computer Solutions, USA
We have [very well known competitor] and we don't have the patience nor the whiskey to get it working... Your product is simple to use.
Shawn B, I.T. Administrator, USA
You guys have probably the best customer support I've seen. A free ticket with a product update for something that wasn't even a bug?
Ryan, Technical Support,, USA
Thanks for a really great product. You don't know how much money and time you guys have saved us.
Andreas N, Astra Tech Inc, Sweden
I wanted to say thank you for the brilliant product, PA Server Monitor! It has given me a much greater sense of security and confidence in my network administration duties, and is an absolute must for every admins toolkit.
Joe J, TechProse , USA
We are finished testing [PA Server Monitor] and are very pleased with every aspect of it ... [I like] routines for setup (could not be easier), pricing - compared to other products this is a bargain, interface, stability, reporting, and remote monitoring. The first week of use the program generated around a $1000 extra for us.
Thomas R, SysKon, Norway
Sometimes things have to be said twice, your support simply rocks. This industry would be way more fun if most other companys we work with would at least try to reach 50% of what you deliver.
Hanjo P, Pohlmann & Dimai GbR, Germany
The updates look awesome ...! Keep up the good work and thanks! The new reporting tools are GREAT!
Don L, Maine Medical Center, USA
We have relied on PA Server Monitor since 2007 in our mission critical environment. It has never failed us - ever. Thats hard to say about a lot of applications/services. Its rock solid and I have no hesitation in recommending it.
Clinton T, logiforms, Canada
I have created numerous monitors to watch processes, backups, important ftp downloads, services and this product is saving me lots of time and effort and letting me know important information almost immediately instead of searching for problems. It has saved me a ton of time managing the network.
Paul Potts, Presbyterian Foundation, USA
After testing almost 20 monitors in the market from free to thousands in price tag, some too hard to maintain, most yielding too many false positives, we found peace with PA Server Monitor. Adding the prompt support into the stew makes one feel like having a real "IT Gourmet" on the plate for the price of a hamburger. Now I can forget about the servers on my spare time and wake up well rested in the morning knowing no SMS = no problem.
Jani H, CTO, Lojaali Interactive, Finland
I have been a server admin for the previous 15 years and [PA Server Monitor] really seems to hit the mark for functionality, price, performance, ease of setup/use. Great job!
Mark H, Infineum, USA
BTW we LOVE PA Server Monitor - it's a fantastic tool!
Helen D, DDT, United Kingdom
You guys are incredible, Your product is great and with support like this it only continues to improve! I have been and will continue to recommend PA Server Monitor to industry colleagues. Keep up the good work.
Jeremy B, Challenger, Australia
PAM (as we call it) is one of the best tools in our IT toolbelt and consistently helps me to stay ahead of the curve regarding our datacenter. Thanks for a great product.
Jason M, Image API, Inc, USA
[With PA Server Monitor], we are now providing a MUCH more focused monitoring solution to all our clients - and it makes the technician/administrative involvement TONS easier in pin-pointing issues and getting down to resolutions more quickly and accurately.
Oly G, On-Site Computer Solutions, USA
In the health care services in my region (Chaudi re-Appalaches), PA Server Monitor is getting very attractive!! ... PA Server Monitor in Chaud re-Appalches is a real success!
Patrick C, Gestion des incidents et Service-conseil, Canada
I must compliment you on your excellent customer service and technical support. Keep up the good work and I'll remain a customer for a long time!
Adam M, Cornell University, USA
Thanks! Just tried and it worked. This tool is really powerful.
Philippe M, Americ Disc, USA
Wow, you guys are GOOD! Go get yourselves some lattes or something. :-) I won't be able to try the update for a little while, but the effort alone makes me smile.
Jeremiah B, FLEXcon, USA
We passed [the audit]. And we were able to pass because of the work you did [on PA File Sight]. Thank you very much.
Brian F, RevTrak, Inc, USA
[ PA Server Monitor's benefit is less] wasted labor in tracking what was unbillable - that now ADDS a LOT more BILLABLE time addressing issues we just could not get to before - making networks we manage much more stable and reliable. WE do a BETTER job for our clients and capture time we basically 'gave away' before.
Oly G, On-Site Computer Solutions, USA
Very very good job!
Fabrizio B, BESTIT s.r.l, Italy
Btw.... if you need any testimonials I would be willing to give one... great product & support...
Kevin B, UBHC University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey, USA
Wow. Fast response; quality product at an affordable price; willing to work with people even though only 3 people have reported something - impressive. It's not often to find all those things these days, so I say thank you.
John T, AugustWave LLC, USA
In the last 10 years I have worked with many monitoring solutions like [list of well-known competitors], and I can say that your solution is the best.
