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PA Storage Monitor Change History

Updates in 2021
* Added more diagnostic logging
* Fix for slow right-click on Devices nodes in the Console
* New self-signed certificates default to being sha256 signed instead of sha1
* Server charts will show an additional decimal point's info in the tool tip
* Fix for server chart tool tips
* Fix for custom charts not being sized as desired
* Checking DLL signatures when loading
* Server/group charts with 6 or more data lines will show the title next to the value in the tooltip
* Added new Monitors: Replace Actions Bulk Config command
* Added /AUTO_LOGIN Console command line option
* Configuration Audit report will be written to unique directory so it doesn't overwrite other similar reports
* Fix for very rare crash in the Console
* Fix for some non-English date parsing
* Added new Monitor Statuses custom group report part
* Fix for crash during configuration restore from disk
* Added auditing entries for moving computers to different groups, and running Bulk Config
* Console updates status icons in navigation panel better
* Updated to OpenSSL 1.1.1l
* Updated to libcurl 7.78.0
* Updated to libssh2 1.10.0
* System Details WMI calls will use packet level authentication
* Added Regular Expression support to Dynamic Server List and Inventory Alerter monitors
* New hourly System Audit event that the service/Satellite is running
* Logging a host ping if the database connection is reconnected
* Dynamic Groups with missing base Dynamic Server List monitor will be deleted
* Disk Space monitor templates can use expressions to specify which disks to monitor
* System Alerts use a message template that can be modified
* Fix for errorneous "monitor stuck" alerts
* Collecting disk status via WMI Inventory Collector similar to System Details
* Fixed a bug so there is better email alert throughput under load
* Added Groups: Delete Groups to Bulk Config
* Setting process wide COM/DCOM security to RPC_C_AUTHN_LEVEL_PKT_PRIVACY
* Disk Space monitor can check for new drive in an external process
* Console remembers navigation panel width between restarts
* Added Italian translation files
* Fix for configuration import problem
* Handle canceling out of the startup wizard better
* Added mouse scroll wheel support to some grids in the Console
* Fix for disk space monitors that would not configure drives that were found
* Will attempt to get remote drive list from Windows via WMI
* Updated to NAudio 1.8 with new API to play sounds more quickly
* New default self-signed certificates will use sha256 instead of sha1 for signature
* Fix for slow right-click on Devices nodes in the Console
* Added better error reporting to the Upgrade to 64-bit helper application
* Upgraded to amCharts4
* Fixed database transfer for the Directory Quota monitor
* Clicking the Parent Group button will refresh the parent report
* Configurable cache minutes for Server Status Report
* Pasting monitor will no longer try to customize them but will paste as-is
* Increased timeout when communicating with ESXi
* Disk Space monitor won't remove mount points when deriving from a template
* Less CPU usage in large installations
* Fix to prevent monitors disappearing under heavy load
* Multiple stats combined into a single CSV file will show stat names at the stat change boundary
* Servers coming out of Maintenance will be able to regardless of whether the Satellite is connected or not
* Fix for occasional problem in the Console when moving computers would show a double shadow computer
* Reduced CPU usage for large installations
* Variables html page written out in UTF-8 to handle non-ASCII characters
* Configuration to hide empty datasets when running a report on multiple datasets
* Speed increase for Console startup and in the Service and Satellite
* Rebuild with new code signing scheme
* Better support for downloading CSV files from reports
* Fix for server charts showing wrong date
* Fix for rare Console synchronization bug
* Charts render asynchronously so the browser responds quicker
* Satellites and Endpoints have a better back-off when failing to connect
* Performance boost (less CPU usage)
* Fix for failing to get a list of drives from a server
* Additional XSS protection added (credit to Ryan Jones)
* Added CSV export icon to tables in most reports
* Report CSV files that are empty will have _no_data appended to the filename
* New user right for View Satellite status
* Starting and ending Immediate Maintenance handled asynchronously
* Enhancement to speed up chart rendering
* Significantly faster internal HTTPS server
* Fix for MONITOR_ENABLE External API call
* Entering and leaving maintenance will only fire the associated System Alert, not the "changes might affect monitoring" alert
* Added FORCE to Smart Config to force duplicates if specified
* HTTPS client reading much larger chunks to speed up Console sync
* Fix for some garbled PDF attachment filenames for non-latin character sets
* Run Now commands are handled asynchronously
* Added QFE Last Installed Date inventory field
* Faster operation for large installations (1000's of devices)
* Fix for Inventory Report date parsing
* Can set Use Curl via Bulk Config for Satellites
* TLS 1.3 support added to the user interface
* Better dynamic TLS support for the Helper application based on installed .NET version
* Fix for charts that cover the daylight savings shift
* SystemDetails module of Inventory Collector uses correct domain with credentials
* Added Device IP/Hostname, Device Alias Only and Device Aliased Name inventory fields
* Set a maximum size of email message digests
* Performance improvements
* Added Source ID and ExternalRef columns to the Error Audit report and database
* Fixed the enabling and disabling of Automatic Configuration in the Console
* Performance improvements
* More reliable Satellite and Fail Over updates
* Creating SNAP Tunnels has additional security checks
* Failed login recording with automatic and configurable lockout
* Added support for ignoring uninteresting folder paths in the SSH Disk Space monitor
* Added support for defining "Instances" in Execute Script reported statistics
* Group chart height grows dynamically with legend size
* New Bulk Config operation to securely copy device credentials from one Satellite to another
* Prevent overlapping template propagations
* Selecting device in a Dynamic Group won't cause the selection to jump to the 'home' group of the device
* Account locked messages show calling application type
* Changes to template propagation to increase robustness
* Fix for a few template propagations that would happen repeatedly

Updates in 2020
* Fix for regression bug where Inventory Collectors on Satellites stopped reporting
* Ability to change report email subjects to just the report title
* Can specify independent Up and Down actions for Satellites
* IgnoreScriptErrors variable added to $mon for Powershell Execute Script * Fixed rare problem where older state would show up in monitor status * Added RENAME_USER_ACCESS command line to rename user access settings * Fixed Bulk Config's Monitors: Delete Monitors to work on template-derived monitors * Fixed some problems with database transfers * Fixed race condition during template propagation where some monitors might get lost * Disk Space Full Check will by default use straight line prediction instead of looking at quadratic * When a monitor comes out of Satellite Disconnected it will show its previous status * Improvement to help prevent the internal HTTP server from getting behind * Fix for UI glitch when chosing field values for reports * Internal changes to reduce CPU usage * File & Directory Change monitor doing proper impersonation on one call where it was missing before * Changes to reduce CPU usage in large installations * Fixed trial license selector * Fix for report link drill down when File System Analyzer is not monitoring file owners * More shutdown logging * GET_SERVER_PROP API function supports multiple property look ups per request * Emailed report PDFs will use the report title for the PDF file name * Better check for customer SSL/TLS certificates before regenerating * Execute Script won't alert based on FireActions if $mon.ReportResults has already been called * Rebuilt a library with (little used) SIMD extensions removed for broader CPU support * Added Group Name to Custom Group Report email subjects * Better LDAP error when credentials are wrong * Protect Console against a rare crash * Added $mon.ComputerAlias for the Execute Script monitor * Added operators % ^ & | to the expression evaluator * Added support for multi-Item escalation in Execute Script monitors * When exporting computer config as a template, monitors are disconnected from templates as needed * When importing computer config from a file, do not 'fit' monitors - import as-is * Fix for group reports not showing internationalized titles * Fix for duplicate rows in the Largest Directories report for the Directory Quota monitor * Disk Space monitor can retrieve disk stats via SSH * Registry setting for optionally forcing HTTP connections to not get reused * Registry setting so Run Now can optionally NOT override monitor period and dependencies * Fix for Executive Summary report section titles * Fixed testing Execute Script powershell monitors when they are a template
