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PA Storage Monitor Change History

Updates in 2013
* "Satellite Services" button renamed to "Advanced Services" -- more services to come :) * More logging and checks around Fail Over configuration sync * Email error acknowledgement * Richer Error Audit report * Can monitor disk space on VMWare ESX host servers without needing SNMP * File Age monitor reports full file path in Extra1 * File Age monitor is blazing fast on 500K files :) * Added support for dynamic email lists for the Email Action * Added PowerShell support for Execute Script Action * Execute Script Action can handle huge lists of items now * Added ToLog in Execute Script * Added another index to DevProps table * Added Acknowledged alert category, with [Fixed], [Ack'd] in subject line * Fixed a sync bug during Smart Config on a Satellite * Added optional group column to Disk Space Summary report * Updating Console, Satellite and Fail Over Slave is prompted for upon logging in as an administrator * Configuration Audit report shows proper values for the Disk Space monitor * HTTPS cookies set with Secure flag now * Protections against cross-site scripting added to HTTP/S server * Fix for potential race condition in database transfer * New Alert Reminder feature (under Advanced Services) * Work around for Outlook removing extra line breaks in alert emails * Added monitor-type and action cross-reference sections added to the Configuration Audit report * Better date/time picker * Fix for Directed-Email action when some recipients don't have email addresses * Computer and Group configuration IDs mirrored into the database for easier data extraction * Added system information to the Console About Box
* Custom Properties can be assigned to groups, computers and monitors, and used in reports or Actions * Acknowledge All errors works with embedded Chromium now * Table of Contents report is resizable * Added $AlertID$ to standard replacement variables * Can mark disks as transitory so they don't alert if missing * Reduced some internal locking for improved performance * SNMP request retry * Start/Stop service action can now Pause and Continue services * Time zone fix for some reports * Improved file syncing with the Fail Over slave * Email subject lines encoded with quoted-printable as needed * Not generating SSL certificate for bad hostnames
* External API includes more details in the server info * Chromium embedded browser working for new installs again * Added computer status to API_GET_SERVERLIST * Smarter disk pie chart units * Fixed and faster database transfer * Optimized File & Directory Change monitor's database access * Console will show "OK - Update Available" in heart beat when appropriate * Improved report column widths * Shortening legend entries in the Ad Hoc and Scheduled charts * Improved HTTPS internal stats that determine if the service thinks it's behind
* Scheduled reports can archive a CSV file of the data * Embedded Chromium updated * Quoting service path * Server Status reports update via on-page AJAX rather than page refresh * Fix for some charts generated where the , is a decimal point * Fix for View-Only users not being able to see server status reports * Acknowledging errors makes associated monitor do a Run Now if it's in alert state * Run Now on Satellites reports status back to Consoles sooner * New and improved for PDF generator * Text in report grids can be copied again * Bar and Line chart will show percentage bar even for none percentage stats * All Servers report shows aliased and real computer name * Improved Server Status report rendering * Fix for problem with other Python installations on the server * Fix for Log File monitor maxing out on matches * Added CSV to some Table-only report types * External API can now put groups of servers into and out of maintenance * Added GET_GROUP_LIST to external API
* Fix for non-Latin characters in some reports * Fix for Support & Maintenance not being honored when copied via Copy Computer Configuration * Charts show up for reports when HTTPS is turned off (to just HTTP) * Properly escaping some text in the All Servers report * Fix for the last column of the Directory Growth report * Fix for embedded Python crash, also upgraded Python to 3.2.4
* Chromium-based browser in Console * Start Maintenance action can target the monitor's target computer * Added new Action List * Putting local computer name into CommonName (CN) field of certificate instead of "{app} on {server}" * Console tries to detect and warn about SSL certificate-hostname mismatch errors * User selection of embedded browser * Updated to ExtJS 4.1.1 * Setting to disable password export functionality when exporting configurations * Moved to Chromium 3.1364.1094 * Fixed bounce error in the X Errors In Y Time Error Suppression rule * McAffee virus scanner detection added to PASystemDetails * Automatically adds server's hostnames to generated SSL certificate * Fix to directory growth * Disk Space Summary should ignore drives for which there is no data * Retries on SNMP requests * Syslog sender works even when Syslog listener port is in use * Fix for File System Analyzer database cleanup that can get stuck * Resetting monitor Last Run when copying (via Copy/Paste or Bulk Config) * PDF button on reports works again * Fix for missing charts that come from Satellites * Added missing index for MS SQL Server users
