PA Server Monitor 7 Beta

Thank you for taking a look at the version 7 Beta. Some of the new features include:


Getting the Beta is easy -- you can download it below. It's important to note that upgrading an existing system to the Beta is a one-way operation (there is no way to downgrade an upgraded installation). You may want to try it out on a separate machine at first.

Version and licensing: The Beta is set at version 6.99, so existing v6 licenses will work. A fully-functional 30-day trial license is also included.

Download: Beta Installer

What to watch for

All of these features have been in use at various customer sites for a number of months. So that means the Beta is performing very well. The Monitor Templates are the most complex piece, so watch how they behave.

New Feature Details

Action Scheduler monitor: Actions Scheduler is a task automation tool more than a 'monitor'. It allows you to schedule any of your actions to run at specific times.

Active Directory Login Monitor: Monitor logins to Windows computers (Domains, Active Directory, local login) and alert if specified. Records the activity to a database for reports later.

Bandwidth Monitor: The new Bandwidth Monitor can retrieve data from SNMP counters (ifTable and ifXTable) and from Windows (Network Interface counters). Different types of data (data rates, error counts, etc) can be monitored, recorded, and alerted on.

Hardware Monitor: The Hardware Monitor can query and alert on hardware status from VMWare ESX, Dell DRAC/iDRAC and HP iLO (via IPMI) and other IPMI devices.

Disk Full Prediction Alerts: The Disk Space Monitor can now alert when a disk is predicted to be full within X days, helping with your capacity planning efforts.

Automatic Configuration: The Dynamic Server List Monitor has been expanded to not only put servers into groups, but to apply templates to those servers as well. PA Server Monitor version 7 comes with many popular templates built in, and they can automatically be applied where appropriate. We call this Automatic Configuration.

Monitoring System Audit Reports: Now it is easy to run reports and find out what alert emails were sent, when Satellites were disconnected, etc with the System Audit Report.

Advanced Counter Thresholds: The SNMP Monitor and Performance Monitor now have powerful thresholds available that let you monitor rates of change, or if a value is within an acceptable range.

Live Demo

Version 7 is running on our Live Demo server. Take a look!

Ship Date

Very soon!

* A number of fixes to template propagation. It's more robust, more efficient, and faster :)
* Fixed sorting in the Console's navigation tree
* Added missing Advanced Options tabs to the Login Monitor
* Added Fortinet icon
* Added new Network Equipment auto-config group for adding the Bandwidth Monitor
* 'Monitoring System' performance counters will refer to $MONITORING_PROCESS$ so it works with Satellites
* Emphasize effects of enabling or disabling Automatic Configuration
* Configuration is automatically backed up when Automatic Configuration is enabled or disabled
* Improved complete configuration import/restores
* Execute Script actions can call other actions
* Additional logging added
* Improved MIB loading/parsing for error situations
* More details and diagnostics for Satellite connection problems
* Protections against a crash when executing SSH scripts
* Fix for Satellites that wouldn't reconnect to the Central Service after having been connected to a Fail Over Slave
* Fix for some Dynamic Server List functions that didn't handle != operator
* Fix for crash during initial startup wizard
* Update to support coming mobile app updates
* Details about service status shown on login dialog
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Thanks for a really great product. You don't know how much money and time you guys have saved us.
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