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PA Server Monitor Ultra

PA Server Monitor Ultra has every feature available in the product for the most dynamic and flexible monitoring of your servers, both locally and at remote sites. Take a look below at this rich feature set. If there's anything missing that you just have to have, please contact us and let us know about it.

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Other Features

Automated Maintenance Schedule

While a computer is in maintenance mode, PA Server Monitor won't run monitors. It will turn itself back on automatically after the maintenance window expires if you manually entered maintenance mode, or it can automatically enter and leave maintenance mode on a schedule.


Automatic Fail Over

Setup a second instance of PA Server Monitor to monitor the primary monitoring service, and take over if it fails


Bulk Configuration

Perform changes of settings in actions, monitors, reports and scheduling for several servers at one time, or copy configuration settings to other servers.


Configuration Security

Password protect the PA Server Monitor Console, and alert on changes that could affect monitoring.


Database Options

Easily point PA Server Monitor at the embedded SQLite database or use an external Microsoft SQL Server.


Easy to Use and Configure

"...hands down the most straight-forward, uncluttered and effective monitoring tool I have used" - A satisfied customer


Embedded HTTP Server

Control the HTTP port that PA Server Monitor uses, and optionally enable HTTPS (SSL)


Error Auditing

Keep track of which errors have been reviewed and acknowledged. Also a great way for administrators to have an overview of any errors within their area of responsibility.


Event Escalation

Many monitors are capable of sending escalating events. For example, low disk space alerts could first go to a first-tier Ops team. If the aren't handled in a specified time frame, they could be forwarded to a second-tier Ops team.


External API

Send basic configuration requests to the product via an HTTPS URL.



Collect and report on hardware and system inventory of the monitored servers and devices.


Mobile: iPhone

PA Server Monitor for iPhone lets you stay up to date even if you're away


Mobile: Android

PA Server Monitor for Android lets you stay up to date even if you're away


Mobile: Windows

PA Server Monitor for Windows lets you stay up to date even if you're away


Runs as a service

PA Server Monitor is composed of a console that you interact with, and a system service that is started when the computer boots up and is always running in the background.


Server Grouping

Group servers together in visual groups to help keep track of them. Group-based status reports are also available.


Simple Branding

Easily brand PA Server Monitor to have your name and graphics by simply dropping a couple of files into the installation directory. See Branding


Simple Installation

Takes less than 3 minutes to install and get a default installation customized for your system.


Smart Configuration

Paste a list of servers or IP address into a list and let PA Server Monitor inspect and self-configure for each server/device. Or easily copy the configuration from one configured server to one or more other servers.



Monitor aspects of a VMWare ESX host server.



See the Pricing page for more details.

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