* Added Unicode/UTF-8 support for Write to Log File action * Avoiding unimportant database error * Added global Satellite service startup and shutdown alerts (like service alerts, but for Satellites) * Handles Fail Over Slave having different network name/address for same database server * Canonicalized all drive representations for the Disk Space monitor * Fix to non-English File Age date selection * Enhancements to Fail Over (enabled for non-Ultra, better error logging, etc) * Fail Over manager will confirm once a day that connected Satellites can reach Fail Over Slave * User Access has a check box for whether non-status reports are displayable * Smart Config won't create duplicates of monitor types * Statistic name normalization to prevent duplicate/split statistics * Monitors can override message and subject of notifications * Customizable Satellite Up and Down notifications * Fix for Fail Over setup check list showing HTTP connection errors * Automatically discovers the correct SQL Native Client driver name * Better switching to backup Central Service host and port * Large report requests handled better * Added schedule filter for iPhone alerts just like email, pager, etc. * Fix for rare Satellite startup crash

Updates in 2012
* More logging around SSL certificate problems * PowerShell script support in Execute Script * Fix for saving scheduled report PDFs * Fix to Disk Space monitor for SNMP-based disks * Added DO_BACKUP External API * /COMPRESS_DATABASES shows a progress UI as it should have all along * Added .NET config files so our apps will run with .NET 4 on Windows 8/2012 * Updated SQL Native Client installer * Error History table correctly storing monitor title instead of monitor type * Better PALowPriorityHelper shutdown (no overlapping runs) * PASystemDetails will shutdown when the parent process (service) shuts down
* User Access Control * Fail Over support with hot stand by * Network Map report for seeing everything in a single view * Simple report branding * Added 'In Alert' Schedule for monitors * Can start and end maintenance for a group by right-clicking the group * Configuration to turn off links in emailed reports * Mailed reports and PDFs default to not having links * New HTML5-based charts (instead of Flash-based) * Fix to Syslog Facilities (now correctly Local0 to Local7) * Better Satellite Down alert title * Fixed Direct Send test button * Object Finder (in Bulk Config, etc) better shows selected nodes * Mailed reports and PDFs default to not having links * Better diagnostic messages for SSL certificate errors
* Group reports correctly go to specified default when Console starts * Execute Script (monitor) has new StoreValue and GetValue * Report link at bottom can be disabled * Increased monitoring efficiency * Fix for servers that come out of maintenance too early * Console's embedded browser will use latest installed IE version * Satellite Status Table report shows MS SQL Server server and database name * CPU usage tweaks for File & Directory Change monitor * Some v5 features available for limited testing * Satellites initialization delayed a few seconds for server to settle down * Can override server name in SSL certificate * Embedded web server returns X-UA-Compatible: IE=Edge header * Menu tabs removed from group reports when creating PDF * Fix to database error caused by case-sensitive owner name lookup * Upgrade is skipped for Satellites if version already matches Central Service * Better SSL error handling in embedded browser * Changes to help HTTP server deal with large bursts * View-only sessions can't acknowledge errors * Write to Log File action will create folder if needed * Fix to ErrorHistory - trims alert text to fit if needed * Satellite IP addresses not shown to non-administrators * Disabled embedded browser's clicking sound when pages refresh * Changes to prevent 'fixed' actions from running after a dependency issue is resolved * Escaping XML server list in the External API * Dependency checks tightened down a bit * SSL certificate will regenerate if server name or report URL changes * New Configuration Audit report * Fix to Network Message action * Reduced CPU usage when running reports, and they're faster :) * Database connection problems will be alerted in the service earlier * File system rights issues will be alerted on * Console's embedded IE will treat monitor site as Trusted Site * Fix to Syslog Sender action
* Satellite database settings can be set via Bulk Config * All Satellites Summary report shows database settings and Run As account * Satellites have a backup host:port they can fall back on * Network Message action will use Msg.exe if it exists * Bulk Config to change Satellite's backup host:port * Fix for multiple .CSV email attachments * Log caller of SMTP messages * Fix for SMS configuration dialog crash * Testing database settings will test from service * Upgraded IPWorks for SMTP extra line fix * Decreased PDF generation delay * Added Run Now Bulk Config option * Improved scheduling of monitors when the system is under stress * Aliases show in reports by default * Set Server Maintenance Bulk Config operation can append or overwrite * Satellites refresh their configuration when the central service restarts * SNMP Trap action now supports version and community string values * 'sticky' group report type menu * Moved to EXTJS v4.0.7 from v2 * Simplified report CSS * Embedded IE control will use best of IE 8 or IE 9 rendering * Fixed _notification_ actions will only fire if an Error _notification_ action fired * When HTTP starts for first time, default port will change to a free port if needed * UTF-8 used instead of ASCII for some internal requests
