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Power Admin Support and Maintenance

Power Admin LLC offers a 1 year Support and Maintenance Agreement on all of our products. Support and Maintenance is completely optional in order to leave you in control and give you more options.


The Support & Maintenance Agreement does NOT auto-renew. Your credit card information is NOT kept and you will NOT be billed automatically. Instead, you will receive a renewal invitation email near the end of the agreement period so you can renew if you would like to. You are in control.

Why get Support & Maintenance?

To be perfectly honest, we'll support you if you run into problems with or without an active agreement. (It's in our best interest to know of any problems that might come up -- that way we can correct them and all existing and future customers benefit).

The biggest reason to get Support & Maintenance is to automatically be eligible to update to any new release while the agreement is active. Support and Maintenance will always cost less than upgrade licensing. This way you know you can always move to the very latest version and benefit from:

  • all new product features
  • all performance improvements
  • all bug fixes

When you purchase Support & Maintenance, we will enter you into our Support Database, and we will send you a Support and Maintenance Agreement ID so we can both track the agreement. But don't worry if you lose it -- we can always look you up.

What if there is a lapse in coverage?

The past period of lapsed coverage will need to be covered, but with a cap at one year back. So if it has been expired for two years, you would need to pay for one year that was not covered. Of course you would also get coverage for the coming year too.

We try very hard to offer the very best service to our customers. If you have suggestions for how we can improve our service, products, website or anything else, please contact us.

I have been using PA Server Monitor for almost 8 years in some way, shape, or form. It's the best tool I've used.

Chris N.,, USA ionicons-v5-b