* File & Directory Change monitor works with Bulk Config's Monitors: Set Monitor Parameters operation * Charted titles change more reliably when the underlying statistic's alias is changed * Added LOOKUP_CID and SERVER_ENABLE to the External API * Updated from OpenSSL 1.1.1c to 1.1.1d

Updates in 2019
* Minor UI update to look less dated. See the View menu to change back * Fix for rare crash * Fixed the PDF button when used within the Console * Decreased short term memory use, and a small performance increase * Fix for form-post escaping * Dynamic Server List rule for Server/Device names accepts wildcards * Error History OK Time field will be filled in even if unacknowledged alerts * Fix for User Access interface when rights not automatically granted to new users * Quiet a false database error * PALowPriorityHelper_net4 (Powershell 4/5) is now 64-bit * Charts that are all 0 values show up better * New Alerts menu to Broadcast text to user alert actions * Default Message Templates will use the correct default language setting after it changes * Run Now will override the monitor's schedule or dependencies * Uninstaller will unregister from All-Systems-GO as needed * Failed action notifications won't cycle and alert via the same failed action, causing a crash * Improved computer name mapping, better local computer detection * More helpful diagnostic message when a report fails to run * Fix for Set Maintenance Schedule user right * CSS change to prevent wrapping in the report index tree * Added GET_NOTES and SET_NOTES to External API * Protection against bad response from DNS server
* Two Factor Authentication can be enabled on a per-user basis at Settings > Remote Access > Filter User Access * New User Right to control who can update Satellites and Fail Over * Internal pings will work around Windows DNS cache failures * Fix for race condition when launching the PALowPriorityHelper application * Increased SQLite memory usage limit * Changed cipher list ordering for Weak cipher list so Windows 2003 can still connect * Address Resolver handles ISATAP IPv6 addresses * Can use a remote login to the local Central Monitoring Service to get a full Local Console if: local Admin, admin rights in app, rights to top Servers/Devices group * Can disable the local credential-less login * Trend lines go out 33% beyond the chart * Reordered some lines in the HTTP/S server to potentially reduce locking * ReqResponseDN.dll is correctly updated by the installer * Fixed internal lock that can freeze the service
* WMI (Inventory Collector), PDF, and charts use the .NET 4 Helper * Current Errors Report will succeed in more situations * Switched to newer MIB parser, and added a larger MIB library * Defaulting to requiring a login to view web reports * New User Right for setting maintenance schedules * Fix for row variables in Execute Script actions * Handle double-width charts in Executive Summary/Custom Group reports
* Old v7 Console will be replaced with a message to update short cuts * Protection against crash in PAPDH * Fix for Welcome Dialog with newer versions of IE * A little better tracking of who creates computers when done via Network Scanner * Remote Console failure to write to its log file will not broadcast a System Alert * Master server won't do a Fail Over file sync for first 10 minutes of the service starting up * Don't alert on monitors missing actions if the monitor (or server) is disabled * Fixed rare crash triggered by mobile app usage * Updated OpenSSL to 1.1.1c * Satellite disconnected status shown on devices and monitors with a striped background * Fix to ignore PAExec in the File & Directory Change monitor * Explicit SSL/TLS version selection in the HTTP Settings dialog * Better Live View (with simple filtering) * Credential Manager will prompt if deleting credentials referred to by other devices * Explicit SSL/TLS version selection in the HTTP Settings dialog * Better Live View (with simple filtering) * Resolve IP addresses in Active Directory Login Monitor for more meaningful alerts * Fixed rare crash in IPv6 address resolver * Logging will recover from network errors better * Fix for File & Directory Change monitor so it again shows full path for Changed files * Upgraded to AmCharts 3.21.15 from 3.20.4 * Charts can now be normal width, double width, or full width (double width is new) * Execute Script monitors can overwrite their own status as they run * Better chart resizing * Event Log monitor will go into Can't Run Now if the search for bookmark times out * Added audit change events for Servers/Devices and Actions * Shortened Ping failures message with highlight on DNS lookup failure, and hint to cache DNS lookups * Updated to SQLite 3.29.0 * Top-level Monitor Templates won't propagate into the *Automatic Configuration groups * Upgraded to InnoSetup 6 * Satellites are automatically accepted by default
* 64-bit, which means almost no memory limitations. * All-Systems-GO monitor to be assured your monitoring system is up and running * IPv6 support * Better performance when using RDP through a SNAP Tunnel * More Bulk Config operations * Group notes (similar to Server Notes) * More flexible and powerful monitor settings * New User Rights for more control * SNMP Monitor uses the SNMP Retries registry setting instead of being hard-coded * Monitors that cannot run will fire System Alerts at most once every 15 minutes (instead of on every run) * Added SNAP Tunnel audit events * Advanced Deduplication will block all actions on a duplicate as documented, not just notifications * ChangeMonitorStatus from Execute Script monitors and actions can correctly update the running monitor's status * Change to report page refresh functionality if an HTTP error happens * Fixes for duplicate columns in the Group Overview report (column report) * New Bulk Config to cleanup unknown Actions * New Credential Manager * Don't show Top X chart on a group when there are no devices in the group * Fix for generating PDF of Custom Reports that might be for a different report * Fixed a small memory leak * Outgoing alert emails will be processed in parallel more for greater throughput if needed * Restored the missing Hourly Error Count chart * Write to Log File action has a configurable output template

Updates in 2018
* Monitors that cannot run will fire System Alerts at most once every 15 minutes (instead of on every run) * Added SNAP Tunnel audit events * Advanced Deduplication will block all actions on a duplicate as documented, not just notifications * Added some database caching for frequent requests to increase performance * Fix for Calculated Status monitor for rapidly running monitors * Fixed Monitor Change auditing event * Fix for Disk Space Monitor reporting predicted full disks, and then immediately reporting it is OK and under threshold * Fix for Satellite Up/Down messages that were missing the Satellite name * Added new All Actions Access permission * Email send throttling can be controlled via registry setting * View System Activity shows template propagation * Disk Space monitor status will show all disks, even when alerting on each separately * Removed [ ] around monitored values in Disk values * Fix for template dependencies not propagating properly * Enforce OpenSSL server cipher order * Template propagation speed improvement when Satellites are involved * Group-level Notes that can be added to Group reports (similar to Server Notes) * Easy Config can query for IPv6 Neighbors * Added $DeviceNameOrAliasOnly$ replacement variable * Fix for Smart Config that wasn't adding actions when using a template as the base monitor * Fixed device property "Date Added for Monitoring" from getting reset * Prevent memory fragmentation when cleaning up the Login Event Database * Reports can be run that are not limited by memory size * Fix for dependencies on templates * Fix for rare crash in SNAP Tunnels * Increased reporting speed in some cases * Updated expiring SHA1 code signing certificate * Upgraded to IPWorks 16 * Handle very large emails more efficiently * Using different heap memory management settings * First template propagation will wait until the Central Service has been running for two mintues * More efficient log file writer (easily handles 10X the logging) * Added Bulk Config to enable/disable monitoring of Servers/Devices * Bulk Config can be used to disable the internal HTTPS service within the Satellite (will break Inventory Collector) * New Bulk Config operation - Computers: Allow/Prevent Template Propagation * Improved Network Map device layout * Fix for rare configuration synchronization failure * Disabled servers leaving maintenance mode won't become enabled * Prevent Bulk Config from misconfiguring a template with the Monitors: Set Monitor Parameters operation * Much faster processing of GetNextID for large installations (used in template