* Syslog sender action added * Imports additional credentials from a saved server config * Can lock central service and Satellite services from being stopped * Satellite configuration app can have a password assigned like Console * Improved LDAP group navigation * SMS (SMPP) action can set the Sender Address field * File System Analyzer optimization and better logging * Copy and Paste monitors * New groups default to parent group's report settings
* Improved startup wizard * Discovery ping sweep is faster * Some summary reports have a min/avg/max table at the bottom * Internal HTTP server improvements to react to load better * Upgraded to latest SQLite library * Satellite Manager optimized to better handle large numbers of Satellites * Better Satellite bandwidth management * Fix to a report field that didn't handle numeric , separators * Performance boost in the embedded HTTP server * CallURL action added * Better long wait periods

Updates in 2011
* File System Analyzer won't peg CPU when fixing up parent dirID mappings * File System Analyzer will add new FileCount column if missing * File Age monitor recommends File System Analyzer if very large number of files being checked * Can drill down to (none) file extensions * Warns when attempting to create a server with a space in the name * Fixed some items not being retranslated when language selection changed * Satellites can be shown on the Visual Status Map
* Changed generated graph colors * Visual Status Map can zoom out on a map * Fix for sorting by server in Error Audit report * File System Analyzer database cleans will correctly block scans * Quiet! alerts in Console * Decreased CPU usage * Fixes to File System Analyzer custom report output * Updated the OEM kit * File System Analyzer won't fix invalid last accessed and modified dates
* Fix for importing single server configuration * Fix to Satellite configuration UI * Fix for database error * Quieted 'configuration changed' alerts that are OK
* Added optional Satellite Up alerts * File & Directory Change monitor won't pause on every folder * Fixed bug in ErrorHistory sender (from Satellite) where same data could get sent multiple times * Improved ErrorHistory reporting (uses less bandwidth) * Settings sync at login now persists to registry * Fix to overlapping ImpersonateUser so revert doesn't happen too soon * File System Analyzer will support negative % change values to alert on * BIG speedup in ErrorHistory table searches for status reports * Server status reports show up faster * Monitors show current stats in Server Status Report * Email subject is encoded the same as the email body * Refined "Run Reports" and "View Reports" account functions * Improved database indices
* Satellite monitoring of remote sites * Remote Console support * Password protected reports * And a thousand other improvements :)

Updates in 2010
* Fix for scans that terminate early * Configurable DTMF Dialer hangup time * DTMF dialer handles longer lists of requests * Extensive logging for emailing of reports * Multiple copies of a report sent at the same instant will retain the PDF * Report date/time range selection keeps 24-hour time format * xTrackReportTimes setting added to diagnose slow reports * File & Directory monitor can monitor file and directory creation/deletion separately * Event escalation will not change the underlying schedule of the monitor while escalating * File System Analyzer's properly constraining directory size alerts by minimum size * Fix to PDF generation for PDFs that should be archived as well as emailed * Fix to error acking Bulk Config operation * Disk Space monitor will optionally not add additional disks it finds during Bulk Config * Fix for rare Console crash * Empty monitors won't be added from Bulk Config * HTTP_Max_Serve setting is honored to enable serving large files (often CSV reports)
* Larger RPC retry values can be handled * Added IE6 warning * Fix to rare web server startup race condition * Fix for ReportCleanup database initialization * Added index for File System Analyzer's directory growth alert * Additional logging in the File System Analyzer monitor * Internal resource changes to better support foreign language versions * Directory Growth report has new [FILES IN FOLDER] row * Fix for reports that can't be re-created after having been cleaned up * Log levels can be changed dynamically, without restarting the service
* Upgraded PDF creation component * Added StatusText variable * Fix for Directory Growth report in areas where decimal is shown with a comma
* Registry setting to hide Hourly Alert Rate chart * Extra PDF generation logging * .CSV attached to report emails * Some internal settings incorrectly being cached * Less CPU usage * HTML email sender will send if EITHER a PDF or report image file exists * Registry entry to disable report index page and report links in upper right corner (except PDF generation) -- useful for consultants * Fix to Direct Send (e-mail action) on MX lookup error * Fix to some situations where Disk Space charts were not showing up * File & Directory Change monitor will report on files in new sub-directories on first pass

