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PA File Sight Change History

Updates in 2020
* Fix for regression bug where Inventory Collectors on Satellites stopped reporting
* Ability to change report email subjects to just the report title
* Can specify independent Up and Down actions for Satellites
* IgnoreScriptErrors variable added to $mon for Powershell Execute Script * Fixed rare problem where older state would show up in monitor status * Added RENAME_USER_ACCESS command line to rename user access settings * Fixed Bulk Config's Monitors: Delete Monitors to work on template-derived monitors * Fixed some problems with database transfers * Fixed race condition during template propagation where some monitors might get lost * Disk Space Full Check will by default use straight line prediction instead of looking at quadratic * When a monitor comes out of Satellite Disconnected it will show its previous status * Improvement to help prevent the internal HTTP server from getting behind * Fix for UI glitch when chosing field values for reports * Internal changes to reduce CPU usage * File & Directory Change monitor doing proper impersonation on one call where it was missing before * Changes to reduce CPU usage in large installations * Fixed trial license selector * Fix for report link drill down when File System Analyzer is not monitoring file owners * More shutdown logging * GET_SERVER_PROP API function supports multiple property look ups per request * Emailed report PDFs will use the report title for the PDF file name * Better check for customer SSL/TLS certificates before regenerating * Execute Script won't alert based on FireActions if $mon.ReportResults has already been called * Rebuilt a library with (little used) SIMD extensions removed for broader CPU support * Added Group Name to Custom Group Report email subjects * Better LDAP error when credentials are wrong * Protect Console against a rare crash * Added $mon.ComputerAlias for the Execute Script monitor * Added operators % ^ & | to the expression evaluator * Added support for multi-Item escalation in Execute Script monitors * When exporting computer config as a template, monitors are disconnected from templates as needed * When importing computer config from a file, do not 'fit' monitors - import as-is * Fix for group reports not showing internationalized titles * Fix for duplicate rows in the Largest Directories report for the Directory Quota monitor * Disk Space monitor can retrieve disk stats via SSH * Registry setting for optionally forcing HTTP connections to not get reused * Registry setting so Run Now can optionally NOT override monitor period and dependencies * Fix for Executive Summary report section titles * Fixed testing Execute Script powershell monitors when they are a template
* File & Directory Change monitor works with Bulk Config's Monitors: Set Monitor Parameters operation * Charted titles change more reliably when the underlying statistic's alias is changed * Added LOOKUP_CID and SERVER_ENABLE to the External API * Updated from OpenSSL 1.1.1c to 1.1.1d

Updates in 2019
* Minor UI update to look less dated. See the View menu to change back * Fix for rare crash * Fixed the PDF button when used within the Console * Decreased short term memory use, and a small performance increase * Fix for form-post escaping * Dynamic Server List rule for Server/Device names accepts wildcards * Error History OK Time field will be filled in even if unacknowledged alerts * Fix for User Access interface when rights not automatically granted to new users * Quiet a false database error * PALowPriorityHelper_net4 (Powershell 4/5) is now 64-bit * Charts that are all 0 values show up better * New Alerts menu to Broadcast text to user alert actions * Default Message Templates will use the correct default language setting after it changes * Run Now will override the monitor's schedule or dependencies * Uninstaller will unregister from All-Systems-GO as needed * Failed action notifications won't cycle and alert via the same failed action, causing a crash * Improved computer name mapping, better local computer detection * More helpful diagnostic message when a report fails to run * Fix for Set Maintenance Schedule user right * CSS change to prevent wrapping in the report index tree * Added GET_NOTES and SET_NOTES to External API * Protection against bad response from DNS server
* Two Factor Authentication can be enabled on a per-user basis at Settings > Remote Access > Filter User Access * New User Right to control who can update Satellites and Fail Over * Internal pings will work around Windows DNS cache failures * Fix for race condition when launching the PALowPriorityHelper application * Increased SQLite memory usage limit * Changed cipher list ordering for Weak cipher list so Windows 2003 can still connect * Address Resolver handles ISATAP IPv6 addresses * Can use a remote login to the local Central Monitoring Service to get a full Local Console if: local Admin, admin rights in app, rights to top Servers/Devices group * Can disable the local credential-less login * Trend lines go out 33% beyond the chart * Reordered some lines in the HTTP/S server to potentially reduce locking * ReqResponseDN.dll is correctly updated by the installer * Fixed internal lock that can freeze the service
* WMI (Inventory Collector), PDF, and charts use the .NET 4 Helper * Current Errors Report will succeed in more situations * Switched to newer MIB parser, and added a larger MIB library * Defaulting to requiring a login to view web reports * New User Right for setting maintenance schedules * Fix for row variables in Execute Script actions * Handle double-width charts in Executive Summary/Custom Group reports
* Old v7 Console will be replaced with a message to update short cuts * Protection against crash in PAPDH * Fix for Welcome Dialog with newer versions of IE * A little better tracking of who creates computers when done via Network Scanner * Remote Console failure to write to its log file will not broadcast a System Alert * Master server won't do a Fail Over file sync for first 10 minutes of the service starting up * Don't alert on monitors missing actions if the monitor (or server) is disabled * Fixed rare crash triggered by mobile app usage * Updated OpenSSL to 1.1.1c * Satellite disconnected status shown on devices and monitors with a striped background * Fix to ignore PAExec in the File & Directory Change monitor * Explicit SSL/TLS version selection in the HTTP Settings dialog * Better Live View (with simple filtering) * Credential Manager will prompt if deleting credentials referred to by other devices * Explicit SSL/TLS version selection in the HTTP Settings dialog * Better Live View (with simple filtering) * Resolve IP addresses in Active Directory Login Monitor for more meaningful alerts * Fixed rare crash in IPv6 address resolver * Logging will recover from network errors better * Fix for File & Directory Change monitor so it again shows full path for Changed files * Upgraded to AmCharts 3.21.15 from 3.20.4 * Charts can now be normal width, double width, or full width (double width is new) * Execute Script monitors can overwrite their own status as they run * Better chart resizing * Event Log monitor will go into Can't Run Now if the search for bookmark times out * Added audit change events for Servers/Devices and Actions * Shortened Ping failures message with highlight on DNS lookup failure, and hint to cache DNS lookups * Updated to SQLite 3.29.0 * Top-level Monitor Templates won't propagate into the *Automatic Configuration groups * Upgraded to InnoSetup 6 * Satellites are automatically accepted by default
