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This help page is for version 5.0. The latest available help is for version 9.3.

Inventory Collector

The Inventory Collector monitor collects the basic machine information that is shown in the System Details box on the Server Status Report. Most of the collected information does not change often, so the monitor defaults to running every few hours.

To configure the monitor, indicate what techniques should be used to collect inventory information. The available techniques are based on the server type of the target device. Selecting the inventory technique is as simple as checking the available box(es). (Note that some products will have different sets of check boxes available)

Inventory Reports

The information collected by the Inventory Collector will populate the Inventory Database. You can run reports against this database and use a simple expression builder to specify exactly which servers you'd like to show up in the report.

Once the target servers are specified, you can select the output columns that should be shown. Additional inventory property values are being added all the time.

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