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Esensor Environment Monitor

This monitor will check the temperature, humidity and light level readings from environmental sensors manufactured by Esensors, Inc. This monitor will work with the EM01B Websensor model.

Please note that you must use the web configuration screen that is built into the EM01B in order to configure it for use on your network. PA Server Monitor does not support a way to configure the EM01B itself.

In order to monitor the EM01B sensor, you must first create a computer object in PA Server Monitor and assign it the IP address being used by the EM01B sensor. This will represent the EM01B for monitoring by PA Server Monitor. Refer to the page on Adding Computers.

Next, you can add a monitor of type "Esensor EM01B Monitor" You will then see the dialog below.

The status line at the bottom of the dialog (which above, reads "Initializing") will indicate if there is a problem detecting the sensor.

Note: If the target probe is monitored by a Satellite, the environmental values will be retrieved from the Satellite during the configuration step.

The sensor may be monitored for any or all of following three values that it detects:

  • Temperature (in celsius or fahrenheit)
  • Relative Humidity (in percent)
  • Luminescence (in Lux)

If any of the value(s) that you set in the dialog above are reached and crossed by the values sent back by the EM01B, this monitor will enter the Alert state and fire actions. The error state may be reached by an "under" value or an "over" value, according to the "Alert when" setting for that sensor value.

Standard Configuration Options

Like all monitors, this monitor has standard buttons on the right for Adding Actions, setting Advanced Options and setting the Monitor Schedule.

Supported Reports

The monitored values of temperature, relative humidity and luminescence can all be charted or output to .CSV file or tabular HTML. The data can be summarized into hourly, daily, weekly or monthly minimum, maximum or average values.

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