* 64-bit, which means almost no memory limitations. * All-Systems-GO monitor to be assured your monitoring system is up and running * IPv6 support * Better performance when using RDP through a SNAP Tunnel * More Bulk Config operations * Group notes (similar to Server Notes) * More flexible and powerful monitor settings * New User Rights for more control * SNMP Monitor uses the SNMP Retries registry setting instead of being hard-coded * Monitors that cannot run will fire System Alerts at most once every 15 minutes (instead of on every run) * Added SNAP Tunnel audit events * Advanced Deduplication will block all actions on a duplicate as documented, not just notifications * ChangeMonitorStatus from Execute Script monitors and actions can correctly update the running monitor's status * Change to report page refresh functionality if an HTTP error happens * Fixes for duplicate columns in the Group Overview report (column report) * New Bulk Config to cleanup unknown Actions * New Credential Manager * Don't show Top X chart on a group when there are no devices in the group * Fix for generating PDF of Custom Reports that might be for a different report * Fixed a small memory leak * Outgoing alert emails will be processed in parallel more for greater throughput if needed * Restored the missing Hourly Error Count chart * Write to Log File action has a configurable output template

Updates in 2018
* Monitors that cannot run will fire System Alerts at most once every 15 minutes (instead of on every run) * Added SNAP Tunnel audit events * Advanced Deduplication will block all actions on a duplicate as documented, not just notifications * Added some database caching for frequent requests to increase performance * Fix for Calculated Status monitor for rapidly running monitors * Fixed Monitor Change auditing event * Fix for Disk Space Monitor reporting predicted full disks, and then immediately reporting it is OK and under threshold * Fix for Satellite Up/Down messages that were missing the Satellite name * Added new All Actions Access permission * Email send throttling can be controlled via registry setting * View System Activity shows template propagation * Disk Space monitor status will show all disks, even when alerting on each separately * Removed [ ] around monitored values in Disk values * Fix for template dependencies not propagating properly * Enforce OpenSSL server cipher order * Template propagation speed improvement when Satellites are involved * Group-level Notes that can be added to Group reports (similar to Server Notes) * Easy Config can query for IPv6 Neighbors * Added $DeviceNameOrAliasOnly$ replacement variable * Fix for Smart Config that wasn't adding actions when using a template as the base monitor * Fixed device property "Date Added for Monitoring" from getting reset * Prevent memory fragmentation when cleaning up the Login Event Database * Reports can be run that are not limited by memory size * Fix for dependencies on templates * Fix for rare crash in SNAP Tunnels * Increased reporting speed in some cases * Updated expiring SHA1 code signing certificate * Upgraded to IPWorks 16 * Handle very large emails more efficiently * Using different heap memory management settings * First template propagation will wait until the Central Service has been running for two mintues * More efficient log file writer (easily handles 10X the logging) * Added Bulk Config to enable/disable monitoring of Servers/Devices * Bulk Config can be used to disable the internal HTTPS service within the Satellite (will break Inventory Collector) * New Bulk Config operation - Computers: Allow/Prevent Template Propagation * Improved Network Map device layout * Fix for rare configuration synchronization failure * Disabled servers leaving maintenance mode won't become enabled * Prevent Bulk Config from misconfiguring a template with the Monitors: Set Monitor Parameters operation * Much faster processing of GetNextID for large installations (used in template propagation) * Added the ability to block some accounts (external customers for example) from seeing Recent Alerts on servers and Current Errors in groups * Can start and end Immediate Maintenance on servers in Dynamic Groups * Bulk Config's Monitors: Set Monitor Parameters works with the Active Directory Login Monitor filters * Fix for regression crash in SNAP Tunnels * Fixed View Template button at the top tempate bar in the Console * Added Show Monitoring Coverage on Group reports user right * Retry on failure to get VMWare ESX information * Fix to the Startup Wizard * Fixed the "Show devices that do not contain specified monitors" parameter for the Configuration Audit report * Removed source of some Audit Failure login events in target servers' Security Event Logs * Small reduction in memory usage for large installations * Tool tips for most fields that are too long to display * Caching domain lists * Additional support for IPv6 for SNMP-based requests * The Central Service and Fail Over Service will wait longer for Satellites to reconnect after just starting up * Central Service will sync a fresher copy of the Satellite status database to the Fail Over Service * Set Server Maintenance action shows server names with groups * Monitors in Can't Run state (or Internal Error) will NOT move through Event Escalation steps, but instead reset escalation to the beginning. * Email Message Digest age is registry configurable (defaults to 1 minute) * Less memory usage when sending large host name lists to the central server * Tighter syncing between the Console and Central Service * Fix for ability to disable Drag and Drop in the Console * Fix for very rare memory corruption bug that can happen during log rotation * Added time stamps to Satellite up/down and also System alerts * Ability to message digest all emails, including the first one in a while * Change that should prevent the CompNameCache database from growing so much * Fix for Day Light Savings transition date calculations * Fix for rare race condition in Cache Manager that caused configuation updates to get lost * Fixed units in the charts in email alerts * Retries when an error occurs while retrieving ESX disk space * Enhancement that reduces CPU usage on heavliy loaded systems * Better SNAP Tunnel performance (RDP to Satellite for example) * File & Directory Change monitor speed increase * Increased report refresh reliability * Added ability to have group reports refer to child group reports * Data Sets in the report builder will show device aliases if defined * Custom Group report Custom Charts can be separated by device * Optimizations for increased performance
* Newly pasted servers will be disabled to give a chance to make any changes before enabling for monitoring * Added explicit locale to javascript date/time rendering * Update to enable retrieving monitoring data from ESXi 6.7 * Object selection user interface with very large lists (thousands) loads much quicker * Fix for Bulk Config not filtering on monitor templates correctly in all cases * Automatically use IE embedded browser if older than Windows 7 (Chromium browser won't work) * Change FileNameID column into bigint for File System Analyzer tables FileName and FileInfo * Don't clear actions when coming out of Can't Run if also now in Alert state * Fixed hot-links to help pages * Additional logging added * Large report warning/redirect page will not be used when generating PDFs * More diagnostics when Satellites can't connect * External diagnostic ping done on a failed connection to the Central Service * Fix crash that can happen when doing HTTPS logging * Fix for crash in the File System Analyzer * Satellite has 'FTP Logs to Support' button * Fixed some non-English date parsing for report periods * Calling StoreValue in scripts won't trigger a Monitor Changed audit event * Newly added Custom Properties will show up in the Alert Reminders editor * Trend lines in reports are shown with dashed lines * Updated SQL ODBC driver client to version 17.2 * Fixed archived log files getting deleted too soon * Fix for second try on