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System Audit Report

The System Audit Report is a pulled from a database of activities that have happened in the monitoring system.

System Activity Types

  • Email Alert Sent
  • User Logged In
  • User Logged Out
  • User Login Failed
  • Server Start Maintenance
  • Server End Maintenance
  • Central Service OS Boot
  • Central Service Start
  • Central Service Stop
  • Central Service Abnormal Stop
  • Satellite Service OS Boot
  • Satellite Service Start
  • Satellite Service Stop
  • Satellite Service Abnormal Stop
  • Satellite Connect to Central
  • Satellite Down
  • Group Created
  • Group Deleted
  • Computer Created
  • Computer Deleted
  • Monitor Created
  • Monitor Changed
  • Monitor Deleted
  • Monitor Template Created
  • Monitor Template Deleted
  • Action Created
  • Action Deleted

This data is collected and stored automatically - nothing needs to be configured.

Monitoring Audit Report

The report is located at [System Summary Reports] > Monitoring System Audit.

Audit Report Date Entry

Configuring the report is as simple as choosing a date range, and the type of events you would like to see.

Audit Report Event Types

PA Server Monitor

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