Updates in 2009
* HTTP header changes for .pdf (for help with loading PDF when using SSL) * Email message prioritization (important for shutdown alerts) * Numeric columns right-aligned in tabular reports * Images show up better in generated PDF reports * Date/time selection fix when choosing a time within past 24 hours * Group and Server status reports updated before mailed * Changed to SWFObject 2.2 for better Flash compatibility
* Extra logging for the SMS action * Less registry usage * Moved to SQLite 3.6.19 * Direct email sending added to E-mail action GUI * Installer correctly updating product's .NET-based components * Database memory limits added * Properly suppressing actions when a monitor can't run or in error state * PDF report generation working with SSL self-signed certificates * Security Alert for affected monitoring working again
* Fix to Duplicate Files report * Background report generation can be (and is by default) disabled * File System Analyzer's Duplicate Files report can select output columns when showing file paths * File System Analyzer's Custom File Set can select output columns * File System Analyzer drill-down links carry the report unit forward * More efficient status report generation * Fix to race condition when getting service status at startup * Added memory to System Details portion of server status report * Decreased memory usage by releasing cached resources sooner * Decreasing lock contention * Database cleanup happens later * Ignored file list will be copied when a File & Directory Change monitor is copied to other computers * Fix to File System Analyzer's Custom File Set report when all columns are chosen * Added /COMPRESS_DATABASES option to Console (does SQLite VACUUM) * Optimized email sending, so shutdown alert works again
* Added GUI setting for no-overwrite-reports for Scheduled Reports * Fix to crash involving Security Alert changes * Changed File & Directory Change monitor default to 4 hours instead of every 30 minutes for bandwidth purposes * Entered credentials can be used even if it appears they might not work * Fix to missing Disk Charts for very precise situations * Added Bulk Config to set Server Status Report delivery settings * Renewing licenses won't warn if expiring in 14 days * Execute Script can record data and generate reports * Increase Server Status Report fluidity * Fix to race condition-based crash in Server Status report creation * Added Acknowledge 'All for Computer/Device' and 'All Shown Above' buttons on the Server Status Report for Error Auditing
* Large table report redirector page working now * Fix to occasional missing disk charts * New features in the external API * Group Status Report has configurable monitor box sizes, and is a bit more condensed * File System Analyzer's Duplicate Files report can optionally show all file locations
* Much more attractive and informative reports * Computer Notes now shown on All Servers report and Server Status report * Additional monitor detail shown on Group Summary report * Reports available in PDF * Run Now on scheduled reports sends emails if so configured * All mailed reports now have a PDF attachment * Stored Windows passwords can be updated more easily * Added hourly Error/Alert count chart * Changed Critically Low Disk Space alert to run every 3 hours, and to run as an event monitor * Scheduled reports can have a PDF version stored in an archive directory automatically * Setting report time frame parameters is easy with new @ notation * Tweaks to reports based on user feedback * Added NTLM support to SMTP sending, and better feedback in GUI * Upgraded to latest SQLite version * SSL supported for web-based reports (see Settings -> HTTP Settings) * Fewer DNS lookups needed internally * Group status reports show group heirarchy * Auto-scaling Visual Status Map report * OK alerts not sent when the corresponding alert was suppressed * Disk Space monitor supports Linux/Unix via SNMP to hrStorage, and shows admin shares for Windows * Public API via HTTPS for basic operations * Server Status report supports error acknowledgement to help with IT workflows * Bulk Config operation to set server status report settings * Bulk Config operation to enable/disable monitors * File System Analyzer Distribution reports let you choose which column to graph * Visual Status Map editor will push lights that are off the map back onto the map * All Errors Report shows computer alias name * Fix to servers going into maintenance mode when the service starts * Small ad hoc reports generate much faster * Server status reports generate and display much faster * More accurate Uptime Summary % when using non-raw data summarization * Parent Group button on group reports * Decreased CPU usage in some parts of the service * Recent Errors shows up on Server Status report when using SQLite * Visual Status Map graphic stretches better, or stretching can be disabled
* Important security update for the embedded HTTP server (found out about problem on May 5th, fixed on 6th, confirmation of fix on 7th, deployed on 8th) * The Reboot action won't queue requests if a reboot is already in progress