propagation) * Added the ability to block some accounts (external customers for example) from seeing Recent Alerts on servers and Current Errors in groups * Can start and end Immediate Maintenance on servers in Dynamic Groups * Bulk Config's Monitors: Set Monitor Parameters works with the Active Directory Login Monitor filters * Fix for regression crash in SNAP Tunnels * Fixed View Template button at the top tempate bar in the Console * Added Show Monitoring Coverage on Group reports user right * Retry on failure to get VMWare ESX information * Fix to the Startup Wizard * Fixed the "Show devices that do not contain specified monitors" parameter for the Configuration Audit report * Removed source of some Audit Failure login events in target servers' Security Event Logs * Small reduction in memory usage for large installations * Tool tips for most fields that are too long to display * Caching domain lists * Additional support for IPv6 for SNMP-based requests * The Central Service and Fail Over Service will wait longer for Satellites to reconnect after just starting up * Central Service will sync a fresher copy of the Satellite status database to the Fail Over Service * Set Server Maintenance action shows server names with groups * Monitors in Can't Run state (or Internal Error) will NOT move through Event Escalation steps, but instead reset escalation to the beginning. * Email Message Digest age is registry configurable (defaults to 1 minute) * Less memory usage when sending large host name lists to the central server * Tighter syncing between the Console and Central Service * Fix for ability to disable Drag and Drop in the Console * Fix for very rare memory corruption bug that can happen during log rotation * Added time stamps to Satellite up/down and also System alerts * Ability to message digest all emails, including the first one in a while * Change that should prevent the CompNameCache database from growing so much * Fix for Day Light Savings transition date calculations * Fix for rare race condition in Cache Manager that caused configuation updates to get lost * Fixed units in the charts in email alerts * Retries when an error occurs while retrieving ESX disk space * Enhancement that reduces CPU usage on heavliy loaded systems * Better SNAP Tunnel performance (RDP to Satellite for example) * File & Directory Change monitor speed increase * Increased report refresh reliability * Added ability to have group reports refer to child group reports * Data Sets in the report builder will show device aliases if defined * Custom Group report Custom Charts can be separated by device * Optimizations for increased performance
* Newly pasted servers will be disabled to give a chance to make any changes before enabling for monitoring * Added explicit locale to javascript date/time rendering * Update to enable retrieving monitoring data from ESXi 6.7 * Object selection user interface with very large lists (thousands) loads much quicker * Fix for Bulk Config not filtering on monitor templates correctly in all cases * Automatically use IE embedded browser if older than Windows 7 (Chromium browser won't work) * Change FileNameID column into bigint for File System Analyzer tables FileName and FileInfo * Don't clear actions when coming out of Can't Run if also now in Alert state * Fixed hot-links to help pages * Additional logging added * Large report warning/redirect page will not be used when generating PDFs * More diagnostics when Satellites can't connect * External diagnostic ping done on a failed connection to the Central Service * Fix crash that can happen when doing HTTPS logging * Fix for crash in the File System Analyzer * Satellite has 'FTP Logs to Support' button * Fixed some non-English date parsing for report periods * Calling StoreValue in scripts won't trigger a Monitor Changed audit event * Newly added Custom Properties will show up in the Alert Reminders editor * Trend lines in reports are shown with dashed lines * Updated SQL ODBC driver client to version 17.2 * Fixed archived log files getting deleted too soon * Fix for second try on failed File & Directory Change monitor's prescan count * Cleaned up monitor changes in the audit report * Added ChangeMonitorStatus to Execute Script monitors and actions * Fix for potential missing status in the Group Overview (Column) report for CPU, Memory and Bandwidth * Fix for users with low rights being able to register their mobile phone for alerts * Find dialog can now also find monitors, actions and groups * New Bulk Config operation to force re-propagation of all templates * Copy Computer option in the Console will remap Monitor Dependencies * Scheduled Reports and Ad Hoc reports can be grouped into folders via the new Report Group tab * Extra logging around the Fail Over Slave status * Unstable OS time alerted on (affects monitoring) * Syslog action can send alerts in a single line of text for easier 3rd party integration * Pasting a monitor will put it in a 5-minute maintenance mode. This behavior can be changed in Advanced Services > Advanced Settings "PastedMonitorMaintMin" * Right-clicking a monitor in the Console will show the monitor's status information line (with truncation if needed) * Fail Over Slave will do less when it is not active * Fix for broken $DeviceName$ variable * Large configurations are sent in batches to the Console if needed * Similar to maintenance mode, monitors will ignore activity that happened while they were disabled * New Monitoring Coverage report which can output data to CSV, etc * PA Helper net4 will target .NET 4.6.1 to gain better access to TLS 1.2 support * Fix for Directory Quota monitor not cleaning up directory records that no longer exist * More flexible configuration for using only the Alias in reports * Console loads much quicker * Email server connections are disconnected after a failure so subsequent connection can succeed * Fix for custom monitor templates turned into default monitors during Smart Config * Better Satellite backoff when many are trying to connect at once * Satellites make initial connection quicker * Disk Space monitor won't automatically add both ESX and SNMP drives (which are duplicates) * Event Deduplication closing of events will use the monitor's true type * More diagnostics when configuring the Fail Over * Support for using curl when the Windows TLS support is too old to connect * Fix for converting non-English counter paths when propagating templates * Disk Space monitor propagation will add new disks according to the Add Disks setting on the monitor * Faster Console response * Listing all .NET 4 versions that are supported in the .config files * Fix for Fail Over Slave not receiving all configuration data * Better Console performance for limited rights users * Added IPv4 and IPv6 Inventory fields * Protection against Action List loops * Fixed issue with Inventory data getting deleted * Quieted some nuisance alerts from the Fail Over * Added $Satellite_Name$ replacement variable * Configurable timeout while communicating with ESX, with increased default time * CSV file output is a little easier to read * Fix rare crash/memory corruption caused by multi-threaded reports * Better mapping of templated dependencies to server-local monitors * Fix for missing report PDF in email when email report images are disabled * Better Satellite configuration message when a Satellite is connected to an inactive Fail Over * Configuration syncing to a Fail Over works better with very large installations * Limited access users will see the group reports defined at the top Servers/Devices level
Windows 7/2008 R2 or newer is required for the Console to use the embedded Chromium browser. Otherwise IE with some limitations will have to be used. * Able to clear credentials in the Changed Stored Passwords dialog by entering a blank password * Auto report forwarding in groups now works with the Executive Summary report * Improved credential caching for remote cases * Execute Script action will use a thread pool to control CPU and memory usage * Execute Script actions run faster and more can run at once * Execute Script and Call URL actions can be configured to run wherever the calling monitor ran * Thread Pool will alert if it is falling far behind * Updated 7za to version 18.05 because of CVE-2018-10115 * Added $AlertType$ replacement variable * Added $AlertID$ and $AlertType$ columns to the Write to Log File * Added warning to installer about Windows 7/2008 R2 requirement for embedded Chromium browser * Fix for regression bug in ADD_SERVER external API function * Fix for very rare crash when backing up the Configuration database for a Fail Over Slave * File & Directory Change monitor is much faster * Fix for remote access filter user interface involving groups that get moved * Ability to copy and paste devices * Better reconnection attempts for Satellites that are disconnected * Alert Reminders can use Custom Properties * Fix for Full Disk Date calculation
Windows 7/2008 R2 or newer is required for the Console to use the embedded Chromium browser. Otherwise IE with some limitations will have to be used.