failed File & Directory Change monitor's prescan count * Cleaned up monitor changes in the audit report * Added ChangeMonitorStatus to Execute Script monitors and actions * Fix for potential missing status in the Group Overview (Column) report for CPU, Memory and Bandwidth * Fix for users with low rights being able to register their mobile phone for alerts * Find dialog can now also find monitors, actions and groups * New Bulk Config operation to force re-propagation of all templates * Copy Computer option in the Console will remap Monitor Dependencies * Scheduled Reports and Ad Hoc reports can be grouped into folders via the new Report Group tab * Extra logging around the Fail Over Slave status * Unstable OS time alerted on (affects monitoring) * Syslog action can send alerts in a single line of text for easier 3rd party integration * Pasting a monitor will put it in a 5-minute maintenance mode. This behavior can be changed in Advanced Services > Advanced Settings "PastedMonitorMaintMin" * Right-clicking a monitor in the Console will show the monitor's status information line (with truncation if needed) * Fail Over Slave will do less when it is not active * Fix for broken $DeviceName$ variable * Large configurations are sent in batches to the Console if needed * Similar to maintenance mode, monitors will ignore activity that happened while they were disabled * New Monitoring Coverage report which can output data to CSV, etc * PA Helper net4 will target .NET 4.6.1 to gain better access to TLS 1.2 support * Fix for Directory Quota monitor not cleaning up directory records that no longer exist * More flexible configuration for using only the Alias in reports * Console loads much quicker * Email server connections are disconnected after a failure so subsequent connection can succeed * Fix for custom monitor templates turned into default monitors during Smart Config * Better Satellite backoff when many are trying to connect at once * Satellites make initial connection quicker * Disk Space monitor won't automatically add both ESX and SNMP drives (which are duplicates) * Event Deduplication closing of events will use the monitor's true type * More diagnostics when configuring the Fail Over * Support for using curl when the Windows TLS support is too old to connect * Fix for converting non-English counter paths when propagating templates * Disk Space monitor propagation will add new disks according to the Add Disks setting on the monitor * Faster Console response * Listing all .NET 4 versions that are supported in the .config files * Fix for Fail Over Slave not receiving all configuration data * Better Console performance for limited rights users * Added IPv4 and IPv6 Inventory fields * Protection against Action List loops * Fixed issue with Inventory data getting deleted * Quieted some nuisance alerts from the Fail Over * Added $Satellite_Name$ replacement variable * Configurable timeout while communicating with ESX, with increased default time * CSV file output is a little easier to read * Fix rare crash/memory corruption caused by multi-threaded reports * Better mapping of templated dependencies to server-local monitors * Fix for missing report PDF in email when email report images are disabled * Better Satellite configuration message when a Satellite is connected to an inactive Fail Over * Configuration syncing to a Fail Over works better with very large installations * Limited access users will see the group reports defined at the top Servers/Devices level
Windows 7/2008 R2 or newer is required for the Console to use the embedded Chromium browser. Otherwise IE with some limitations will have to be used. * Able to clear credentials in the Changed Stored Passwords dialog by entering a blank password * Auto report forwarding in groups now works with the Executive Summary report * Improved credential caching for remote cases * Execute Script action will use a thread pool to control CPU and memory usage * Execute Script actions run faster and more can run at once * Execute Script and Call URL actions can be configured to run wherever the calling monitor ran * Thread Pool will alert if it is falling far behind * Updated 7za to version 18.05 because of CVE-2018-10115 * Added $AlertType$ replacement variable * Added $AlertID$ and $AlertType$ columns to the Write to Log File * Added warning to installer about Windows 7/2008 R2 requirement for embedded Chromium browser * Fix for regression bug in ADD_SERVER external API function * Fix for very rare crash when backing up the Configuration database for a Fail Over Slave * File & Directory Change monitor is much faster * Fix for remote access filter user interface involving groups that get moved * Ability to copy and paste devices * Better reconnection attempts for Satellites that are disconnected * Alert Reminders can use Custom Properties * Fix for Full Disk Date calculation
Windows 7/2008 R2 or newer is required for the Console to use the embedded Chromium browser. Otherwise IE with some limitations will have to be used.
* System Alerts that are fired for servers entering and leaving maintenance will use a Maintenance status instead of Alert status
* Possible to use the Fail Over without a shared database, though data monitored during Fail Over will NOT be available to reports
* New flat icons and buttons to modernize the look of the Console a bit
* Fixed rare deadlock
* Faster MIB parsing
* Monitors coming out of server maintenance will revert to their previous status instead of going to Scheduled
* Activity Chart shown in navigation column when the button bar is hidden
* Syslog Sender action can send alert description and/or row variables
* Changes to speed up Snap Tunnels, for better RDP tunneling experience
* Bulk Config's Computers: Set Automated Maintenance Schedule can clear all maintenance schedules if specified
* Fix for servers on Satellites that would come out of maintenance when the central service was restarted
* Ability to force Full Disk Prediction to only use a straight line formula
* Added SET_GROUP_PROP and GET_GROUP_PROP to the External API
* Added "Last" {day} of month to scheduled items (monitor, reports, maintenance, etc)
* Improved initial database connection error reporting
* Fixes for some errors in the language translation files
* Upgraded to CEF (Chromium) 3.3325.1756
* Monitors are automatically enabled (if needed) when promoted to a template
* Removed duplicate custom logo when report shown within frame of outer page when using Web interface
* Faster group reports in large installations
* Directory Quota monitor will erase quotas for monitors that have been deleted
* Fix for charts not showing up in PDFs generated from the web report
* Fix for SNMP drive names on Windows containing volume names and serial numbers
* Fix for File & Directory Monitor that could get stuck and always be busy
* ESX host connections will be cached for only 5 minutes
* Returning newly created ID for External APIs ADD_MONITOR, ADD_GROUP and optionally for ADD_SERVER
* Removed 3DES ciphers from High security setting

Updates in 2020
