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How to Add and Activate Licenses

Most of the time your licenses will be automaticly activated using the first steps listed below but there are times when you may have to manually activte your license.

Automatic License Activation

There are two ways to add licenses to your installation, using the Console or add the license files to the installation's root directory.

Adding License Files Using the Console

  1. You can upload you license files within the Console. In the top menu of the Console go to Licensing. In the License Management menu select the Add License button.
  2. Automatic License Activation
  3. Then browse to where your license file is and select the file. Then select OK.
  4. Locate License File
  5. Select Yes to automatically upload and activate the license.
  6. Automatically Upload License File

Adding License Files to the install Directory

Copy the license file to the root install directory. When you restart your Console, you will be given the "Allow Activation" pop-up, select Yes to activate your license.

Manual License Activation

  1. When the server where your monitoring service is running has no Internet access you will need to manually activate your license. Follow the steps above to add your license in the service and when the service gets to the point where it tries to activate your license you will be given a menu like this...
  2. Manual License Activation
  3. Follow the instructions in the Manual Activation menu to manually activate your license. Go to a machine that has Internet access and go to the URL address shown. You can highlight and copy the URL and Activation Request Text from this menu.
  4. Manual Activation
  5. Copy the Activation Request Text from the menu and enter it on this webpage.
  6. Enter Activation Request Text
  7. Then copy the Activation Code and enter it back in the Manual Activation menu and click on OK.
  8. Activation Code

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