* System Alerts that are fired for servers entering and leaving maintenance will use a Maintenance status instead of Alert status
* Possible to use the Fail Over without a shared database, though data monitored during Fail Over will NOT be available to reports
* New flat icons and buttons to modernize the look of the Console a bit
* Fixed rare deadlock
* Faster MIB parsing
* Monitors coming out of server maintenance will revert to their previous status instead of going to Scheduled
* Activity Chart shown in navigation column when the button bar is hidden
* Syslog Sender action can send alert description and/or row variables
* Changes to speed up Snap Tunnels, for better RDP tunneling experience
* Bulk Config's Computers: Set Automated Maintenance Schedule can clear all maintenance schedules if specified
* Fix for servers on Satellites that would come out of maintenance when the central service was restarted
* Ability to force Full Disk Prediction to only use a straight line formula
* Added SET_GROUP_PROP and GET_GROUP_PROP to the External API
* Added "Last" {day} of month to scheduled items (monitor, reports, maintenance, etc)
* Improved initial database connection error reporting
* Fixes for some errors in the language translation files
* Upgraded to CEF (Chromium) 3.3325.1756
* Monitors are automatically enabled (if needed) when promoted to a template
* Removed duplicate custom logo when report shown within frame of outer page when using Web interface
* Faster group reports in large installations
* Directory Quota monitor will erase quotas for monitors that have been deleted
* Fix for charts not showing up in PDFs generated from the web report
* Fix for SNMP drive names on Windows containing volume names and serial numbers
* Fix for File & Directory Monitor that could get stuck and always be busy
* ESX host connections will be cached for only 5 minutes
* Returning newly created ID for External APIs ADD_MONITOR, ADD_GROUP and optionally for ADD_SERVER
* Removed 3DES ciphers from High security setting

Updates in 2020
* SSH Execute Script monitors can use replacement variables now just like the Actions have been able to do * Template selection in Smart Config is an extended-selection instead of single-selection control * New HTMLEmail_NoDataFiles setting to not attach CSV files to reports * Fix for saved CSV and PDF filenames (@@@ was getting appended) * Log ping result if an HTTP/S connection fails * Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.2n * Detailed monitor activity chart can show data from the Satellites * Ensure sent emails go to the Audit Log, regardless of the (separate) Perm Log setting * Connection string editor/parser won't remove unrecognized fields * Changes to help the StatIDs stay synced between the Central Service and Satellites * Fix for editing Dynamic Server List rules (or any rules) to show enumerated values on existing rules * Fixed broken translations * Detecting SNMP errors more robustly * Prevented DB_LIMIT errors when calculating monthly uptime * Disk Space monitor will by default ignore temporary drives from /dev, /run, etc * The Syslog Action can use replacement variables and custom monitor messages * Diagnostic access checks are performed when the Service/Satellite starts to report to the user if there are problems with their configuration * Dynamic Server Lists will trigger template propagation on server removes too * Added $Notes$ replacement variable for us in actions, email templates, etc * Protection against very large HTTP to HTTPS URL overflow * Fixed memory leak * Fixed small memory leak * Users with limited rights will only see Actions that are attached to Monitors that they can see * Fix for Restart Satellite command in the Console which would restart the Satellite service more than once * Added several HTTP/S security headers * Fix for sending emails when graphics, PDFs and attachments have all been disabled

Updates in 2017
* Alert Reminder messages will indicate which rule fired the reminder * Fix so the Visual Status Map report can be used with the Lite License * Better monitor dependencies from templates * Forcing TLS 1.2 support when using Windows 8.1 or Server 2012 R2 where we know it is supported * Added MERGEIMPORT command line option to import a configuration into an existing configuration * Fix for Satellite Up/Down messages that use a different template * Extra protection against corrupted MIB files * Added rHTMLEMAIL_NO_PDF to disable PDF attachments in reports * HTTP Server allocates less memory * Fix for Log File action truncation when using UTF-8 files * Dynamic Groups will be empty if their source Dynamic Server List is disabled (or not in an OK state) * Double-signing (SHA1 with MS Cross-signing certificate, and SHA256) installers * Added System Activity events for database cleanup activities * The Start Application action can specify it should be run on the "Central/Satellite where the alerting monitor runs" * Registry setting for Disk Space monitor to use previous Can't Run status instead of Alert if a drive can't be found * Fix for the Service Monitor not keeping must run/must not run services when propagated from a template * Importing BLOCK_AUTO_CONFIG setting from config cxml files * Improved Windows AV detection in Inventory Collector * Better error message when Powershell-based Execute Script times out * Fix for Consoles not being able to login when "Local only" HTTP server filtering is on * Fix so Satellites can do Smart Config with templates * Fixed some error messages in the PA Desktop Notifier * Satellite Down messages will have an AlertID like monitors so they can be tracked in third party systems * Fixes for issues introduced in build 201 * Slightly less CPU usage * Syslog sender optimization and logging

Updates in 2016
* 'Licensed To' in Console will update after license activation * More efficient CPU usage * Alert reminders won't be sent for disabled or in-maintenance monitors * Faster handling of database requests when too many rows are returned * Fix for disappearing server status charts * Not showing report logo for reports shown within the web-based report frame (that already shows the logo) * External API ADD_SERVER is handled asynchronously so it doesn't timeout while being worked on * Fix for Bulk Config's Delete Monitor operation not working on templates * Custom Property DISPLAYED_NOTES is now connected to the Notes that can be shown in the server status report

Updates in 2020
* Disk Full Prediction alerts added to the Disk Space Monitor * New "Find Directory Changes" report will find and highlight source folders of large disk usage changes * New "Archive Report" (backup report) will show folders where all files have not been accessed for X days * File System Analyzer scans are 2 to 10 times faster * Action Scheduler monitor for automating tasks * New Monitoring System audit reports, which show emails were sent, servers into maintenance, etc * Performance improvements (more responsive Console, more efficient CPU use and less memory usage in service * Fix for rare crash involving multiple email alerts and alert charts * Better CPU throttling in the File Age monitor
* Fixed sorting problem in the Console's navigation tree
