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PA File Sight - File Changes Report

This report is useful to quickly find out what activities happened to a specific file. In the example below, everything that happened to the budget.xls file will be shown.

This report is a subset of the more powerful Custom Data Set Report.

This monitor has the standard report tabs: Report Display Type, Source Data, and Report Group tabs as the rest of the monitors, and as usual, the most important settings are on the Filters and Parameters tab.

The fields that can be set include:

File Name
This field will be used to match against the full path of files and directories in the database. It accepts the * wild-card. You do not have to specify the full path for matching files - if the text you enter is found anywhere in the path, that is a match.

You can use a comma to separate multiple file names. You can put an exclamation mark (!) in front of a file to indicate NOT that file.

Some examples:

.mp3 - return any file that contains .mp3 anywhere in the full path of the file

*.mp3 - the same as above

.docx, .xlsx, .pdf - return any files that contain .docx, .xlsx or .pdf anywhere in the full path

\DOCS\ - return any files that contain \docs\ anywhere in the filepath (checks are not case sensitive)

!authorized - return any files that do NOT contain 'authorized' in the full path

.docx,!authorized - return all .docx files unless 'authorized' is in the full path

Starting date:
Ending date:
Hours/days filter
See the standard report tabs for information
Select the server from which file activity is being reported on
Output Fields
Control the size of the report by only showing the columns you are interested in
Hide Empty Columns
Depending on the report settings and the information available, some fields might be empty. This setting can automatically hide columns where all values within the column are empty.

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