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PA WatchDISK Change History

Updates in 2020

Apr 2018 [3.2.43]
Fixes to make using SQL Server easier (better Connection String). More explicit UAC settings.
Apr 2018 [3.2.42]
New registry entry to control maximum number of columns in the Disk Space Grid
Sep 2012 [3.2.41]
Fix required by Microsoft KB 2640696 (see also)
Sep 2012 [3.2.40]
Small update -- get database objects in a more universal way
Sep 2012 [3.2.39]
Small update -- increased database timeout
Aug 2010 [3.2.38]
Small update -- better error logging with MySQL connection, and able to continue on database transfer error
Jul 2009 [3.2.25]
Small update -- better error logging and database connection caching
Oct 2006 [3.2.27]
Small update -- just replaced the binary evaluation license file
July 2006 [3.2.24]
Change database access to cut down on timeouts when migrating VERY big databases
July 2006 [3.2.21]
Saving file extension information in a different way to cut down on database timeouts
May 2006 [3.2.20]
Directory pre-scan now honors filters (speeding up the first scan when filters are used)
Oct 2005 [3.2.19]
Added symbolic link detection so PA WatchDISK can be used on Unix/Linux volumes.
July 29, 2005 [3.2.16]
Added directory and size details to notifications
June 30, 2005 [3.2.15]
Fixed an issue with international (locale-dependent) dates when using MS SQL as the database store.
Jan 17, 2005 [3.2.12]
Fixed an error where local free space numbers were returned when UNC paths were used (old obsolete Windows 95 code was to blame)
Dec 17, 2004 [3.2.11]
Added customer request: date-formatting control and fixed combobox display with non-default font
Dec 1, 2004 [3.2.9]
Added customer requests: absolute directory size based alerting
Nov 3, 2004 [3.2.8]
Increased performance, better support for foreign character sets, and added a help file
Sept 9, 2004 [3.2.7]
Created serialized scans when using Microsoft Access so multiple simultaneous scans don't cause contention issues within the Access database
July 31, 2004 [3.2.6]
Increased timeout for the auto-clean procedure, updated Excel reporting UI to be clearer, added Microsoft-like central error reporting capability (you can choose to report any error that occurs). Alerts for size and percent change won't fire on newly created directories.
June 17, 2004 [3.2.1]
PA WatchDISK 3.2 released with support for multiple databases (Access, MS SQL and MySQL).
May 4, 2004 [3.1.9]
Migrated some settings from being user-specific to machine-specific.
Apr 25, 2004 [3.1.8]
Added a directory filtering features, and better control of rows exported to Excel -- both customer requests.
Feb 7, 2004 [3.1.5]
PA WatchDISK 3.1 released! Introduced reports via Excel automation.

Jan 13, 2004 [3.0.48] - A better check for the necessary Microsoft MDAC, and the ability to install the right one on the spot.

Sep 26, 2003 [3.0.41]
Added various user-requested enhancements including file view. Also increased first-time scan performance.
Aug 8, 2003 [3.0.39]
Added totals row in exports.
Jul 31, 2003 [3.0.37]
Fixed a minor problem with exporting, added column-reversing for exporting, and made the database a bit more robust.
Jul 25, 2003 [3.0.35]
PA WatchDISK 3.0 released!
Jun 5, 2003 [3.0.29 - Beta 2]
Updated database format which means a BIG increase in speed, more database auto-clean options, first release of printing/exporting.
Feb, 2003 [3.0.27 - Beta]
First release of PA WatchDISK 3.0. Too many new features to mention here!
Jul, 2002 [2.1.115]
If directories are encountered that are too long, that directory's data isn't saved in the database (rather than producing an error), although the directory is scanned to produce correct results in parent directories.
Mar, 2001 [2.1.114]
Incorporated some great customer feedback that highlights the current sort button. Also fixed a small data file problem (PA WatchDISK occasionally not able to find data file after first install--always fixed itself, but now the initial error doesn't occur)
Feb, 2001 [2.1.110]
PA WatchDISK 2.1 released. Includes new notification types, deletion of columns, and much better performance

May 18, 1999 [2.0.92]
Minor user interface updates. The browse button uses the more common explorer directory selector, and scanned directories are remembered in a list, pressing Enter no longer closes the application.
December 8, 1998
Added the ability for users to choose a custom font and size.
May 9, 1998
Added a more attractive print output.
April 24, 1998
Added the ability for the alerts to run user specified programs (/NOTIFY command line option), allowing PA WatchDISK to initiate a broadcast message for example. Also ensure two registration dialogs are never up at the same time. Setup program was fixed to handle installing files that are in use.
March 29, 1998
PA WatchDISK 2.0 released. Has new alerting and scheduled run abilities. Help files are available locally and on-line. There are no more dependencies on the GRID.OCX or other Microsoft DLLs, simplifying installation.
Nov 5, 1996
User defined cluster sizes will now be used as the default on uncompressed drives.
Sept 16, 1996
New functionality! Added the ability to use /DIR= to set the default directory when not using command line mode. Also added [Total Free Space] and [Total Space Used] entries to the disk space grid for historical data.
Sept 2, 1996
PA WatchDISK 1.0 released (16 bit, completely high performance C++)

1995 - WatchWin (first Windows version based partially on Visual Basic) released

WatchDSK DOS application released

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