Marcel S, Nettrust it-Services AG, Switzerland
I love the new features... Thanks again for a great product!
Adam Andonian, Nexius Inc, USA
Thank you so much for your excellent customer service.
Nestor V, Kendle International Inc, USA
I want to thank you for an excellent product... We couldn't be happier with [PA Server Monitor].
Ryan R, Top Gun Sales Performance, USA
Insanely efficient to set up.
Glenn M, Cogent Consulting, USA
Can I just say that I think your support is pretty amazing! [And the product is not bad either!]
Iain M, IT Manager, United Kingdom
This is going to be a very busy year for us - and this product is a God-send. The learning curve here is NOT steep, the support outstanding. PA Monitor - just gets it done.
Oly G, On-Site Computer Solutions, USA
With [major competitor's] ping reporting feature I get an email alert for *every* ping failure. Since it's normal to occasionally fail ping (busy network etc) my Inbox was constantly flooded with nuisance alerts. The way you have it implemented I only get the email alert if there is a real problem that needs my attention.
Dave G, Progeny Systems Corp, USA
Amazing program I have to say, I absolutely love it. I don't have to guess whether my servers are down or not now.
Michael D, USA
Thanks for the great support and I'll definitely recommend your product to others, since the tool itself is great but the support is even better!
Alle D, Quatro Software, Netherlands
Scary good service
George H, Weyerhauser, USA
We appreciate all your hard work and dedication to getting the problem resolved. Wish more companies had the support that you guys offer.
Todd W, Beasley Allen, USA
We are very impressed with PA Server Monitor and even more impressed with your support. Which is 50% of any product in my book.
Ben G, System C Healthcare PLC, United Kingdom
FYI, [PA Server Monitor] has been a great asset to us.... along with your support.
Jim C, Sr. Database Administrator, USA
That worked. You guys have the best customer service.
Mary B, CIMTechniques, Inc, USA
I love your monitoring software. It is so easy to use!
Julie H, Lincoln, NE, USA
Phenomenal customer service that listens and understands real-world companies, fixes / updates extremely fast - truly an A+ company!!!
Alex Baskin / Jeff Seto, Alpert & Alpert Iron & Metal, Inc, USA
The best decision last year for me and my company was -- PA Server Monitor -- Thank you for the good job on this product. I really love it !
Oliver B, Bartling IT, Germany
We keep coming back to the fact that all the bells and whistles offered by large companies with even larger price tags are demolished by built-in functionality with PA Server Monitor.
Sean M, Complete Discovery Source, Inc, USA
I have been using PA Server Monitor for almost 8 years in some way, shape, or form. It's the best tool I've used.
Chris N,, USA
A few bulk credential jobs and we're very close to where we were before the meltdown with not a lot of hours required this is great. The recoverability is amazing. Thank you very very much.
Gary H, Huntsworth Health, USA
We manage over a hundred networks around Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Your product has been awesome!
Oly G, On-Site Computer Solutions, USA
We did do quite a bit of research and your software was the most robust and had the best tools available (i.e. smartphone app, friendly interface, etc.)
Dillon H, KeylessRide, USA
I keep forgetting how easy you make this software. I love Power Admin. Great product at a very fair price!!
Erik M, The Milton Bank, USA
BTW: [PA Storage Monitor] is outstanding! So easy to setup, understand, implement, and with so many options and features.
Doug J, Associate Principal Engineer, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, USA
You guys rock when it comes to customer support. I have not seen a team before, like the PA support team, that has been so responsive to customer requests. Kudos to your team :)
Abhi S, Symantec Corporation, USA
I can't say enough good things about PA Server Monitor and I find it a pleasure to work in (which is huge as I've used a ton of different monitoring tools over the years and pretty much disliked them all).
Eric P, Systems Engineer, Castle Rock, USA
The PA File Sight utility is an amazing tool for monitoring file usage. It's extremely comprehensive and flexible. Five Stars for the application and also the support. The support is better than I have experienced in a long time.
Bill, IT Manager, Western OTB, USA
I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work over the years. You guys have always been great to work with. I was just looking in PA this morning and realizing how much it has done for us and wanted to let you know that we appreciate it.
Matt H, Integra, Inc, USA
Awesome software by the way!!! Almost does me out of a job... Almost.
Leon H, Curtin University, Australia
That fixed the issue. Thanks!!! Awesome response time by the way :)
Todd E, Orion Advisor Technology, USA
The tools that PA Server Monitor give me and my team are constantly allowing us to improve and expand our monitoring capabilities.
Sean M, Complete Discovery Source, Inc, USA