PA File Sight Release Candidate

This page is where you can find our very latest release. Versions that make it to this page are considered solid and candidates for production release, but they haven't finished testing or received enough feedback yet. If we implement a feature or fix for you, we will typically send you to this page to try it out.

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Current Release

Version [June 25, 2019] is currently in testing.

[.4] * Monitors that cannot run will fire System Alerts at most once every 15 minutes (instead of on every run)
[.8] * Added SNAP Tunnel audit events
[.8] * Advanced Deduplication will block all actions on a duplicate as documented, not just notifications
[.14] * Added some database caching for frequent requests to increase performance
[.17] * Fix for Calculated Status monitor for rapidly running monitors
[.23] * Optimizations to better handle large user lists in the File Sight monitor
[.30] * Fixed Monitor Change auditing event
[.46] * Fix for Satellite Up/Down messages that were missing the Satellite name
[.47] * File Sight service/Satellite will use fewer driver buffers
[.62] * Added new All Actions Access permission
[.62] * Email send throttling can be controlled via registry setting
[.62] * View System Activity shows template propagation
[.78] * Fix for template dependencies not propagating properly
[.78] * Enforce OpenSSL server cipher order
[.78] * Template propagation speed improvement when Satellites are involved
[.85] * Group-level Notes that can be added to Group reports (similar to Server Notes)
[.96] * Added $DeviceNameOrAliasOnly$ replacement variable
[.108] * Fix for Smart Config that wasn't adding actions when using a template as the base monitor
[.108] * Fixed device property "Date Added for Monitoring" from getting reset
[.115] * Better performance in heavy monitoring situations
[.120] * Fixed memory leak in File Sight reports
[.120] * File Sight will report triggering changes more quickly
[.129] * Reports can be run that are not limited by memory size
[.129] * Fix for dependencies on templates
[.129] * Fix for rare crash in SNAP Tunnels
[.129] * Increased reporting speed in some cases
[.133] * Updated expiring SHA1 code signing certificate
[.133] * Upgraded to IPWorks 16
[.133] * Handle very large emails more efficiently
[.133] * Using different heap memory management settings
[.135] * First template propagation will wait until the Central Service has been running for two mintues
[.142] * Ignored File specifications in File Sight are back to being case insensitive
[.142] * More efficient log file writer (easily handles 10X the logging)
[.149] * Added Bulk Config to enable/disable monitoring of Servers/Devices
[.149] * Bulk Config can be used to disable the internal HTTPS service within the Satellite (will break Inventory Collector)
[.163] * New Bulk Config operation - Computers: Allow/Prevent Template Propagation
[.167] * Quieted DB_LIMIT false-positive alerts
[.167] * Fix for rare configuration synchronization failure
[.169] * Disabled servers leaving maintenance mode won't become enabled
[.169] * Prevent Bulk Config from misconfiguring a template with the Monitors: Set Monitor Parameters operation
[.171] * Much faster processing of GetNextID for large installations (used in template propagation)
[.176] * Added the ability to block some accounts (external customers for example) from seeing Recent Alerts on servers and Current Errors in groups
[.176] * Can start and end Immediate Maintenance on servers in Dynamic Groups
[.183] * Bulk Config's Monitors: Set Monitor Parameters works with the Active Directory Login Monitor filters
[.183] * Fix for regression crash in SNAP Tunnels
[.188] * Fixed View Template button at the top tempate bar in the Console
[.189] * Added Show Monitoring Coverage on Group reports user right
[.192] * Retry on failure to get VMWare ESX information
[.192] * Fix to the Startup Wizard
[.197] * Fixed the "Show devices that do not contain specified monitors" parameter for the Configuration Audit report
[.197] * Removed source of some Audit Failure login events in target servers' Security Event Logs
[.198] * Small reduction in memory usage for large installations
[.198] * Tool tips for most fields that are too long to display
[.205] * Caching domain lists
[.210] * Startup Wizard fixes
[.214] * The Central Service and Fail Over Service will wait longer for Satellites to reconnect after just starting up
[.214] * Central Service will sync a fresher copy of the Satellite status database to the Fail Over Service
[.225] * Added missing index for File Sight table that will speed up database cleanup
[.225] * Set Server Maintenance action shows server names with groups
[.228] * Monitors in Can't Run state (or Internal Error) will NOT move through Event Escalation steps, but instead reset escalation to the beginning.
[.228] * Email Message Digest age is registry configurable (defaults to 1 minute)
[.230] * Less memory usage when sending large host name lists to the central server
[.230] * Tighter syncing between the Console and Central Service
[.231] * Fix for ability to disable Drag and Drop in the Console
[.231] * Fix for very rare memory corruption bug that can happen during log rotation
[.241] * Added time stamps to Satellite up/down and also System alerts
[.241] * Optimized internal locking to give better concurrency
[.255] * File Sight can output and report on the "Read Entire File" field in reports
[.255] * Ability to message digest all emails, including the first one in a while
[.255] * Change that should prevent the CompNameCache database from growing so much
[.255] * Performance increase in the File Sight monitor
[.256] * Fix for Day Light Savings transition date calculations
[.259] * Fix for Interpret Application Behavior feature in the File Sight monitor
[.287] * Fix for rare race condition in Cache Manager that caused configuation updates to get lost
[.310] * Enhancement that reduces CPU usage on heavliy loaded systems
[.310] * Better SNAP Tunnel performance (RDP to Satellite for example)
[.323] * Fixed false positive FILESIGHT_AUDIT_TEST_FILE test alerts
[.335] * File Sight sends the ignored process list to the driver more reliably
[.339] * Increased report refresh reliability
[.346] * Added ability to have group reports refer to child group reports
[.368] * Fix for incompatibility with Windows Update
[.385] * Optimizations for increased performance
[.415] * Configuration checker indicates which settings need to change on a monitor to match its purpose
[.415] * Test File Name button to check against included or excluded file extensions
[.427] * Reason shown if a user can't be added to the Blocked List (such as it being a core OS account, etc)
[.9] * ChangeMonitorStatus from Execute Script monitors and actions can correctly update the running monitor's status
[.9] * Change to report page refresh functionality if an HTTP error happens
[.11] * Change to report page refresh functionality if an HTTP error happens
[.11] * Fixes for duplicate columns in the Group Overview report (column report)
[.13] * New Bulk Config to cleanup unknown Actions
[.31] * New Credential Manager
[.36] * Fix for generating PDF of Custom Reports that might be for a different report
[.49] * Fixed a small memory leak
[.49] * Outgoing alert emails will be processed in parallel more for greater throughput if needed
[.49] * Restored the missing Hourly Error Count chart
[.49] * Write to Log File action has a configurable output template
[.51] * Fix for possible crash in Execute Script monitor
[.61] * Old v7 Console will be replaced with a message to update short cuts
[.61] * Protection against crash in PAPDH
[.61] * Fix for Welcome Dialog with newer versions of IE

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Updates / Upgrades

PA File Sight can be upgraded by simply installing the latest version on top of your existing installation. Your settings and databases will be upgraded as needed.

You might need to reset the PA File Sight service's Run As account (from Settings or the Windows Services applet), but other than that no further configuration changes will be needed.

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