* Added ComputerName var to Execute Script monitor * File Age monitor won't alert if there simply aren't any matching files * Ability to rename scheduled reports * Configurable report date formatting (via registry) * Reworked report creation GUI. Also supports creating multiple Scheduled Reports at once * Fix to some multi-data set grid reports where some grids didn't render * Data sets can be grouped into easier to manage sets when creating reports * File Age monitor can optionally alert if no files found * Minor report HTML tweaks * Moved event message resource out of CoreLib so updates won't get stuck on WMI * Major GUI speed ups for large installations (1000+ servers) * Fix to Largest Storage User report * Fix to File Type Distribution report * Fixed bug introduced in Scheduled Reports when multi-create Scheduled Reports were added * Monitor Can't Run errors will now be suppressed just like normal alerts * Email action message config dialog now handles more lines (scrolls vertically) * Scheduled reports were losing their manually set name when edited * Made retry logic use seconds (rather then erroneously using ms) * Fix to non-relative path in server status report * Better computer name/matching/filtering in HTTP server * Scheduled Report editing bug fixed * Fixed File Age monitor's alerting when no matching files are found * Additional CPU efficiencies added to File & Directory monitor * Empty data sets that can't be charted will be removed in graphical reports * Improved diagnostic logging for report requests * Report properties are remembered/defaulted from one report run to another * Computer configs copied from one server to another now correctly re-assign the dependencies * File System Analyzer FileInfoID column bumped to bigint for large installations
* Help links added to Adding Actions dialog * Directory Quota path entry doesn't grab/move the cursor * Fix to Start Service action * Scheduled reports auto-refresh (in browser) on their refresh cycle * Fix to Browser pane to stop showing 'Action Cancelled', and also much better Back functionality * Added Sleep method to Execute Script action * A number of minor user interface enhancements * Reporting fix for reports that show IP addresses * Fix to monthly rollup that includes a day light savings transition * Mailed reports will have a clickable link above the report graphic * Bulk Config comes up quicker * New common finder UI * New Calculated Status monitor * Fix for occasional red X in emailed reports * Configurable delays to handle Windows RPC failures * Added retry WMI probes * Additional logging, and more error messages have user hints
* CSS fix for IE 6 and ExtJS 2.2 grid headers * Fixed a memory leak in the Console GUI * Settings can now turn default training on and off * Fix to File System Analyzer's Custom File Set with child sub-directory correction * Date columns in reports now sortable in all locales * Multiple datasets on the same sortable table report supported * File System Analyzer will let you set the max size/accessed/modified/created to 0 to ignore

Updates in 2008
* Server status report will now show mount points * Status reports refresh as soon as clicked * Fix for old 3.4 licenses * Event Log notification can specify the source, event ID and category * Repair to Largest Files by Owner report * Monitor node shows last run time * Directory Quota and User Quota monitors no longer automatically sending user quota messages if over * Improved Startup Wizard
* New monitors added to a server that is in maintenance mode will themselves start out in maintenance mode * Quiet unimportant PAWMI shutdown errors * Relative paths used for HTML reports (CSS, images, etc) - republishing reports should 'just work' * Moved to .NET 2.0 for .NET components * Advanced monitor options: monitor dependencies, alert suppression, monitor training * UI update -- cleaned up monitor configuration screens * File Age monitor can specify poll schedule * Fixed broken Find feature in Console * Multiple identically named data sets will be differentiated with an (ID=x) * File & Directory Change monitor performance increases * GUI for setting database cleanup * New credentials will correctly get used when changed without restarting the service * Group status light was grey for groups with child groups, but no servers * RPC retry for Disk Space * First start wait period will apply to database connections as well as monitors * Fixed not being able to rename a few monitors * Loading legacy 3.4 configs with maintenance schedules fixed * Moved to SQLite 3.6.4
* Fix to File System Analyzer's Custom File Set min and max Last Accessed Days parameters * Introduced sortable report tables * Status report creation is more efficient * Added All Errors Report to top-level group reports * Better error message when bad credentials are tried * Adding new servers across a slow link will happen faster * Added Advanced Email action property of reversing email server used * Fixed a bug in the report time picker property * Tweak to Server Status report
* Quicker server status report updates * Actions (Restart Service action) now get the computer name to work against * Unmonitored computers will show up grey instead of green * Large lists of existing reports are handled more efficiently in the Console * Console is much more efficient when handling large installations * Added Monitoring Scope report * Improved tabular report CSS * Fixed All Servers report to correctly account for disabled monitors and maintenance mode * Restart Service action is much smarter, and Service Monitor takes advantage of it from Smart Config * Smart Config will no longer add duplicate monitors * Disk Space monitor will only create two monitors in Smart Config, and will add drives regardless of whether they're below threshold * Added Bulk Config Smart Config request * Improved and simplified server discovery dialog/process