* Added new All Servers part for Executive Summary reports * Added Debug Logging as a setting that can be set via Bulk Config to Satellites * Turned starvation warning alert counts way down * Added Satellite name to Configuration Audit report * Additional logging and diagnostics added * Protection against bogus monitor starving alerts * Changed installer's ODBC driver to: Microsoft ODBC Driver 13.1 for SQL Server * Fixed problem with the Console viewing the Fail Over Slave's status page * Won't sync DB Connection string to Fail Over Slave so it can be different if needed (different driver version for example) * Fix for the local Console so it can login using the hostname, and not just * Added IsDeviceType dynamic rule * Added the $WinDir$ replacement variable * Updated EULA indicating a customer's logos can be shown on our website unless asked not to * Change to decrease number of error alerts when a monitor can't run because of a reboot * Added option to control whether TLS 1.2 can be disabled (like for SSLv3, TLS1, and TLS1.1) * Restored the missing "suppressed alerts for {0} before entering error state" message in alerts * Satellites forcing command filter to * so that PASystemDetails and PALowPriorityHelper can connect * File & Directory Change monitor won't report on deletes if settings have changed so it doesn't fire false positives * First character of Live View can be a ! to show all lines that are NOT the given line * Fix for broken language translation in the service * Added a filter to View System Activities * Added a FinishedTime column to the File System Analyzer Scan table * Fixed API_GET_MONITOR_INFO which was not checking all status values * Better interface for Dynamic Server List rule selection * New registry-value based Dynamic Server List rule * The File/Directory Size monitor can handle floating point thresholds * File/Directory Size monitor can use floating point threshold values * More accurate Is Still In Error rule for alert reminders * Empty template-based monitors won't be propagated to servers/devices * Disk Space monitor will honor the local "Add New Disks" setting * Fix for ESXi 6.x that has known issues returning sensor data * Server type probe was reporting almost everything as SNMP * Disk space full prediction won't kick in with less than 3 days' data * Added Monitoring Software Is Installed dynamic server list rule * Fix for handling passed in credentials during Smart Config * Added group-level template blocking during template propagation * Template propagation will complete faster * More precise probe to determine if a server is Windows or not * Fix to some Dynamic Server List rules to filter out recently deleted servers/devices * Don't block the email sending thread with an exception message box * New GET_PERF_STATS external API * More robust initialization * Fixed appending \ to the end of disk space paths when SNMP or ESX * File & Directory Change monitor won't alert about deletes just because a file is now being ignored * Better handling of incomplete data coming back from VMWare ESX * Faster template propagation * Removed some internal bottlenecks * Fix for very rare database locked-caused crash * Added options for what alerts to combine in Email Digests * New Custom Data Set report type for the File & Directory Change monitor * Alert digests handle charts from multiple alerts * Network scanner can ignore by ip address range * Fix for reports that have to restart because they are collapsing (or not) to a single line per data set * Compressing drill-down link data for customers running large numbers of reports * Fix for thread balancing error * Increased shutdown timeout value that was too short * The Group Summary Report won't show dynamic group contents to prevent massive reports * Additional efforts to get Central Service and Satellite to shutdown nicely * Subscriptions will report sooner to prevent becoming unlicensed * Diag's SETCONFIG command can set numeric values now as well as text * Quicker service start reporting * Reports stuck in a loop will break out and fail so other reports can run * Fix for reports that can get stuck in a loop * The Group Summary report will NOT show Dynamic Groups by default, but report settings can change that
* Change to handle Slack call in Call URL action * MAINT x can be added to Ack emails to put a server into maintenance, though it has to be enabled via the registry. More info * Upgraded AmCharts and ExtJS * Changed how often a Satellite will switch hosts, and don't switch until trying for 45 seconds * Fix for not being able to remove a report part for the Server Status report * Fix for computer names not matching in some cases * Updated to ImgSource v6 * Updated to CEF 3.2623 * Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.2h * Updated to SQLite 3.13.0 * Added Credentials button to the Call URL configuration dialog * Change in regex engine - moved from boost::regex to std::regex * Getting email bodies handles mulitpart/alternative which helps Email Ack processing * Look for Microsoft's ODBC Driver for SQL Server when building connection strings * PagerDuty action can report configuration errors * New FORCE parameter for the START_MAINTENANCE external API command * Template propagation will take the target server type when progating a template * Template progagation can be disabled on an individual server basis via right-click menu * Fixed Scheduled Report renaming GUI bug * Console poll cycle time can be synced from Central Service * Monitoring System Auditing (user logins, service restarts, etc) added. Not visible yet - contact us for access * Split the Disk Space monitor's Auto Add into Auto Add and Auto Remove options * Protection against a slowing Console when there are thousands of reports * Added Bulk Config - Cleanup: Reset All Server and Group Reports to Top Node * Fixed RegEx filter to use regex_search instead of regex_match * New Advanced Settings dialog make obscure settings more visible * Complete logging for CRT installation * Protection against duplicate/crossed reports * Fixed deleting of empty groups (and not deleting non-empty groups) * Better handling MIME encoded emails in Email Ack * Fix for possible incomplete exports from the Console * Added Group, Computer, Monitor, Template, and Action creation and deletion to the coming audit log * Additional Satellite connection logging * Call URL action correctly escapes variable values when using application/json content type * Fix for Satellite Down notifications that use escalation, but none in the Do Immediately node * Fix to handle credentials with a few specific characters * Applying a configuration file to a device will also set the device type * The Satellite update will update the installed Console as well * Fixed inability to set User Quota quota values * Fix for File System Analyzer Duplicate Report when using SQL Server * Fix for VCRedist failing to install during setup when the temp folder contains a ~ * Fixed $CustomProp()$ in Satellite Down notifications * Added in-depth heart beat chart in the Console (double-click current chart) * Added ADD_MONITOR to External API * Fix for alert charts that were not picking up the status report chart settings * Fix for Disk Space monitor aliases that were getting lost * Uninstall will not show the uninstall web page for Satellite or remote Consoles * Fixed bug where Custom Properties set on templates could get reverted * Regex syntax flag is configurable via Registry and Advanced Settings * Added rel="noreferrer noopener" to target="_blank" links * Fix for custom message templates that were not imported from file * Bulk Config's Set Event Deduplication ID will also set the fire actions override values * Can save PDF files directly when generating them from within the Console * Smart Config's Action selection dialog supports multi-select, and has Select All and Unselect All buttons * Setting to control truncation in Recent Alerts * SimpleStatDB initialized by monitors in cases where it fails initially * Upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.2j, and disabled Triple-DES cipher when using High Security to prevent SWEET32 attacks * Desktop Notifications will use top-most message boxes * Fix for reports that get their cookie values mixed up * Drop down list for help setting Custom Properties * Network Message action properly truncates messages * Added SATID parameter for ADD_SERVER external API * Less memory reallocation * Escalation support for individual items for monitors that can watch more than one thing, and can report on them separately * Search for working credentials is faster * New optional parameters supported for GET_MONITOR_INFO * Added support for a configurable Details column in the ErrorHistory database * New 'Is Domain Controller' Inventory property
