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Monitoring Power and Stability

PA Server Monitor Spiceworks PRTG
Max number of external engines/satellites/agents 500+Source: Integra Case Study 100Source: Search for "This will lead to all kinds of performance issues on Spiceworks" 60Source: Search for "PRTG still scales well up to 60 probes", under "Stability Considerations"
Max number of monitored devices 2300+Source: Customer report 1000Source: Search for "Spiceworks will not run well on a shared disk in a virtual environment" Approx 1000Source: Search for "ca. 1,000 devices"
Max number of monitored items/sensors 30000+Source: Customer sizing reports ? 10000Source: Search for " < 10,000 sensors"

Ease of Use

PA Server Monitor

Adding new servers? Copy-paste a list of servers, or do Discovery, and let Smart Config take care of it.

PA Add Servers

Nagios Hard

"the duplicate configuration on each server soon becomes tedious and unmanageable. There are other alternatives such as mod_gearman but in my opinion these lack the intelligence to be effective. The ability to have centralised configuration in a distributed setup isn't currently supported by Nagios"


A 'simple' fix from the Nagios support forum: Nagios Hard2
PA Server Monitor

Agentless monitoring.

No software is installed on monitored devices.

Requires installing and configuring NPRE agent on each Windows server

New Relic
Requires installing and configuring platform-specific agent on each monitored server
PA Server Monitor

One monitor watches many services, with a few clicks.

PA Easy Add Services

Tedious to configure monitoring for many services.

Spiceworks Add Monitors
Nagios Add Service

Customer Support Level

PA Server Monitor Nagios Spiceworks New Relic PRTG
Support Forum
Email Support
Phone Support
I'm working in this industry for 15 years now, but I can hardly remember working with a software company with a support like you have. You listen and new features come really fast. I'm deeply impressed by your support and now have the feeling we made the 100% right choice to choose PA Server Monitor.
Hanjo P, Pohlmann & Dimai GbR, Germany
You guys are incredible, Your product is great and with support like this it only continues to improve! I have been and will continue to recommend PA Server Monitor to industry colleagues. Keep up the good work.
Jeremy B, Challenger, Australia

Data Security

PA Server Monitor

All of your data, configuration, network layout, server and network credentials, etc. stays on your hardware. Nothing is sent to the cloud.

Sends your network data to cloud servers

New Relic
Sends your network data to cloud servers

Sends your network data to cloud servers
PA Server Monitor

Stays up to date on security advisories. Updated OpenSSL to patch POODLE vulnerability in 2014, almost two years before Spiceworks.

Spiceworks POODLE
PA Server Monitor

Any security vulnerabilities are fixed immediately, before any additional features or customer requests.

In addition, we have a 'no known bugs' policy, meaning all bugs are fixed before additional work on the product continues.

Known vulnerability in core NPRE module from April 2014 still not fixed.
PA Server Monitor
  • HTTPS for all connections
  • Unique Diffie-Helman key exchange parameters for each installation
  • Optionally use your own SSL certificate

Advanced Features

PA Server Monitor
  • Acknowledge alerts via email
  • Built-in automatic failover
  • Monitor templates
  • Event deduplication
  • Event escalation
  • Distributed monitoring without a VPN
  • RDP to monitored servers without needing a VPN
  • Per-server maintenance schedules
  • Bulk Config - many configuration changes at once
  • Per-monitor scheduling


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