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Professional Storage Management with PA WatchDISK

PA WatchDISK can show you why your disk usage has suddenly grown

WatchDISK is no longer being actively developed. We recommend looking at PA Storage Monitor which has all of the functionality of WatchDISK with many more features.

Specifically, the Directory Growth report has almost all of WatchDISK's functionality. The File System Analyzer monitor is the one that collects the data.

PA WatchDISK provides what you need most to manage your network storage: Information. Many tools can display current directory sizes, but only PA WatchDISK can show how those sizes have evolved over time.

This is critical information if you need to:

  • Project future storage needs based on current trends and growth patterns
  • Find out why free disk space has suddenly dropped
  • Justify additional storage capacity investments to management

Though some people prefer WatchDISK, most end up preferring the power and reporting available in PA Storage Monitor. The Disk Space Growth Report shown as the first screenshot contains most of WatchDISK's functionality. It's worth a look.

What is PA WatchDISK?

PA WatchDISK scans directory structures and stores the sizes of each directory. These stored sizes provide a historical snapshot of your server's disk space usage on a directory by directory basis. Comparing current sizes to previous sizes allows you to very quickly see which directories have grown and project future disk capacity needs.

PA WatchDISK's intelligent sorting, simple drill-down user interface, and reports make it easy to quickly find the information you need.

Naturally low disk space alerts haven't been forgotten. But PA WatchDISK goes one step further: Besides just alerting on low disk space, it can alert you on significant changes in disk space usage as well.

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Why Use PA WatchDISK?

There are many disk space monitoring tools that can send low free space warnings. Storage management is much more than just that! Only PA WatchDISK can show you why your disk space is low.

Our unique technology lets you not only see the current sizes of directories, but also the sizes of those directories in the past. With this information, PA WatchDISK makes it very simple to see which directories have grown (drilling down to find a diskhog is literally just a few clicks). PA WatchDISK's reports also make projecting future disk space needs easier by looking at your current storage trends. Administrators at Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and universities around the world have trusted PA WatchDISK for over 19 years.

Short Feature List

  • Monitors any drive or volume that is accessible to Windows including network drives
  • Shows current directory sizes and past directory sizes allowing you to view usage trends
  • Sort directories to quickly show what you're looking for (alphabetically, by size, or most powerful of all, by change in size)
  • See summary information about the types of files stored on your server including the number of total sizes of files by file extension
  • Disk space alerts that warn you when disk space disappears
  • Single click graphical disk space reports created in Microsoft Excel
  • Command line support for easy scheduled tracking and reports
  • Liberal licensing allows administrators to monitor as many directories/servers/users as needed

I love your monitoring software. It is so easy to use!

Julie H., Lincoln, NE, USA ionicons-v5-b