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Hays Medical Center Network Monitoring Case Study


40+ Employees

2361 monitors configured

Spread across 350 systems


Hospital and Medical


Hays, KS


Hays Medical Center

Hays Medical Center Chooses Power Admin Over Competitors Because of Adaptability and Flexibility

We needed more than basic ping monitoring of systems. There was a need for adaptability and flexibility of any single monitoring application. We are now much quicker to resolve problems before our users can even experience them. Forgive us for not even touching the bragging points! We'd have to leave that to some specially prepared doc/statement from hospital administration. :)

Yes we were looking at other products. We chose this because of the extreme expense of other products that offered anything close to PA Server Monitor software. We are now much quicker to resolve problems before our users can even experience them.

Ken Kuhn Network Analyst Hays Medical Center IT Department


  • Large number of monitors needed
  • More than just basic ping monitoring
  • Extreme expense of competing products
  • Missed server failures


  • Cost efficient, assured alert system
  • Monitors everything they need
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Simplified set up and use
  • Much quicker identifying issues

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Client Profile

On-Site Computer Solutions provides full IT Services and Consulting to their clients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, supporting clients in dozens of vertical markets needing IT assistance.

They have three locations as hubs for services and their technicians respond quickly to client needs. They manage just about every Microsoft Server product out there in all flavors, keeping networks secure and their clients happy.

Customer Story

OCS needed a way to centrally monitor multiple server issues in a manageable way. "This product does that in spades", says Oly Graham, owner of On-Site Computer Solutions. "Its versatility in the scope of monitoring is extremely broad - and accurate. Our technicians are notified of hardware/ services/software issues usually before the client is even aware.

How has PA Server Monitor helped>?

In every focus. In the past I have worked with "Event Sentry". But the more servers -- the more chance to survive at a specific point to check everything. And: EventSentry wasn"t graphical.

PA analyzes the server, generates emails, has predefined templates - all you need to start for "essential monitoring". After the training period and some "hands on" it tells me everything I need, to know what to do with the server to make IT run at nearly 99%.

Were you looking at competitor products>?

Yes. As we were new with Azure, and we chose to go with IAAS to support a new product launch, we searched for a product that could monitor various aspects of the Virtual Machines (VMs), URL monitoring, and could send SMS and e-mail alerts, and have a smart phone app for viewing the current status of the VMs.

How has PA Server Monitor made your life/job easier>?

Peace of mind. It's certainly nicer to go to sleep at night knowing that if there is a problem that occurs, our support staff will be alerted and we can quickly find where the failure is and how to potentially find a quick resolution.

PA Server Monitor has a very comfortable feel. Once it's up and running, it feels solid.

Additionally, there are many services that can be monitored, which has been beneficial to our company. While there were some steep learning curves with integrating PA Server Monitor with Azure, the support staff at Power Admin was very friendly and offered very quick responses to the questions we asked.

How has it saved you time and/or money>?

In every sense. On our "4 screens" wall in our office, the status information is rotating in a 10 second rate. Rounded with a hooked up iPAD on every Working screen at my colleagues and two iPADS at my working place (left side: rotating information from PA, right side: Emails from the PA System to a specific email account with all the information/errors.) No errors can hide from us.

Customer satisfaction: nearly 99,8%. Server availability: 99,8%. My personal feeling: 99,8%

Would you recommend PA Server Monitor to others>?

Hmmmm. let me think. If the other companies know about this magnificent product, how about us>? What would be our "unique selling point>?" : )

OK. But seriously. Yes I would. Your software delivers a human with information in a pleasant non-intrusive way. In the last instance the human decides what to do.