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Active Directory Change Monitor

The Active Directory Change Monitor watches the Active Directory and records object changes to a database. It can alert on an object or attribute change, object creations or deletions, and run reports later to see a history of changes.

All object changes get written to the database, for full historical reporting capability. To alert on specific types of changes, check the appropriate box.

The username and password are used to connect to Active Directory and scan the directory tree. The domain should not be given in the username field.

In the above example, the node of the Active Directory tree is selected to be monitored. Alerting is set up to alert on attribute changes and object creation and deletion.

Alerting on Attributes

Each object in Active Directory has many attributes, some of them are more common than others. If the "Alert on object attribute changes" option is selected, the most common attributes are monitored. If the "Verbose Alerting" option is selected, the more obscure attributes are also monitored.

Objects or attributes that contain specific text phrases can be ignored by entering the text in one of the Ignore entry boxes.

Standard Configuration Options

Like all monitors, this monitor has standard buttons on the right for Adding Actions, setting Advanced Options and setting the Monitor Schedule.

Supported Reports

You can run reports that list the differnt types of changes to the Active Directory in HTML or .CSV files for importing into Excel, etc.

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