PA File Sight Release Candidate

This page is where you can find our very latest release. Versions that make it to this page are considered solid and candidates for production release, but they haven't finished testing or received enough feedback yet. If we implement a feature or fix for you, we will typically send you to this page to try it out.

Current Release

Version [January 18, 2017] is currently in testing.

NOTE: Because of the new Message Template feature, Consoles will need to be version or newer before they can connect to this version. It is highly recommended that Satellites are upgraded as well.

Download the Ultra Release Candidate

Download the Lite Release Candidate

New features include:

* [.17] Added new All Servers part for Executive Summary reports
* [.17] Added Debug Logging as a setting that can be set via Bulk Config to Satellites
* [.17] Added Satellite name to Configuration Audit report
* [.17] Fixed slow startup if server can't resolve SIDs
* [.34] Additional logging and diagnostics added
* [.41] Added File Sight bulk Rename alerting, same as bulk Read, Write and Delete alerting
* [.54] Fix for File Sight database cleanup on Satellites
* [.54] Changed installer's ODBC driver to: Microsoft ODBC Driver 13.1 for SQL Server
* [.54] Fixed problem with the Console viewing the Fail Over Slave's status page
* [.54] Won't sync DB Connection string to Fail Over Slave so it can be different if needed (different driver version for example)
* [.56] Fix for the local Console so it can login using the hostname, and not just
* [.68] Added IsDeviceType dynamic rule
* [.68] Added the $WinDir$ replacement variable
* [.71] Updated EULA indicating a customer's logos can be shown on our website unless asked not to
* [.71] Added option to control whether TLS 1.2 can be disabled (like for SSLv3, TLS1, and TLS1.1)
* [.71] Fix for broken import when PAFS Ultra is doing a complete configuration import
* [.71] Satellites forcing command filter to * so that PASystemDetails and PALowPriorityHelper can connect
* [.100] First character of Live View can be a ! to show all lines that are NOT the given line * [.108] Fix for broken language translation in the service
* [.110] Added a filter to View System Activities
* [.120] Fixed API_GET_MONITOR_INFO which was not checking all status values

Updates / Upgrades

PA File Sight can be upgraded by simply installing the latest version on top of your existing installation. Your settings and databases will be upgraded as needed.

You might need to reset the PA File Sight service's Run As account (from Settings or the Windows Services applet), but other than that no further configuration changes will be needed.

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With [major competitor's] ping reporting feature I get an email alert for *every* ping failure. Since it's normal to occasionally fail ping (busy network etc) my Inbox was constantly flooded with nuisance alerts. The way you have it implemented I only get the email alert if there is a real problem that needs my attention.
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