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PA File Sight - User Activity Level Report

This report lets you search for any users that have done more than some number of specific operations. For example, you could search for users who have deleted for than 100 files in the past 7 days.

This monitor has the standard report tabs: Report Display Type, Source Data, and Report Group tabs as the rest of the monitors, and as usual, the most important settings are on the Filters and Parameters tab.

The fields that can be set include:

Starting date:
Ending date:
Hours/days filter
See the standard report tabs for information
Type of Activity
Filter the files by the operation that was performed on them. The change can be one or more of:
    Audit Changed (file security setting)
    Copy (detected by the PA File Sight Endpoint)
    Failed to Change Audit
    Failed to Change Group
    Failed to Change Owner
    Failed to Change Permission
    Failed to Create
    Failed to Delete
    Failed to Move
    Failed to Read
    Failed to Rename
    Failed to Write
    Group Changed (file security setting)
    Owner Changed
    Permission Changed
Minimum Number of Specified Activities
All activities of the specified types will be counted within the given time frame for each user. Any user that is over this limit will be listed in the report.
Select the server from which file activity is being reported on
Output Fields
Control the size of the report by only showing the columns you are interested in

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