PA Server Monitor 8 Release Candidate

Thank you for taking a look at the version 8 Release Candidate. Some of the new features include:


Getting the Release Candidate is easy -- you can download it below. One of the first steps of the installation will upgrade a 32-bit version to the 64-bit version. This involves moving or copying configuration and databases to the new 64-bit installation location. Reverting back to 32-bit is not easy. If your installation is on a virtual machine, make a snapshot before you begin the upgrade.

Version and licensing: The Release Candidate is set at version 7.99, so existing v7 licenses will work. A fully-functional 30-day trial license is also included.

Download: Release Candidate Installer

What to watch for

All of these features have been in use at various customer sites for a number of months. So that means the Release Candidate is performing very well.

The installer will report version 7.3.0.x is going to be installed, but the actual installed files will be version 7.99.0.x

New Feature Details

64-bit: The product architecture has been upgraded to run natively on 64-bit Windows. This also involved moving to newer technology, so Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server are no longer supported.

With this architecture upgrade we are now preparing to add Cloud monitoring.

All-Systems-GO monitor: All-Systems-GO is a monitor for your monitoring infrastructure. It makes a periodic outgoing HTTPS heartbeat call to our server. If our server doesn't hear from your installation, you will be notified.

SNMP over TCP: The SNMP Monitor has options to specify it should make connections via the reliable TCP protocol, as well as UDP like it has done before.

IPv6 Support: Support for IPv6 addressing has been getting added to the product for a while, and with version 8 it is now complete.

Bulk load SNMP monitors from spreadsheet: A new Bulk Config operation, Computers: Bulk Import Monitors, allows creating monitors from a CSV file of OIDs.

Unlimited Ping: Any devices that is only pinged (only has Ping monitors attached) will not be counted against the license.

Better performance with RDP through a SNAP Tunnel: We have worked to optimize the SNAP Tunnel performance to decrease perceived delays to make using RDP through a Satellite site more pleasant.

Live Demo

Version 8 is running on our Live Demo server. Take a look!

Ship Date

Very soon!

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