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How to Monitor Voice SIP

We offer a free utility named SIP-Ping which can be used from the command line to ping a SIP endpoint.

You can use a Plugin Monitor along with this utility to do a SIP protocol ping to your SIP server and endpoints.

Create the Plugin Monitor, and set the top value to "A Windows program/script".

The full path will be something like this:

"C:\YourPath\SIP-Ping.exe" -host=$DEVICE_NAME$ -user=test_user -domain=your_domain

Note that $DEVICE_NAME$ will be replaced with the name of the device that the monitor is attached to.

You should NOT use the -verbose option as that outputs in a format that is incompatible with the plugin reader.

You CAN use the other optional parameters to fit your needs (-UseTCP, -port, -strict, -threshold, etc).

With this monitor in place, you can add a custom chart for the SIP ping response time. When you go into the charts area, add a "Custom Plugin Counter" and use "SIP-Response-Time" for the Source Item Filter.

After the monitor has been running for a while, you'll start seeing a chart like the one below.

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