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PA Storage Monitor Release Candidate

This page is where you can find our very latest release. Versions that make it to this page are considered solid and candidates for production release, but they haven't finished testing or received enough feedback yet. If we implement a feature or fix for you, we will typically send you to this page to try it out.

Click here if you are looking for the current Production Release.

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Current Release

Version [12 June 2024] is currently in testing.

[.010] * Fix for regression bug in the Email action editor
[.014] * Changes in Local Console language setting will ask if it should also be applied to the Central Service [.014] * Fixed some date/time parsing and handling of time zones and milliseconds
[.014] * Fixed a bug where the Inventory Uptime field in the CSV report output was not being written correctly
[.014] * Group Overview report can now show 20 custom columns
[.014] * Updates to OpenSSL 3.0.13
[.014] * Fix for LDAP directory traversal when LDAP_PARTIAL_RESULTS is returned
[.014] * Fix for not handling the truncation/replacement of the Action row variables ($Item(x)$, etc)
[.016] * Added File & Directory Size chart options for Server Status Reports
[.020] * Fixed a problem of template variable replacements (like $Details["$1", "$True"]$) where the replacement contained a $ character
[.026] * Fix for Bulk Config's "Monitors: Set Monitor Parameters" to work on the File & Directory Monitor ignored files list
[.026] * Updated to putty.exe v0.81.0.0
[.026] * Better error handling when writing to the System Monitoring Audit log
[.039] * Web login page will break out of frames
[.039] * Fix for some charts that aren't generating because of a data type change
[.039] * Symantec Endpoint Protection v14 is now detected by System Details
[.049] * Validating UTF16 before sending to the database
[.059] * Fix for 2FA not being reliably enabled

Updates / Upgrades

PA Storage Monitor can be upgraded by simply installing the latest version on top of your existing installation. Your settings and databases will be upgraded as needed.

You might need to reset the PA Storage Monitor service's Run As account (from Settings or the Windows Services applet), but other than that no further configuration changes will be needed.

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