* Microsoft SQL Server supported as a backend in addition to the current embedded SQLite database * Bulk configuration for making changes to many computers/monitors/reports at once * Computer auto-discovery in the Smart Configuration Process * Group status report that shows maps with groups/computers represented as lights/pins on the map * Outgoing email alerts can optionally be queued for later delivery for disconnected scenarios * More attractive reports, with customizable report templates and CSS * Enhanced HTTP report server with limited access controls * Most configuration is XML for better importing and exporting support * Reports can now specify start and end times in addition to start and end dates * Better performance, less memory and CPU usage, increased stability with various .NET versions * Much better support for grouping computers, including group-based status reports
* Authentication fix for machines in non-connected (ie from a Workgroup) or non-trusted domains * Improved support for UTF-8 report emails * Activity view only shows a single instance of "Monitor Busy" * File System Analyzer throughput substantially increased * File System Analyzer will clean the database at most once per day

Updates in 2007
* Message Box action now works on Vista, and in Terminal Services windows as well * Not prompting for proxy auth credentials until after an HTTP 407 is received * localhost used for Run Now command rather than computer name * Write to Log File action has configurable max size * Message Box action uses configurable message text * Easy Configuration works better with optional usernames and passwords
* Minor resource leak in the Console has been fixed * Report templates can be customized * Emailed status reports with embedded report graphs show correct graphs * Servers entering and leaving Maintenance mode have been assigned a specific system security alert category * Additional date cut-off precision when returning data for single day charts * Increased SQLite page size for better I/O efficiency * Deleting orphaned SQLite master journal files * Major concurrency and throughput improvements for the File System Analyzer monitor * Added a missing index to the File System Analyzer DirSize table * WinHTTP client auto-detects more proxy information from IE settings and handles proxy authentication * Email throughput optimization * File & Directory monitor fix to store file dates in UTC to handle next year's day light savings time :( * Ability to remove HREFs in emailed HTML status reports
* Importing configuration for a server whose name contains the name of the source server works better * Changes to reduce remote logins on Windows machines * File/Directory Size Monitor's 'percent size change' calculation fixed * Fix: Disk Space monitor shows free bytes in $CurrentValue(1)$ when doing percentage comparison * Phone Dialer (DTMF/SMS) action will force $Details$ to be a single line of text * Emailing reports works with UTF-8 report files * Added additional logging for report generation * Change to try and make WMI let go of our DLL on shutdown * Fixed a repaint problem in read-only text boxes * UTF-8 used for HTML reports to better support customers of non-Latin based languages (particularly Asia languages) * WMI polling no longer causes the floppy disk to seek
* Registry settable throttle for the File System Analyzer * File & Directory monitor will alert if a monitored file is missing * Added logged performance stats to the File System Analyzer * Fix in the periodic daily scheduler for monitors with a fixed start time and a small period * Added logging for hosted .NET CLR startup * Alternate technique for finding drives in WMI * Phone Dialer (DTMF/SMS) action will appropriately serialize multiple calls to the phone/modem * Server maintenance scheduled now copied when importing from a configuration file * Added support for the MachineIP script and message variable * Changed the way .CSV files are attached to mailed reports
* Added SMTPS (SSL-encrypted SMTP) support * Optimized status report creation * Added additional diagnostics to the File & Directory monitor * Added the File Age monitor * Fixed File System Analyzer dataset list for scheduled reports * Alternate File & Directory monitor exclusion algorithm * Added escalation capabilities to the File Age monitor * Limiting size of internal caches for File System Analyzer * Updated to SQLite 3.4.1 * Improved database layer efficiency * File System Analyzer performance greatly increased on large scans (too big for cache) * Ability to delete multiple reporting data sets at once * Greatly reduced flicker while scrolling and resizing
* Using better HTTP client library * Ignored directories in File & Directory monitor can be scrolled, cut, copied and pasted * More aggressively throttling CPU usage to the target value * TimeInErrorStr and SecondsInError variables added to notification script * Added repeating event escalation support * Fixed error in scheduled reports UI where no report type is chosen when OK is pressed * Added additional SMTP logging * Backup From address added to the Email action * Added Phone Dialer support sending control characters (useful for sending SMS messages via an attached phone) * Added Phone Dialer support for variables (for sending SMS messages via an attached cell phone) * Added the scheduling and delivery of computer and summary status reports * Fixed end-user email alerts for the Directory Quota and User Quota monitors