* Template monitor dependencies on non-template monitors works better * Better template dependency support when multiple monitors of the same type exist * SetMonitorStatus support added to Execute Script for PowerShell * Fix: Ability to uncheck dependency even if the hosting server exists in multiple groups (dynamic groups) * Configuration Audit report has an option to show servers that have or don't have the specified monitors * Fix for Network Map reports when displaying Dynamic Groups * Fix for a monitor skipping sending Fixed alerts if it goes from Alert to Busy to OK * Can't Run 'fixed' actions only run if 'alert' actions were also run for the original Can't Run event * Monitor starvation (never getting to run) alert moved to System Alerts instead of putting monitor into Alert state * Satellites will sync settings once per hour * Additional diagnostic logging added * Upgraded to SQLite 3.11 * Discovery for Satellites on the same network won't duplicate findings * Optimized Status Overview report when multiple clients request it at the same time * Console won't show login page after service is restarted * Reduced some bottle necks - handles much heavier monitoring load * Fix for internal Satellite StatID mismatch * Less memory used to send configuration to Console and Satellites * Limit Satellite requests for the statID cache * Fix for database locking when cleaning up some SQLite-based databases * Changes to allow for larger report generation * Fix for database conversions (from SQLite to MS SQL, and vice-versa) * Fix so Satellite starting/stopping System Alerts come through * Optimization to use a little less memory * Fix so Dynamic Server List monitors can be renamed * Change to make adding new computers faster in large installations * Registry setting to compress configuration backup * Menu options for moving Groups and Computers * Fix to prevent accidental drag-drop and icon stickiness * Satellites forward data sooner when memory is tight * Recent Alerts acknowledge buttons at the top and bottom of the report section * Configuration backups use much less memory * Fix for file handle leak when syncing files to Satellites and Consoles * Logging thread will keep up under load better * Optimization to make HTTPS requests quicker * Closing SSL connections that are stuck sooner * HTTPS handling threads ramp down as need allows * Fix for some memory leaks in the central service * Fixes so jumping forward with Day Light Savings will NOT make a monitor count as being behind * Fixed Execute Script monitor which ignored alert suppression rules * Monitors derived from templates will not be shown for Bulk Config operations that will get overwritten by the template anyway * Added GroupPath property to Execute Script monitors (VBScript, Javascript and Powershell) * Optimized HTTP server's thread usage -- can handle larger loads and is more responsive * Not running Satellite reports if not requested * Tracking memory usage in OpenSSL, SQLite and zLib * Fixed memory leak in template propagation * Preventing a possible deadlock when setting servers in maintenance via Bulk Config * New CREATE_CHART External API function * Logging who does RunNow commands * Can indicate to add computers by IP in Network Scanner and Discovery dialog * Fix for Message Templates not being backed up to the backup.axml file * Protection against a type of corrupted database problem * Added ToLog to PowerShell Execute Script action and monitor * Better delete SQL for StatData tables - performs better in large installations * Ability to initiate database cleanup from the Console (in Reports - right-click on the report type) * Use non-running status when checking if dependencies are satisfied * Configurable Console "Operations" commands when right-clicking a server/device * Registry control of when cleanup happens for Error History and the StatData tables * Cleaned up some long standing language translation file problems * Cleaning up some Audit Errors occurring when using the Inventory Collector * Database locking protection in the File & Directory Change monitor * Enhanced diagnostic logging added * Custom icons will be shown in the navigation tree of the web view * Single dynamically resizing chart for generated reports (can be disabled via registry) * User Access Control dialog allows a simpler view of the user list * New User Access report * Added support for multiple Directory Quota monitors to watch the same folders * Console will show maintenance/disabled on Servers/Device icon * PA Desktop Notifier can show the last 20 alerts it has received * Richer Error Audit report * Error Audit and Configuration Audit reports can query on Custom Properties * Can reply with ACKALL to alert email to ack all alerts from the current computer(s) * Logging failed CallURL POST data * Option to allow Satellites to handle server's Scheduled Maintenance, which means the Satellite's timezone would be used
* Added Message Template support for actions * Signing with SHA2 certificate as required by Microsoft * Satellite updates use 1/3 less bandwidth * Satellite installations can be prepared and imaged for use in multiple instances * ESX datastore stats refreshed before retrieving * Fix for Alert Suppression rules that were not propagating from templates * Fix for action sorting in the Console
* Monitor template support * Customizable group reports * Scheduled scans for unmonitored devices * PagerDuty alert action * Desktop notification widget * Configurable charts with configurable scaling * Icons for servers and groups * Dynamic server lists and groups based on server properties * Monitor status will differentiate between the Server being in Maintenance or just the monitor * Fix for SQL error when hourly filter filters out all data * Fixed errors in the File/Directory Size monitor alert output * The File/Directory Size monitor can explicitly alert on small/shrinking files/directories * Better looking server status boxes on Group Summary/Overview and All Servers reports * Fix for Free/Lite edition not being able to add Fixed actions to a monitor (introduced in 5.8) * Reduce amount of memory used in large installations with many Satellites when the service starts up * Less memory while doing configuration synchronization * Configuration data is smaller in memory for very large installations * Catch exceptions in scripts in the Execute Script monitor and actions * Advanced Event Deduplication has an option to never suppress alerts * Live View on Alert Reminders shows more information * Added DedupeID to the Error Audit report, and made the ErrID field visible * Added rel="nofollow" to PDF links in reports * Can now pass /PASSWORD={pw} to Console along with existing /USER={user} and /SERVER={server:port} * Added Group Path to the All Errors report * Fix for exporting device templates where hostname in monitors didn't match case of hostname * Updated to ZLib 1.2.8, Windows API version * Per-monitor Dedupe "Fire if Dedupe" command override * Install won't get stuck if ServerScript.dll can't be registered * Updated to LibSSH2 1.6.0 * Inventory Collector will figure out best way to collect data, making it more template friendly * Change to Disk Space monitor so it will get a full drive list even if an error is returned * Monitor Grid can show Next Run Time and/or Last Run Time * Fix for large reports showing unprocessed Python script * Large lists of groups and servers load into the Console at least twice as fast * Users that are View Report will not see the Ack column in the Recent Activities grid * Users that are View Report will not be able to edit computer notes * Drag & Drop in the Console can be disabled via registry setting * Pressing Escape in the Console will cancel drag and drop * GET_MONITOR_CONFIG and SET_MONITOR_CONFIG External API commands * Ability to choose which IP address the HTTPS server binds to

Updates in 2015