* SSH Execute Script monitors can use replacement variables now just like the Actions have been able to do * Template selection in Smart Config is an extended-selection instead of single-selection control * New HTMLEmail_NoDataFiles setting to not attach CSV files to reports * Fix for saved CSV and PDF filenames (@@@ was getting appended) * Log ping result if an HTTP/S connection fails * Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.2n * Detailed monitor activity chart can show data from the Satellites * Ensure sent emails go to the Audit Log, regardless of the (separate) Perm Log setting * Connection string editor/parser won't remove unrecognized fields * Changes to help the StatIDs stay synced between the Central Service and Satellites * Fix for editing Dynamic Server List rules (or any rules) to show enumerated values on existing rules * Fixed broken translations * Detecting SNMP errors more robustly * Prevented DB_LIMIT errors when calculating monthly uptime * Disk Space monitor will by default ignore temporary drives from /dev, /run, etc * The Syslog Action can use replacement variables and custom monitor messages * Diagnostic access checks are performed when the Service/Satellite starts to report to the user if there are problems with their configuration * Dynamic Server Lists will trigger template propagation on server removes too * Added $Notes$ replacement variable for us in actions, email templates, etc * Protection against very large HTTP to HTTPS URL overflow * Fixed memory leak * Fixed small memory leak * Users with limited rights will only see Actions that are attached to Monitors that they can see * Fix for Restart Satellite command in the Console which would restart the Satellite service more than once * Added several HTTP/S security headers * Fix for sending emails when graphics, PDFs and attachments have all been disabled

Updates in 2017
* Alert Reminder messages will indicate which rule fired the reminder * Fix so the Visual Status Map report can be used with the Lite License * Better monitor dependencies from templates * Forcing TLS 1.2 support when using Windows 8.1 or Server 2012 R2 where we know it is supported * Added MERGEIMPORT command line option to import a configuration into an existing configuration * Fix for Satellite Up/Down messages that use a different template * Extra protection against corrupted MIB files * Added rHTMLEMAIL_NO_PDF to disable PDF attachments in reports * HTTP Server allocates less memory * Fix for Log File action truncation when using UTF-8 files * Dynamic Groups will be empty if their source Dynamic Server List is disabled (or not in an OK state) * Double-signing (SHA1 with MS Cross-signing certificate, and SHA256) installers * Added System Activity events for database cleanup activities * The Start Application action can specify it should be run on the "Central/Satellite where the alerting monitor runs" * Registry setting for Disk Space monitor to use previous Can't Run status instead of Alert if a drive can't be found * Fix for the Service Monitor not keeping must run/must not run services when propagated from a template * Importing BLOCK_AUTO_CONFIG setting from config cxml files * Improved Windows AV detection in Inventory Collector * Better error message when Powershell-based Execute Script times out * Fix for Consoles not being able to login when "Local only" HTTP server filtering is on * Fix so Satellites can do Smart Config with templates * Fixed some error messages in the PA Desktop Notifier * Satellite Down messages will have an AlertID like monitors so they can be tracked in third party systems * Fixes for issues introduced in build 201 * Slightly less CPU usage * Syslog sender optimization and logging

Updates in 2016
* 'Licensed To' in Console will update after license activation * More efficient CPU usage * Alert reminders won't be sent for disabled or in-maintenance monitors * Faster handling of database requests when too many rows are returned * Fix for disappearing server status charts * Not showing report logo for reports shown within the web-based report frame (that already shows the logo) * External API ADD_SERVER is handled asynchronously so it doesn't timeout while being worked on * Fix for Bulk Config's Delete Monitor operation not working on templates * Custom Property DISPLAYED_NOTES is now connected to the Notes that can be shown in the server status report

Updates in 2020
* Disk Full Prediction alerts added to the Disk Space Monitor * New "Find Directory Changes" report will find and highlight source folders of large disk usage changes * New "Archive Report" (backup report) will show folders where all files have not been accessed for X days * File System Analyzer scans are 2 to 10 times faster * Action Scheduler monitor for automating tasks * New Monitoring System audit reports, which show emails were sent, servers into maintenance, etc * Performance improvements (more responsive Console, more efficient CPU use and less memory usage in service * Fix for rare crash involving multiple email alerts and alert charts * Better CPU throttling in the File Age monitor
* Fixed sorting problem in the Console's navigation tree
* Added new All Servers part for Executive Summary reports * Added Debug Logging as a setting that can be set via Bulk Config to Satellites * Turned starvation warning alert counts way down * Added Satellite name to Configuration Audit report * Additional logging and diagnostics added * Protection against bogus monitor starving alerts * Changed installer's ODBC driver to: Microsoft ODBC Driver 13.1 for SQL Server * Fixed problem with the Console viewing the Fail Over Slave's status page * Won't sync DB Connection string to Fail Over Slave so it can be different if needed (different driver version for example) * Fix for the local Console so it can login using the hostname, and not just * Added IsDeviceType dynamic rule * Added the $WinDir$ replacement variable * Updated EULA indicating a customer's logos can be shown on our website unless asked not to * Change to decrease number of error alerts when a monitor can't run because of a reboot * Added option to control whether TLS 1.2 can be disabled (like for SSLv3, TLS1, and TLS1.1) * Restored the missing "suppressed alerts for {0} before entering error state" message in alerts * Satellites forcing command filter to * so that PASystemDetails and PALowPriorityHelper can connect * File & Directory Change monitor won't report on deletes if settings have changed so it doesn't fire false positives * First character of Live View can be a ! to show all lines that are NOT the given line * Fix for broken language translation in the service * Added a filter to View System Activities * Added a FinishedTime column to the File System Analyzer Scan table * Fixed API_GET_MONITOR_INFO which was not checking all status values * Better interface for Dynamic Server List rule selection * New registry-value based Dynamic Server List rule * The File/Directory Size monitor can handle floating point thresholds * File/Directory Size monitor can use floating point threshold values * More accurate Is Still In Error rule for alert reminders * Empty template-based monitors won't be propagated to servers/devices * Disk Space monitor will honor the local "Add New Disks" setting * Fix for ESXi 6.x that has known issues returning sensor data * Server type probe was reporting almost everything as SNMP * Disk space full prediction won't kick in with less than 3 days' data * Added Monitoring Software Is Installed dynamic server list rule * Fix for handling passed in credentials during Smart Config * Added group-level template blocking during template propagation * Template propagation will complete faster * More precise probe to determine if a server is Windows or not * Fix to some Dynamic Server List rules to filter out recently deleted servers/devices * Don't block the email sending thread with an exception message box * New GET_PERF_STATS external API * More robust initialization * Fixed appending \ to the end of disk space paths when SNMP or ESX * File & Directory Change monitor won't alert about deletes just because a file is now being ignored * Better handling of incomplete data coming back from VMWare ESX * Faster template propagation * Removed some internal bottlenecks * Fix for very rare database locked-caused crash * Added options for what alerts to combine in Email Digests * New Custom Data Set report type for the File & Directory Change monitor * Alert digests handle charts from multiple alerts * Network scanner can ignore by ip address range * Fix for reports that have to restart because they are collapsing (or not) to a single line per data set * Compressing drill-down link data for customers running large numbers of reports * Fix for thread balancing error * Increased shutdown timeout value that was too short * The Group Summary Report won't show dynamic group contents to prevent massive reports * Additional efforts to get Central Service and Satellite to shutdown nicely * Subscriptions will report sooner to prevent becoming unlicensed * Diag's SETCONFIG command can set numeric values now as well as text * Quicker service start reporting * Reports stuck in a loop will break out and fail so other reports can run * Fix for reports that can get stuck in a loop * The Group Summary report will NOT show Dynamic Groups by default, but report settings can change that
