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Locking Monitors and Actions

There might be cases where a monitor or action is critical in its functionality and should not be changed in any way, even by users with administrator rights. This is when locking is useful.

Locking a monitor or action will prevent changes to that monitor or action's configuration. Monitors can still be disabled or be put into maintenance mode, but the configuration cannot be changed.

When a monitor or action is locked, the Apply button will be disabled and show a lock icon, such as this:

The Configuration Audit report can also show which monitors and actions are locked.

How to Lock

A monitor can be locked via Bulk Config's "Monitors: Lock Monitors" operation. It can also be locked in the monitor's Advanced Options > Miscellaneous tab.

An action can be locked via Bulk Config's "Actions: Lock Actions" operation.


Because locking a monitor or action is meant to prevent even administrators from making changes, the only way to unlock it is to login to the Console on the Central Monitoring server, and from there run Bulk Config's "Monitors: Unlock Monitors" or "Actions: Unlock Actions" operation.

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