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Server Inventory

By default, PA Server Monitor will gather basic hardware and system inventory from monitored servers and devices. This inventory information is shown in the System Details box on the Server Status Report.

computer system details

The method for gathering inventory data depends on the settings on the Set Server Type dialog which is accessible by right-clicking the server/device and going to Type & Credentials -> Set Server Type.

The following methods can be used to try and get inventory information:

Used for Windows servers
System Details Agent
A small executable file (PASystemDetails.exe) is copied to the target Windows computer and launched. It collects system information, reports back to PA Server Monitor, and then shuts down. The executable file is then removed from the system. PAExec is used for the remote launch.
Useful for Windows and non-Windows devices
VMWare's ESX host servers can be queried as well

IMPORTANT: Inventory collection is done independent of monitoring. Specifically, WMI and the System Details agent are NOT used for monitoring or alerting.

Inventory Report

Along with inventory collection and display on the Server Status Report, the Inventory Details report can also display inventory data.

inventory details report

The computers/devices to report on are selected via their inventory properties. All or just some of the selections can be met depending on your radio buttons at the top.

inventory selection criteria

Output columns can also be chosen from a list of gathered inventory details.

inventory output format

Like all reports, this report can output in a sortable table, a flat HTML table, or a comma-separated text file (CSV) for import into another program like Excel.

finished computer inventory report

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