* Change to handle Slack call in Call URL action * MAINT x can be added to Ack emails to put a server into maintenance, though it has to be enabled via the registry. More info * Upgraded AmCharts and ExtJS * Changed how often a Satellite will switch hosts, and don't switch until trying for 45 seconds * Fix for not being able to remove a report part for the Server Status report * Fix for computer names not matching in some cases * Updated to ImgSource v6 * Updated to CEF 3.2623 * Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.2h * Updated to SQLite 3.13.0 * Added Credentials button to the Call URL configuration dialog * Change in regex engine - moved from boost::regex to std::regex * Getting email bodies handles mulitpart/alternative which helps Email Ack processing * Look for Microsoft's ODBC Driver for SQL Server when building connection strings * PagerDuty action can report configuration errors * New FORCE parameter for the START_MAINTENANCE external API command * Template propagation will take the target server type when progating a template * Template progagation can be disabled on an individual server basis via right-click menu * Fixed Scheduled Report renaming GUI bug * Console poll cycle time can be synced from Central Service * Monitoring System Auditing (user logins, service restarts, etc) added. Not visible yet - contact us for access * Split the Disk Space monitor's Auto Add into Auto Add and Auto Remove options * Protection against a slowing Console when there are thousands of reports * Added Bulk Config - Cleanup: Reset All Server and Group Reports to Top Node * Fixed RegEx filter to use regex_search instead of regex_match * New Advanced Settings dialog make obscure settings more visible * Complete logging for CRT installation * Protection against duplicate/crossed reports * Fixed deleting of empty groups (and not deleting non-empty groups) * Better handling MIME encoded emails in Email Ack * Fix for possible incomplete exports from the Console * Added Group, Computer, Monitor, Template, and Action creation and deletion to the coming audit log * Additional Satellite connection logging * Call URL action correctly escapes variable values when using application/json content type * Fix for Satellite Down notifications that use escalation, but none in the Do Immediately node * Fix to handle credentials with a few specific characters * Applying a configuration file to a device will also set the device type * The Satellite update will update the installed Console as well * Fixed inability to set User Quota quota values * Fix for File System Analyzer Duplicate Report when using SQL Server * Fix for VCRedist failing to install during setup when the temp folder contains a ~ * Fixed $CustomProp()$ in Satellite Down notifications * Added in-depth heart beat chart in the Console (double-click current chart) * Added ADD_MONITOR to External API * Fix for alert charts that were not picking up the status report chart settings * Fix for Disk Space monitor aliases that were getting lost * Uninstall will not show the uninstall web page for Satellite or remote Consoles * Fixed bug where Custom Properties set on templates could get reverted * Regex syntax flag is configurable via Registry and Advanced Settings * Added rel="noreferrer noopener" to target="_blank" links * Fix for custom message templates that were not imported from file * Bulk Config's Set Event Deduplication ID will also set the fire actions override values * Can save PDF files directly when generating them from within the Console * Smart Config's Action selection dialog supports multi-select, and has Select All and Unselect All buttons * Setting to control truncation in Recent Alerts * SimpleStatDB initialized by monitors in cases where it fails initially * Upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.2j, and disabled Triple-DES cipher when using High Security to prevent SWEET32 attacks * Desktop Notifications will use top-most message boxes * Fix for reports that get their cookie values mixed up * Drop down list for help setting Custom Properties * Network Message action properly truncates messages * Added SATID parameter for ADD_SERVER external API * Less memory reallocation * Escalation support for individual items for monitors that can watch more than one thing, and can report on them separately * Search for working credentials is faster * New optional parameters supported for GET_MONITOR_INFO * Added support for a configurable Details column in the ErrorHistory database * New 'Is Domain Controller' Inventory property
* Template monitor dependencies on non-template monitors works better * Better template dependency support when multiple monitors of the same type exist * SetMonitorStatus support added to Execute Script for PowerShell * Fix: Ability to uncheck dependency even if the hosting server exists in multiple groups (dynamic groups) * Configuration Audit report has an option to show servers that have or don't have the specified monitors * Fix for Network Map reports when displaying Dynamic Groups * Fix for a monitor skipping sending Fixed alerts if it goes from Alert to Busy to OK * Can't Run 'fixed' actions only run if 'alert' actions were also run for the original Can't Run event * Monitor starvation (never getting to run) alert moved to System Alerts instead of putting monitor into Alert state * Satellites will sync settings once per hour * Additional diagnostic logging added * Upgraded to SQLite 3.11 * Discovery for Satellites on the same network won't duplicate findings * Optimized Status Overview report when multiple clients request it at the same time * Console won't show login page after service is restarted * Reduced some bottle necks - handles much heavier monitoring load * Fix for internal Satellite StatID mismatch * Less memory used to send configuration to Console and Satellites * Limit Satellite requests for the statID cache * Fix for database locking when cleaning up some SQLite-based databases * Changes to allow for larger report generation * Fix for database conversions (from SQLite to MS SQL, and vice-versa) * Fix so Satellite starting/stopping System Alerts come through * Optimization to use a little less memory * Fix so Dynamic Server List monitors can be renamed * Change to make adding new computers faster in large installations * Registry setting to compress configuration backup * Menu options for moving Groups and Computers * Fix to prevent accidental drag-drop and icon stickiness * Satellites forward data sooner when memory is tight * Recent Alerts acknowledge buttons at the top and bottom of the report section * Configuration backups use much less memory * Fix for file handle leak when syncing files to Satellites and Consoles * Logging thread will keep up under load better * Optimization to make HTTPS requests quicker * Closing SSL connections that are stuck sooner * HTTPS handling threads ramp down as need allows * Fix for some memory leaks in the central service * Fixes so jumping forward with Day Light Savings will NOT make a monitor count as being behind * Fixed Execute Script monitor which ignored alert suppression