* File & Directory Monitor can be throttled via registry setting * File & Directory Monitor now uses an edit box to add ignored files * Added additional controls to monitor and improve internal efficiency * Diagnostics added for graphical report creation * Fixed a path length overrun in File & Directory Monitor * Creating graphical reports is slighly faster and uses less memory * Quieted some less important internal warnings * Ensuring the monitor's last run time is accurately saved * Added additional startup logging * Uninstaller behaves better * Optimized the scheduler thread * Activity tracker has been highly optimized * Better throughput for a busy File & Directory monitoring system * File & Directory monitor will complain if a monitored directory can not be accessed * Updated trial licenses to 25 servers * Security message about app starting to match message for app stopping * File & Directory monitor can accept individual file specifications * Monitor result status in log file output changed to be more user friendly * Ability to disable CPU throttling * Guarantee no hanging linefeeds in outgoing SMTP messages * Scheduler fix that sometimes prevents auto-maintenance from starting
* Automated server maintenance scheduling * Phone Dialer action for sending DTMF/CallerID alerts over the phone system via a regular modem * Dial-Up Connection action for connecting to the Internet so notifications can be sent * Much more flexible scheduling for monitors, maintenance and scheduled reports * Mailing of HTML reports is now supported * Upgraded to SQLite 3.3.13 * Improved server credential handling and related user hints * MessageBox actions correctly truncate messages too long for the screen * The system will allow you to add duplicate computers if you really want to * Update to handle Lite->Pro or Pro->Custom upgrades when existing service is running * Option to have status reports almost instantly up-to-date (see Settings -> Status Report Settings) * Hardened internal HTTP report server * Ability to set action names for E-mail, Pager and SMS actions
* Fixed a sporadic problem in the Console when showing existing reports
* Ability to delete most datasets from the create report views * Logging SMTP activity for troubleshooting purposes * Fixed the scheduled report dialog that was always selecting the first data set * Able to get status reports (via WMI) from additional machines * Fixed a crash in report auto-print if running as Local Service

Updates in 2006
* Changed the threshold for the free memory status light, and it can be disabled completely * Fix for groups within group support * Change to attempt monitoring for NT 4.x machines * Allow manually removing of groups
* New branding graphics to match new website * MessageBox action constrained so it doesn't go off screen * Fix for a problem when valid licenses are not recognized
* Action/notification event escalation is now supported on most monitors (where it makes sense) * File & Directory Change monitor now records findings to a database and supports reports * Scheduled reports moved to a more prominent position. They also now have their own schedules * Many minor user interface improvements * Cleaned up event log entries that get created by this application * Increased the per-monitor license counts for PA Storage Monitor to 20 for a Pro license and 15 for a Lite license * Most reports now allow selection of date ranges rather than the number of monitor checks * Larger graphs shown on some displays * WMI polling made more robust * Removed WMI free disk space red light in server status report * More efficient database cleanup
* Repaired a bad index in the File System Analyzer database * Various minor user interface tweaks to make it easier to use for first-time users * Upgraded to SQLite 3.3.7 * Can now connect to domains that are untrusted, or remote computers without having synchronized local accounts * Additional debug logs for tracking down a customer reporting issue * Fixed configuration of Start/Stop/Restart Service action so it can be edited from All Actions panel
* Ability to do multiple delete on ignored files in File & Directory Change monitor * Made the End Training button in the File & Directory Change monitor visible again :( * Reporting option to show sizes in bytes, K, MB, GB in reports with the units shown on the y-axis * Log file truncation now keeps some of the previous log instead of completely truncating it * Added logging for reports when a parameter is missing * Fixed an issue in the File & Directory size monitor that kept it from alerting on growing files * Cleaned up exception reporting message * Fixed HTTP server where requests (specifically report generation requests) could get truncated * File/Directory Size monitor now also reports the previous size of files/directories in the alerts * Additional application helps
