Get PA Server Monitor Lite for Free!

For a limited time, we're offering a PA Server Monitor Lite product license in exchange for a link from your website to our website. No other costs. No catches. With this license you can monitor a single server or create a total of 10 monitors to watch blogs, disk space, etc.

Why are we doing this? Simply put, marketing. By placing this link on your site, you're voting for us as a company and helping others find out about us (and if you are using our products, we must be doing something right!).

How does this work?

How do you get your license? Simple: Add the HTML below to your website and then email us with the URL of the page containing the link. We'll verify the link, and then email you a Lite license file.

Naturally we'd prefer the link to stay in place after you get the license file (at least for a couple of months), but we're not going to start screaming if it disappears later (in other words, there is no long term commitment on your part).

What if I don't have a website?

You could post to a forum telling people why you like our product. Please don't make it spammy, nobody likes that. Or if you have a Twitter account, send a Tweet about something you like about our products.

Where does the link go?

The link can be placed anywhere on your site.

[ PA Server Monitor’s benefit is less] wasted labor in tracking what was unbillable - that now ADDS a LOT more BILLABLE time addressing issues we just could not get to before - making networks we manage much more stable and reliable… WE do a BETTER job for our clients and capture time we basically 'gave away' before.
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