rules * Monitors derived from templates will not be shown for Bulk Config operations that will get overwritten by the template anyway * Added GroupPath property to Execute Script monitors (VBScript, Javascript and Powershell) * Optimized HTTP server's thread usage -- can handle larger loads and is more responsive * Not running Satellite reports if not requested * Tracking memory usage in OpenSSL, SQLite and zLib * Fixed memory leak in template propagation * Preventing a possible deadlock when setting servers in maintenance via Bulk Config * New CREATE_CHART External API function * Logging who does RunNow commands * Can indicate to add computers by IP in Network Scanner and Discovery dialog * Fix for Message Templates not being backed up to the backup.axml file * Protection against a type of corrupted database problem * Added ToLog to PowerShell Execute Script action and monitor * Better delete SQL for StatData tables - performs better in large installations * Ability to initiate database cleanup from the Console (in Reports - right-click on the report type) * Use non-running status when checking if dependencies are satisfied * Configurable Console "Operations" commands when right-clicking a server/device * Registry control of when cleanup happens for Error History and the StatData tables * Cleaned up some long standing language translation file problems * Cleaning up some Audit Errors occurring when using the Inventory Collector * Database locking protection in the File & Directory Change monitor * Enhanced diagnostic logging added * Custom icons will be shown in the navigation tree of the web view * Single dynamically resizing chart for generated reports (can be disabled via registry) * User Access Control dialog allows a simpler view of the user list * New User Access report * Added support for multiple Directory Quota monitors to watch the same folders * Console will show maintenance/disabled on Servers/Device icon * PA Desktop Notifier can show the last 20 alerts it has received * Richer Error Audit report * Error Audit and Configuration Audit reports can query on Custom Properties * Can reply with ACKALL to alert email to ack all alerts from the current computer(s) * Logging failed CallURL POST data * Option to allow Satellites to handle server's Scheduled Maintenance, which means the Satellite's timezone would be used
* Added Message Template support for actions * Signing with SHA2 certificate as required by Microsoft * Satellite updates use 1/3 less bandwidth * Satellite installations can be prepared and imaged for use in multiple instances * ESX datastore stats refreshed before retrieving * Fix for Alert Suppression rules that were not propagating from templates * Fix for action sorting in the Console
* Monitor template support * Customizable group reports * Scheduled scans for unmonitored devices * PagerDuty alert action * Desktop notification widget * Configurable charts with configurable scaling * Icons for servers and groups * Dynamic server lists and groups based on server properties * Monitor status will differentiate between the Server being in Maintenance or just the monitor * Fix for SQL error when hourly filter filters out all data * Fixed errors in the File/Directory Size monitor alert output * The File/Directory Size monitor can explicitly alert on small/shrinking files/directories * Better looking server status boxes on Group Summary/Overview and All Servers reports * Fix for Free/Lite edition not being able to add Fixed actions to a monitor (introduced in 5.8) * Reduce amount of memory used in large installations with many Satellites when the service starts up * Less memory while doing configuration synchronization * Configuration data is smaller in memory for very large installations * Catch exceptions in scripts in the Execute Script monitor and actions * Advanced Event Deduplication has an option to never suppress alerts * Live View on Alert Reminders shows more information * Added DedupeID to the Error Audit report, and made the ErrID field visible * Added rel="nofollow" to PDF links in reports * Can now pass /PASSWORD={pw} to Console along with existing /USER={user} and /SERVER={server:port} * Added Group Path to the All Errors report * Fix for exporting device templates where hostname in monitors didn't match case of hostname * Updated to ZLib 1.2.8, Windows API version * Per-monitor Dedupe "Fire if Dedupe" command override * Install won't get stuck if ServerScript.dll can't be registered * Updated to LibSSH2 1.6.0 * Inventory Collector will figure out best way to collect data, making it more template friendly * Change to Disk Space monitor so it will get a full drive list even if an error is returned * Monitor Grid can show Next Run Time and/or Last Run Time * Fix for large reports showing unprocessed Python script * Large lists of groups and servers load into the Console at least twice as fast * Users that are View Report will not see the Ack column in the Recent Activities grid * Users that are View Report will not be able to edit computer notes * Drag & Drop in the Console can be disabled via registry setting * Pressing Escape in the Console will cancel drag and drop * GET_MONITOR_CONFIG and SET_MONITOR_CONFIG External API commands * Ability to choose which IP address the HTTPS server binds to

Updates in 2015
* Fix for extremely large emails that block future alerts * Disk Space monitor handles SNMP errors better * Smart Config-created Disk Space monitors will default to using global setting for "add new disks" * Fix for report drill-down links * Call URL Action can now post arbitrary text with configurable encoding (for Slack integration, among others) * CPU throttling is no longer a System Alert * Fix for intermittent report, Inventory Collector and Powershell Execute Script failures * Added PermLog for user logins for the application * GroupID can be used for Event Deduplication * Fix for Console showing a login page * Added DO_QUIET and END_QUIET to the external API * Added a Duplicate option to Scheduled Reports * Fix for File System Analyzer not cleaning up * Fix for Customize option on Copy Monitors to Computer Bulk Config operation * Windows 2003/XP installs will create SSL certs with SHA1, and lower HTTPS security to compatible settings * Splitting up File System Analyzer cleanup SQL commands for less memory usage * New inventory property for the date when a server was added for monitoring * CD/DVD drives won't get added to the Disk Space monitor when applied from a template * Change to how chart precision is determined * Upgraded to SQLite * Fix for monitors sometimes not ending Training mode * Fixed "Hide OK" Error Audit check box * Inventory Collector pings slower during trace route * File Age monitor behaves correctly when no _matching_ files are found * Updated CEF (Chromium) to 3.2171.1979 * Change to configuration backup and restore to handle coming v6 features * Fix for rare case where missing disk didn't cause an error in the Disk Space monitor * Fix for database cleanup when using MS SQL Server * Alert for monitors that are always Busy and don't get to run * Report won't auto-refresh if you have scrolled down a bit * Upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.1p and disabled DHE ciphers to protect against LogJam * Added support for 2048 and 4096 bit Diffie-Helman key-exchange setup parameters * Disk Space monitor has option disk-size based thresholds for easier copy/paste/template usage * Shipping dh2048.pem and dh4096.pem files rather than take hours to generate them * Fixed variables used in Satellite up and down alerts * Upgraded to ExtJS build 4.2.3 * Fix for Corporate Ultra unlimited license not being recognized as unlimited * Fix for some grid columns not lining up under headers when using Chromium * Fix for Ack race condition for alerts coming from Satellites * Added GID and ALL options