* Importing configuration from file no longer causes two servers to appear in the user interface * Added "Used Disk Space" report to Disk Space monitor * Fixed an issue with re-publishing reports via an alternate web server * Security alerts if monitoring could be interrupted * Pending email and MsgBox notifications quickly send if shutting down (to support security alerting) * Removed requirement to give a name to each monitor before saving * Debug logs can be enabled without restarting the service
* Group within group support added to the Console for arbitrary server grouping * Fixed error where computers could be added with no name * Run ad hoc reports off the monitor node in the navigation tree * Fixed timezone issue for outgoing email messages * Not sending credentials to WMI if probing local computer * Fixed a rare crash that might occur in the Console while reports are generating
* First status report for a newly added computer shows up quicker * UI wrinkles smoothed out * Decreased instances of log file contention * Necessary account rights assigned more precisely * .NET 2.0 added to the existing .NET 1.1 compatibility
* Reduced CPU utilization generating reports * A fix for looping error notifications when multiple notification types are mis-configured * Fixed import of reports from config file * Removes references to bad scheduled reports that don't exist * Fixed a .NET error when things get behind
Made it possible to disable WMI polling, and update account privileges to make remote monitoring easier
Major upgrade: * Less CPU usage creating status reports * Added groups to server list * All servers/group summary report page * Further database access optimization * Reports added to the config export * Log file notification output (which is comma delimited) is now quoted * Fixed email date header for time zones east of GMT * Fixed DWORD wrapping of some WMI values * Upgraded to SQLite 3.3.5 * Split log file into Service and Console * Fixed collecting of domain login credentials * Added server notes * Various minor bug fixes
Changed the default monitoring time to a more reasonable value. Fixed an issue with slow reports because of a missing database index. Better event log entry information
Made activity log files more easy to import into other apps
A number of customer requests: making it easier to publish reports, .NET 1.1 or 2.0 support, server maintenance mode.
* Many small usability tweaks * Accessing WMI using explicitly declared username * Better error message when WMI fails * Show drive space info using admin shares if WMI not accessible * Fixed error in status page showing free/used disk space * Only shows reports in status page are less than 24 hours old * Better performance (less CPU usage) * Slightly smaller memory footprint * Better control of system broadcasts (which ones to use) * Added a report that shows used bytes and used bytes percent (so hitting top is bad as opposed to hitting bottom today) * Upgraded to SQLite 3.3.4 * Fixed a memory leak in File System Analyzer * Fixed SQL error in File System Analyzer
Final fix for the .NET 1.1 issue. No known problems of any sort. Slightly improved performance.
.NET 1.1 has mixed-mode deadlock/loader lock issue which affects some installations of PA Storage Monitor. We now detect it, and have done some work around work. More will likely follow. Also added better information to failed reports. It's been a hard week.
Added a check for .NET Framework 1.1 SP1. Smart config will fill in the name of the local computer the first time it is used. Fixed an issue with password verification.
Fixed an error in the Directory Growth Table and CSV reports where directory sizes were getting truncated.
Great feedback and requests from a number of users (special thanks to Ken Shvetz and Mike Moore):
Many fixes to make reports much more robust and easier to configure. Also added additional information to the server status report. Alert email subjects are now configurable.
Since we 'eat our own dog food' in order to continually test, we found a tiny error in some notification text. Since we're also perfectionists, we had to fix it.
Fixed an issue with SMS notifications, and made mass-installs (OEM or bundled installs) easier by passing config params from the packager through to setup.exe
This is a big update, with some great new features: * New server status page * Added SMS notification * Execute Script action can act on many variables from the monitors * Added SMTP authentication to SMTP action * More replacement variable options for email, and pager alert types * Fixed inability for some users to set credentials on server * Reports that failed to run would still issue success email notification * Fixed irritating single/double click in Nav * Added action icon to action selection dialog

Updates in 2005
Tuned database indices and database access code
Renamed to PA Storage Monitor (marketing...), and fixed (the last?) reporting error<
Release Candidate
Reports are looking very good now (except for the new 'Sub-directory Growth (WatchDISK Table)' which isn't quite finished).
Corrected a number of issues in the reporting modules. It still has a few more, but it is usable now...
Public Beta. Updated website and documentation, plus some minor user interface fixes in the Console
Beta refresh (with functionality to replace WatchDISK and better reporting)
First Beta! (It's version 3.0 because it is built on version 3.0 of our server monitoring framework)

The updates look awesome ...! Keep up the good work and thanks! The new reporting tools are GREAT!

Don L., Maine Medical Center, USA ionicons-v5-b