* Fix for extremely large emails that block future alerts * Disk Space monitor handles SNMP errors better * Smart Config-created Disk Space monitors will default to using global setting for "add new disks" * Fix for report drill-down links * Call URL Action can now post arbitrary text with configurable encoding (for Slack integration, among others) * CPU throttling is no longer a System Alert * Fix for intermittent report, Inventory Collector and Powershell Execute Script failures * Added PermLog for user logins for the application * GroupID can be used for Event Deduplication * Fix for Console showing a login page * Added DO_QUIET and END_QUIET to the external API * Added a Duplicate option to Scheduled Reports * Fix for File System Analyzer not cleaning up * Fix for Customize option on Copy Monitors to Computer Bulk Config operation * Windows 2003/XP installs will create SSL certs with SHA1, and lower HTTPS security to compatible settings * Splitting up File System Analyzer cleanup SQL commands for less memory usage * New inventory property for the date when a server was added for monitoring * CD/DVD drives won't get added to the Disk Space monitor when applied from a template * Change to how chart precision is determined * Upgraded to SQLite * Fix for monitors sometimes not ending Training mode * Fixed "Hide OK" Error Audit check box * Inventory Collector pings slower during trace route * File Age monitor behaves correctly when no _matching_ files are found * Updated CEF (Chromium) to 3.2171.1979 * Change to configuration backup and restore to handle coming v6 features * Fix for rare case where missing disk didn't cause an error in the Disk Space monitor * Fix for database cleanup when using MS SQL Server * Alert for monitors that are always Busy and don't get to run * Report won't auto-refresh if you have scrolled down a bit * Upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.1p and disabled DHE ciphers to protect against LogJam * Added support for 2048 and 4096 bit Diffie-Helman key-exchange setup parameters * Disk Space monitor has option disk-size based thresholds for easier copy/paste/template usage * Shipping dh2048.pem and dh4096.pem files rather than take hours to generate them * Fixed variables used in Satellite up and down alerts * Upgraded to ExtJS build 4.2.3 * Fix for Corporate Ultra unlimited license not being recognized as unlimited * Fix for some grid columns not lining up under headers when using Chromium * Fix for Ack race condition for alerts coming from Satellites * Added GID and ALL options to external API request API_GET_SERVERLIST * E-mail alert Acknowledgement will ignore auto-responder messages * Fix for event escalation that would run actions too often if it got behind * Fix for read only access to whole device tree when a PDF is generated * Updated to EVO PDF converter v6.2 * Exposed AckedBy and AckedTime in Powershell Execute Script * Restart of the Satellite will not cause the monitors to reset their status * Fix for Satellite statistic IDs that can have the wrong value over time, causing charts to disappear * Acknowledging an alert can stop further alerts via Event Deduplication * HTTPS server will send configurable X-Frame-Options header to protect against click jacking * Fix for errors showing up in Recent Alerts with a blank description * Fix for bad tag in XML Configuration Audit report * Changes so initial license installation is smoother * First time SSL certificate creation via OpenSSL will use low priority processes * Event Deduplication will look at the monitor's true Event/State type, rather than the Actions setting * Acknowledge All Errors in Bulk Config gives the option to not fire acknowledgement actions * Configurable info box sizes for the All Servers and Group Summary reports * Group reports will indicate if a server's status is questionable because of a Satellite being offline
* Fixed File Age monitor when it doesn't find any matching files but needs to alert on All Old or All New * Server Status Report charts dynamically widen to fill any extra space * Can require Console remote login to use same version as Central Service * New Connected Sessions report * Disk Space monitor can report on errors separately * New SSL certificates will use SHA-256 instead of SHA-1 * New installs will NOT support SSLv3 by default - existing users can go to Settings -> HTTP Server Settings * New installs will use the strong cipher list by default * Upgraded to EvoPDF 5.11 * Execute Scripts can read computer Inventory values * Recently Acknowledged Alerts report part added to Server Status Reports * Group Summary report has new "Don't show all-green servers" setting * Group Overview report has new "Don't show all-green servers" setting * 10% reduction in data exchanged between Central server and Consoles and Satellites * Fixed threshold editing in the Directory Quota monitor * Protection against 'connection storms' for sites with hundreds of Satellites * Fix for filter backslash escaping * Server Status Report charts can be disabled * TLS 1.0 and 1.1 can be disabled via registry (SSLv2 and SSLv3 can already be disabled) * Additional protection against cross-linked groups * Added missing Vim25ServiceNet2.dll * Server Report settings are inherited but also now merged with lower levels * Preventing Disk Space Monitor's check for new drives from degrading and taking a long time * Fix for users with limited rights to be able to create groups and devices within groups in their control * Overlapping custom properties are correctly overridden going down the device tree * File & Directory Change monitor can track direct child folder creation without monitoring all child folders * Can copy from the Discovery Dialog's Add and Ignore lists (whichever has focus) * Reduced CPU usage when doing security check * Actions fire on OK only if they fired in an alert state * Groups and servers can override the order that report parts show up (not just that they exist or their settings) * Configuration Audit report can show credentials used by servers/devices * Disk Space monitor's 'auto add disk' setting stays set * Error History updates should post before actions fire * Significant performance boost in core functions * Bulk Config copy config to computers is handled asynchronously * ActionType variable available in Execute Script actions * Satellite down notifications were not replacing replacement variables * Race condition in Write to Log File actions fixed * Random deduplication field added to disable deduplication on individual monitors * Fix for File & Directory Size monitor which was not alerting when no files found * Better output for the HTML Configuration Audit report * Less internal locking -- can support even more monitors * Helper log file is log rotated * Fix for File & Directory Size monitor alerting when it shouldn't * Can disable image in outgoing report emails via registry setting HTMLEmail_NoImage = 1 * Fix for not being able to end immediate maintenance at the top level * Fix for crash in report when access is denied for server * Registry setting to disable MIB syncing * Improvements to MIB parsing speeds * Fixed incorrect MIME type when a report redirect happens * Ability to disable an inherited chart for server reports * Fix to CallURL action that was stuck using GET command * Fix for rare crash in server discovery * More flexible "Console needs to match service version" settings * Suppressing error messages in reports that limited accounts (probably end customers) see * Better memory management for large installations * Fix for Fail Over file sync that sometimes fails * Update Manager will only show automatically once per version update * File sync to Fail Over will compress files before sending * Digitally Signing all executables, including 3rd party where needed * File Age, File & Directory Change, File/Directory Size and Directory Quota monitors can use standard variables including $CustomProp()$ in path * Execute Script Action and Monitor can set Custom Properties * Throttling Console config download if needed to reduce memory usage * Compressing XML sent between Central Service and Consoles and Satellites * Fix for $act.TimeInErrorStr not being correctly set in the Execute Script * Added <generatePublisherEvidence enabled="false"/> to .config files so .NET apps won't authenticate their digital signature * Less database locking during cleanup operations * Fixed a few dialogs where the time unit could set incorrectly if using not using English * Added SetComputerPropertyByID to Execute Script * File Age, File/Directory Size, File & Directory Change monitors can use expansion variables in the file specs as well as paths * Sub-groups with no access to parent can correctly still read inherited report settings * Scheduled reports not shown to users who shouldn't have access * Fix for extremely large reports displaying internal scripts * Bug fixes * Fix for getting disk space stats from ESX volumes with similar names * Registry controllable PALowPriorityHelper drop-dead timer and thread levels * Server order in the Group Summary and Group Overview reports can be configured * Restricted user accounts can put servers/monitors into maintenance if they have that right * Fix so unlicensed servers can be disabled * Can set Max CPU throttle setting on Satellites via Bulk Config * Fix for putting deep groups of servers into maintenance * Execute Script will return msUNKNOWN if it can't find the monitor whose status is being requested * Sending LastRun as UTC to account for time zone differences in Satellite deployments * Improved hand off from one PALowPriorityHelper to another

