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Integra, Inc. Case Study


Approximately 200


Pharmaceutical Software


Anacortes, WA


Integra, Inc.

Integra uses PA Server Monitor to monitor 500+ sites

Integra is a software company in beautiful downtown Anacortes, WA, that specializes in the design & development of mission-critical software systems. Since its incorporation in 1997, Integra has designed and developed numerous systems for a variety of customers and industries. Since 2001, Integra has been exclusively focused on the design and development of systems for the institutional pharmacy marketplace.

We were not keeping up with the issues with our customers. As soon as we started implementing PA Server Monitor and got it going, it was awesome! We started having less and less fire drills. Today, now years later, I don't hand out fire hats anymore. That's how cool PA is. Mileen Loeffler Mileen Loeffler Director of Client Services Integra, Inc.


  • Servers not directly connected on network
  • Need to monitor customers' software
  • Receive a large number of support requests
  • Need to monitor events specifically in product
  • Servers spread across large number of customer sites


  • Able to address their specific network situation
  • Very proactive to customer problems now
  • Ability to monitor devices outside their product
  • Add large qty of email alerts to ticketing system
  • Create custom alerts for atypical situations

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Matt Henry

Matt Henry

Senior Support Technician

What kind of IT challenges do you have?

Matt: "We have faced some sort-of-interesting IT challenges here at Integra, in that the servers we monitor are remote to us, so we've had a bit of a challenge, in needing something that could get at these servers remotely. We don't necessarily have direct access to them as a lot of people would for their monitoring and PA has been super helpful to us in the satellite functionality. Allowing us to have these remote satellites installed on some of these servers has been great for us."

Is there a specific situation where PA Server Monitor has really helped you?

Matt: "We have actually had a number of times that PA has helped us a lot. And it has to do with particular product problems maybe that we have, or challenges that we have with some of our own vendors. Software vendors we use have had issues in the past with certain functionality that we need to keep track of. Being the provider of the software, they look to us for support on everything involved with it, which they should. And so we have to, in some cases, monitor software that isn't even our own. And make sure it functions properly. And PA has been awesome for that."

Thomas Loeffler
Thomas Stevens
Senior Software Engineer

Is there a specific situation you remember where PA Server Monitor helped?

Thomas: "Sure, one of the situations that I really remember Server Monitor helping is that, we had a particular issue in an environment where it wasn't our product that appeared to be the problem, but connectivity between other devices. And we used satellite monitoring to monitor a device that wasn't actually part of our product. So we used ping monitor to verify connectivity between our device and the offending device."

Do you think PA Server Monitor has saved Integra money over the years?

Thomas: "Oh, absolutely. Very cost effective product. Very scalable in the environment that we have, which has a lot of satellites, and a lot of distinct networks."

Mileen Stevens
Mileen Loeffler
Director of Client Services

How has PA Server Monitor helped Integra?

Mileen: "You asked what PA did for us, and I have a story to tell you. When we first started out, we had nothing but fires. Fire, fire, fires with our customers! It got so bad, that I'm going to show you something. I gave out fire hats to the employees. They were actually drawing fires on their whiteboards, because we were not keeping up with our customers' issues. So I challenged them to find a product that would help us, so we could help the customers before there was a real fire. And so they came up with PA. And as soon as we started implementing it and getting it going, it was awesome! We started having less and less fire drills. Today, now years later, I don't hand out fire hats anymore. That's how cool PA is."