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SIP-Ping Utility Program for Windows

VOIP (Voice Over IP) systems use the SIP protocol. That protocol contains an OPTIONS command that is useful for pinging the VOIP system to make sure it is up and running. The SIP-Ping utility software is a simple command line application that can be used to run this ping command. This was inspired by Gravis' SIP_Ping Python program.

SIP-Ping has no dependencies and should run on any Windows system. It can give visual output, or run in a mode that makes it a compatible plugin with PA Server Monitor's Plugin Monitor, or perhaps even as a Nagios plugin.

Download SIP-Ping.exe (Note, the executable is digitally signed by Power Admin LLC)


Anyone can download and use SIP-Ping. You can include it in your open source, freeware and even commercial applications. You may distribute it on your website, on CDs, mail to friends, etc. See the License for all the legalese.


Example running in Plugin mode (default) which returns OK/Alert and two statistics.

Example running in Verbose mode, and using TCP instead of the default UDP, showing what is sent and received.


SIP-Ping by Power Admin LLC
Usage: sip-ping.exe -host=(host or IP address) -user=(username) -domain=(domain) {-port=(port)} {-UseTCP} 
                    {-bindaddr=(local bind address)}  {-strict}  {-verbose} {-threshold=(alert ms)} {-timeout=(seconds)}

No parameters should contain spaces
-host       address of SIP endpoint to ping
-user       username to put in the To: and From: fields
-domain     domain to put in the To: and From: fields
-port       (optional) defaults to 5060
-UseTCP     (optional) defaults to UDP
-bindaddr   (optional) IP address of local NIC to bind to
-strict     (optional) requires a 200 response code to be considered successful.   if not strict, any response is success
-threshold  (optional) number of milliseconds for a threshold, which if passed, causes an alert return code
-timeout    (optional) maximum number of seconds to wait for a response.  defaults to 60 
-verbose    (optional) instead of outputting in plugin compatible format, shows sent and received data
-help       (optional) this output

Exit codes:
	0 = success
	1 = alert (bad HTTP result code, -threshold set and response was too slow)
	5 = error (bad parameters, bad or no response received, etc)

Update Notes:

Version (and some downloads)

SHA1 Checksum - Added the -bindaddr parameter

1f0f49a3d97b22ba8bb7425cf4989ed328b94f9f - Added the -bindaddr parameter

1d72af736fdef867dfd5d9cc67868935e6132d7d - Initialized an uninitialized variable, added one more line of verbose logging

8b3ba496ed64fc072b16e89471699bc47a00be10 - Original release


Note: SHA1 checksums obtained with: certutil.exe -hashfile "{path to file}" SHA1

PAM (as we call it) is one of the best tools in our IT toolbelt and consistently helps me to stay ahead of the curve regarding our datacenter. Thanks for a great product.

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