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OEM / Branding PA Server Monitor

PA Server Monitor has been built from the ground up with easy white labeling/rebranding in mind. It is quickly becoming a favorite solution among consultants and system integrators.

Our branding solution offers the following advantages:

  • Brand the application with your company logo, company name and other text values easily by dropping a couple of simple files into the PA Server Monitor directory. See below for details.
  • There is no charge for branding! We know that we'll be more successful if we can help you be more successful. Truly a win-win situation.
  • Generous reseller discounts when you buy licenses for your clients or bundle our application with your solutions
  • Ability to password protect the configuration so others don't purposefully or accidentally change your customer's configurations (available under Settings in the Console application)
  • Optional renewing licenses which will periodically contact your webserver to determine whether the client is still under contract to you and should continue to be monitored (Contact us for details)
  • Template support which lets you get a standard configuration setup, and then quickly apply it to new installations

Branding Details

To brand PA Server Monitor you need to download the oemconfig.ini file. You'll see that it is a small text file that contains things like product name, company name and website, contact email address, etc.

Edit the file to your liking.

Near the bottom of the file is a place where you can specify the name of a Windows Bitmap (.bmp) file for use in the PA Server Monitor Console -- the branding bitmap at the top.

Copy oemconfig.ini and your branding bitmap into the PA Server Monitor product directory. This is typically C:\Program Files\PA Server Monitor

Now restart the PA Server Monitor service and the Console -- your brand is now being used!

A couple of caveats:

  1. Branding only works with a Lite, Pro and Ultra license (including the Lite, Pro and Ultra demo licenses). The Free edition is not brandable. If a demo license expires, the product will revert back to the Free edition, and revert to our branding.
  2. If you want to the rename the PA Server Monitor service (so it shows up with your name in the Administrator Tools -> Services applet for example), run the following after placing the oemconfig.ini file:
    servermonsvc.exe -i
    (That will cause the service to be re-installed with your branding)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

I'm working in this industry for 15 years now, but I can hardly remember working with a software company with a support like you have. You listen and new features come really fast. I'm deeply impressed by your support and now have the feeling we made the 100% right choice to choose PA Server Monitor.

Hanjo P., Pohlmann & Dimai GbR, Germany ionicons-v5-b