to external API request API_GET_SERVERLIST * E-mail alert Acknowledgement will ignore auto-responder messages * Fix for event escalation that would run actions too often if it got behind * Fix for read only access to whole device tree when a PDF is generated * Updated to EVO PDF converter v6.2 * Exposed AckedBy and AckedTime in Powershell Execute Script * Restart of the Satellite will not cause the monitors to reset their status * Fix for Satellite statistic IDs that can have the wrong value over time, causing charts to disappear * Acknowledging an alert can stop further alerts via Event Deduplication * HTTPS server will send configurable X-Frame-Options header to protect against click jacking * Fix for errors showing up in Recent Alerts with a blank description * Fix for bad tag in XML Configuration Audit report * Changes so initial license installation is smoother * First time SSL certificate creation via OpenSSL will use low priority processes * Event Deduplication will look at the monitor's true Event/State type, rather than the Actions setting * Acknowledge All Errors in Bulk Config gives the option to not fire acknowledgement actions * Configurable info box sizes for the All Servers and Group Summary reports * Group reports will indicate if a server's status is questionable because of a Satellite being offline
* Fixed File Age monitor when it doesn't find any matching files but needs to alert on All Old or All New * Server Status Report charts dynamically widen to fill any extra space * Can require Console remote login to use same version as Central Service * New Connected Sessions report * Disk Space monitor can report on errors separately * New SSL certificates will use SHA-256 instead of SHA-1 * New installs will NOT support SSLv3 by default - existing users can go to Settings -> HTTP Server Settings * New installs will use the strong cipher list by default * Upgraded to EvoPDF 5.11 * Execute Scripts can read computer Inventory values * Recently Acknowledged Alerts report part added to Server Status Reports * Group Summary report has new "Don't show all-green servers" setting * Group Overview report has new "Don't show all-green servers" setting * 10% reduction in data exchanged between Central server and Consoles and Satellites * Fixed threshold editing in the Directory Quota monitor * Protection against 'connection storms' for sites with hundreds of Satellites * Fix for filter backslash escaping * Server Status Report charts can be disabled * TLS 1.0 and 1.1 can be disabled via registry (SSLv2 and SSLv3 can already be disabled) * Additional protection against cross-linked groups * Added missing Vim25ServiceNet2.dll * Server Report settings are inherited but also now merged with lower levels * Preventing Disk Space Monitor's check for new drives from degrading and taking a long time * Fix for users with limited rights to be able to create groups and devices within groups in their control * Overlapping custom properties are correctly overridden going down the device tree * File & Directory Change monitor can track direct child folder creation without monitoring all child folders * Can copy from the Discovery Dialog's Add and Ignore lists (whichever has focus) * Reduced CPU usage when doing security check * Actions fire on OK only if they fired in an alert state * Groups and servers can override the order that report parts show up (not just that they exist or their settings) * Configuration Audit report can show credentials used by servers/devices * Disk Space monitor's 'auto add disk' setting stays set * Error History updates should post before actions fire * Significant performance boost in core functions * Bulk Config copy config to computers is handled asynchronously * ActionType variable available in Execute Script actions * Satellite down notifications were not replacing replacement variables * Race condition in Write to Log File actions fixed * Random deduplication field added to disable deduplication on individual monitors * Fix for File & Directory Size monitor which was not alerting when no files found * Better output for the HTML Configuration Audit report * Less internal locking -- can support even more monitors * Helper log file is log rotated * Fix for File & Directory Size monitor alerting when it shouldn't * Can disable image in outgoing report emails via registry setting HTMLEmail_NoImage = 1 * Fix for not being able to end immediate maintenance at the top level * Fix for crash in report when access is denied for server * Registry setting to disable MIB syncing * Improvements to MIB parsing speeds * Fixed incorrect MIME type when a report redirect happens * Ability to disable an inherited chart for server reports * Fix to CallURL action that was stuck using GET command * Fix for rare crash in server discovery * More flexible "Console needs to match service version" settings * Suppressing error messages in reports that limited accounts (probably end customers) see * Better memory management for large installations * Fix for Fail Over file sync that sometimes fails * Update Manager will only show automatically once per version update * File sync to Fail Over will compress files before sending * Digitally Signing all executables, including 3rd party where needed * File Age, File & Directory Change, File/Directory Size and Directory Quota monitors can use standard variables including $CustomProp()$ in path * Execute Script Action and Monitor can set Custom Properties * Throttling Console config download if needed to reduce memory usage * Compressing XML sent between Central Service and Consoles and Satellites * Fix for $act.TimeInErrorStr not being correctly set in the Execute Script * Added <generatePublisherEvidence enabled="false"/> to .config files so .NET apps won't authenticate their digital signature * Less database locking during cleanup operations * Fixed a few dialogs where the time unit could set incorrectly if using not using English * Added SetComputerPropertyByID to Execute Script * File Age, File/Directory Size, File & Directory Change monitors can use expansion variables in the file specs as well as paths * Sub-groups with no access to parent can correctly still read inherited report settings * Scheduled reports not shown to users who shouldn't have access * Fix for extremely large reports displaying internal scripts * Bug fixes * Fix for getting disk space stats from ESX volumes with similar names * Registry controllable PALowPriorityHelper drop-dead timer and thread levels * Server order in the Group Summary and Group Overview reports can be configured * Restricted user accounts can put servers/monitors into maintenance if they have that right * Fix so unlicensed servers can be disabled * Can set Max CPU throttle setting on Satellites via Bulk Config * Fix for putting deep groups of servers into maintenance * Execute Script will return msUNKNOWN if it can't find the monitor whose status is being requested * Sending LastRun as UTC to account for time zone differences in Satellite deployments * Improved hand off from one PALowPriorityHelper to another

Updates in 2014
* Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.1j (to protect against POODLE vulnerability) * Server Status report charts shown in user's local time zone * Find dialog works via Ctrl-F in more areas of the Console * User can control Sent Email, Service Start/Stop and Monitor Change permanent logs * Fixed problem where some .CSV files couldn't get saved from a Scheduled Report * Fixed Execute Script (PowerShell) StoreValue method * Satellite up/down notification template can be left empty, in which case the email template will be used * Fix for shrinking Network Map * Smart Config lets you specify a starting group for new computers * Pie charts combine multiple data sets correctly * Log rotation puts files into an Archive folder * Fix for busy Satellites sending error events too slowly when under load * Logging and fix for generating SSL certificates * Fixed problem with retrieving disk space on ESX * Added registry value that will disable all database cleanup * Fix for Execute Script where an alert could say "Script indicates actions should not be fired" * Performance increase * New PermLog for servers entering and leaving maintenance * Fix for a crash in the Group Status Column report * Server leaving and entering maintenance mode system alerts can access server custom properties in Execute Script actions * Fix for importing configurations, and for new installations * Fixes for monitoring ESX statistics * Console will give a hint if the HTTP server didn't start because of SSL certificate issues * Server Status Report charts can use user-chosen units * Standardized Permanent Log output, made easier to use in Excel, etc. * SendMail function in VBScript will send as HTML if it sees a <!DOCTYPE in the body * Smart Config can set server alias on new servers * Fixed rare crash when network connection is dropped while SSL negotiation is taking place * Fixed date in Permanent Logs
* Server Status report has new Full History links below Recent Alerts to see alerts from 1, 5, 15, 30 and 60 days back * Recent Alerts can not only hide ack'd alerts, but now hide them when the monitor is OK * For monitor copy/paste, copy now copies to TEXT and UNICODETEXT parts of clipboard * Largest Files report will now work even if user information is not collected * Servers won't exit Maintenance window if Satellite is disconnected * Rotating and compressing log files * Getting drive lists will gather Windows and SNMP when appropriate * Registry configurable custom chart sizes for Scheduled Reports (for use in your own pages/apps) * Configuration Audit report has option to show or not show item IDs * Can right-click an Action and select Duplicate * User Access gives the option of granting non-admins ability to put servers/monitors/groups into maintenance * Event Escalation for Satellite Down notifications * HTTP Server Settings option to choose stronger SSL/TLS settings * Fix for Support & Maintenance expired reminders that come out too often * Configuration Audit report shows Event Escalation * New long term log file of email sent, and service start/stop times * Removed odd character at the end of emailed SMS alerts * Upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.1h to fix the ChangeCipherSpec vulnerability * Discovery scanner will check with Active Directory for list of server names * Added Bulk Config option to set monitor Deduplication Field IDs * Added SET_SERVER_PROP and GET_SERVER_PROP external APIs * Added row Description value to Execute Script action * Sending simultaneous reports with PDFs works better * Improved the Group Overview report * Fixed sorting of server names in All Errors report * Exporting as a template gives an option to export Actions * Updated to CEF 3.1750.1738 * Disk Space free/used bytes charts work on the server status report * Fix for security bug that could allow users to see servers outside their group * File Age monitor supports multiple extensions, and extensions to ignore * Improved Windows OS detection in Smart Config
* Removed the RecommendUs dialog based on customer feedback
* Changes to Inventory Collector to clarify and minimize changed behavior based on customer feedback * Email addresses can be marked as admin, and only admin will receive Broadcast messages (System Alerts) * Passwords in Userlist.txt are encrypted when next used or service is started * Added /norestart to vcredist during install * Can set embedded Chromium proxy server via user-specific registry setting * Report folders use IDs instead of names -- handles non-ASCII computer and group names better
* Configuration Audit report can be output in text, HTML or XML * Improved SNMP disk detection * Deduplication state is persisted across restarts * Bulk Config can set ESX credentials * Configuration Audit report can show Custom Properties * Updated Monitor Status report with more information * Changes to try and get diagnostic dumps in a few extreme circumstances * Email alert subject and body can be overridden via script * Upgraded to SQLite * Fix for Alert Reminder emails that get the subject prepend or {id:} appended multiple times * The application can remind you about Support & Maintenance expiring * Two new fields added to the SNMP Trap action * Loading PDFs, CSVs in the Console works now * Fix for Directory Growth line chart where target folder is not the scan root * Fix for ErrorHistory2 table creation * Recent Alerts will show up for new installations * Fixed broken this month/last month uptime calculator for inventory * Fix for rare crash * Log File Monitor will go into Can't Run Now instead of Can't Run if a file is in use * Can reset immediate maintenance period while already in maintenance on servers and monitors * Added subdirectory support for the Log File monitor * Inventory Collector monitor filters on computer type * Differentiating better between same-named Groups in expressions * Inventory Collector is prevented from firing alerts * Protection against divide by zero when sizing Javascript grids * External API can start and end maintenance on individual monitors * Upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.1g to protect against the heartbleed vulnerability * Upgraded Chromium embedded browser * Fix Console delay for limited-scope users

Updates in 2020
* Better SNMP disk detection/labeling
* Updated to most recent stable release of all 3rd party components * Can add ESX Server Type (for monitoring disk space) * Increased and made configurable mail connection timeout * Disk Space monitor will always show free space in alerts, even if checking % free * Won't fire a global error message when a new version is out * Fix for broken reports based on bad date range parsing * Fix for Acknowledge notifications that were not being sent * Execute Scripts won't send email when Quiet! is enabled * Alert Reminder defaults to 7 days if no time frame is given * Add Actions Bulk Config operates on Acknowledge Actions now * Event Deduplication (in Advanced Services in the Console) * Fix for database transfer problem * Monitors can be put into maintenance mode individually * Fix for backup SMTP server not being used when needed * Database connection string handles the Failover Partner parameter * Disk Space monitor can automatically add (new) unmonitored disks * Error Audit report, and Alert Reminders, now have Recorded Monitor Status and Current Monitor Status fields * Alerts without a defined From address can get sent * Console can group similar monitors together * Group Column report has better column sorting * Settings get synchronized to Satellites more regularly * Fix for broken File System Analyzer report drill down links * Scheduled Reports with archived CSV and PDF can control overwriting * Configuration setting to skip troubleshooting hint on a per-monitor-type basis * Sending event Acks to Satellites in batches instead of individually * Fix for User Quota monitor showing the user multiple times in some circumstances * Configurable Recent Alerts columns * Time parser can handle 'Current time - 0 hours' * Expression properties show a tooltip with possible string values * Added EXPORT_SERVER to the External API

After testing almost 20 monitors in the market from free to thousands in price tag, some too hard to maintain, most yielding too many false positives, we found peace with PA Server Monitor. Adding the prompt support into the stew makes one feel like having a real "IT Gourmet" on the plate for the price of a hamburger. Now I can forget about the servers on my spare time and wake up well rested in the morning knowing no SMS = no problem.

Jani H., CTO, Lojaali Interactive, Finland ionicons-v5-b