Updates in 2014
* Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.1j (to protect against POODLE vulnerability) * Server Status report charts shown in user's local time zone * Find dialog works via Ctrl-F in more areas of the Console * User can control Sent Email, Service Start/Stop and Monitor Change permanent logs * Fixed problem where some .CSV files couldn't get saved from a Scheduled Report * Fixed Execute Script (PowerShell) StoreValue method * Satellite up/down notification template can be left empty, in which case the email template will be used * Fix for shrinking Network Map * Smart Config lets you specify a starting group for new computers * Pie charts combine multiple data sets correctly * Log rotation puts files into an Archive folder * Fix for busy Satellites sending error events too slowly when under load * Logging and fix for generating SSL certificates * Fixed problem with retrieving disk space on ESX * Added registry value that will disable all database cleanup * Fix for Execute Script where an alert could say "Script indicates actions should not be fired" * Performance increase * New PermLog for servers entering and leaving maintenance * Fix for a crash in the Group Status Column report * Server leaving and entering maintenance mode system alerts can access server custom properties in Execute Script actions * Fix for importing configurations, and for new installations * Fixes for monitoring ESX statistics * Console will give a hint if the HTTP server didn't start because of SSL certificate issues * Server Status Report charts can use user-chosen units * Standardized Permanent Log output, made easier to use in Excel, etc. * SendMail function in VBScript will send as HTML if it sees a <!DOCTYPE in the body * Smart Config can set server alias on new servers * Fixed rare crash when network connection is dropped while SSL negotiation is taking place * Fixed date in Permanent Logs
* Server Status report has new Full History links below Recent Alerts to see alerts from 1, 5, 15, 30 and 60 days back * Recent Alerts can not only hide ack'd alerts, but now hide them when the monitor is OK * For monitor copy/paste, copy now copies to TEXT and UNICODETEXT parts of clipboard * Largest Files report will now work even if user information is not collected * Servers won't exit Maintenance window if Satellite is disconnected * Rotating and compressing log files * Getting drive lists will gather Windows and SNMP when appropriate * Registry configurable custom chart sizes for Scheduled Reports (for use in your own pages/apps) * Configuration Audit report has option to show or not show item IDs * Can right-click an Action and select Duplicate * User Access gives the option of granting non-admins ability to put servers/monitors/groups into maintenance * Event Escalation for Satellite Down notifications * HTTP Server Settings option to choose stronger SSL/TLS settings * Fix for Support & Maintenance expired reminders that come out too often * Configuration Audit report shows Event Escalation * New long term log file of email sent, and service start/stop times * Removed odd character at the end of emailed SMS alerts * Upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.1h to fix the ChangeCipherSpec vulnerability * Discovery scanner will check with Active Directory for list of server names * Added Bulk Config option to set monitor Deduplication Field IDs * Added SET_SERVER_PROP and GET_SERVER_PROP external APIs * Added row Description value to Execute Script action * Sending simultaneous reports with PDFs works better * Improved the Group Overview report * Fixed sorting of server names in All Errors report * Exporting as a template gives an option to export Actions * Updated to CEF 3.1750.1738 * Disk Space free/used bytes charts work on the server status report * Fix for security bug that could allow users to see servers outside their group * File Age monitor supports multiple extensions, and extensions to ignore * Improved Windows OS detection in Smart Config
* Removed the RecommendUs dialog based on customer feedback
* Changes to Inventory Collector to clarify and minimize changed behavior based on customer feedback * Email addresses can be marked as admin, and only admin will receive Broadcast messages (System Alerts) * Passwords in Userlist.txt are encrypted when next used or service is started * Added /norestart to vcredist during install * Can set embedded Chromium proxy server via user-specific registry setting * Report folders use IDs instead of names -- handles non-ASCII computer and group names better
* Configuration Audit report can be output in text, HTML or XML * Improved SNMP disk detection * Deduplication state is persisted across restarts * Bulk Config can set ESX credentials * Configuration Audit report can show Custom Properties * Updated Monitor Status report with more information * Changes to try and get diagnostic dumps in a few extreme circumstances * Email alert subject and body can be overridden via script * Upgraded to SQLite * Fix for Alert Reminder emails that get the subject prepend or {id:} appended multiple times * The application can remind you about Support & Maintenance expiring * Two new fields added to the SNMP Trap action * Loading PDFs, CSVs in the Console works now * Fix for Directory Growth line chart where target folder is not the scan root * Fix for ErrorHistory2 table creation * Recent Alerts will show up for new installations * Fixed broken this month/last month uptime calculator for inventory * Fix for rare crash * Log File Monitor will go into Can't Run Now instead of Can't Run if a file is in use * Can reset immediate maintenance period while already in maintenance on servers and monitors * Added subdirectory support for the Log File monitor * Inventory Collector monitor filters on computer type * Differentiating better between same-named Groups in expressions * Inventory Collector is prevented from firing alerts * Protection against divide by zero when sizing Javascript grids * External API can start and end maintenance on individual monitors * Upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.1g to protect against the heartbleed vulnerability * Upgraded Chromium embedded browser * Fix Console delay for limited-scope users

Updates in 2020
* Better SNMP disk detection/labeling
* Updated to most recent stable release of all 3rd party components * Can add ESX Server Type (for monitoring disk space) * Increased and made configurable mail connection timeout * Disk Space monitor will always show free space in alerts, even if checking % free * Won't fire a global error message when a new version is out * Fix for broken reports based on bad date range parsing * Fix for Acknowledge notifications that were not being sent * Execute Scripts won't send email when Quiet! is enabled * Alert Reminder defaults to 7 days if no time frame is given * Add Actions Bulk Config operates on Acknowledge Actions now * Event Deduplication (in Advanced Services in the Console) * Fix for database transfer problem * Monitors can be put into maintenance mode individually * Fix for backup SMTP server not being used when needed * Database connection string handles the Failover Partner parameter * Disk Space monitor can automatically add (new) unmonitored disks * Error Audit report, and Alert Reminders, now have Recorded Monitor Status and Current Monitor Status fields * Alerts without a defined From address can get sent * Console can group similar monitors together * Group Column report has better column sorting * Settings get synchronized to Satellites more regularly * Fix for broken File System Analyzer report drill down links * Scheduled Reports with archived CSV and PDF can control overwriting * Configuration setting to skip troubleshooting hint on a per-monitor-type basis * Sending event Acks to Satellites in batches instead of individually * Fix for User Quota monitor showing the user multiple times in some circumstances * Configurable Recent Alerts columns * Time parser can handle 'Current time - 0 hours' * Expression properties show a tooltip with possible string values * Added EXPORT_SERVER to the External API

Thank you for providing such a great product and support.

Moshe M., 3M Health Information Systems Division, USA ionicons-v5-b