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Acknowledging Alerts

Alerts can be sent out using a variety of actions such as email, SMS, calling an external URL, etc. All of these are methods to notify you about a problem. You can also choose to acknowledge alerts if that feature has been enabled in Advanced Services > Acknowledge Errors Feature Status > Configure Error Acknowledgement.

Acknowledgement Methods

There are a few different ways to acknowledge alerts:

  • Add an Acknowledgement check the box in the Server Status Report, or in the Error Audit Report. Then clicking that box in the report will acknowledge the alert. How to Acknowledge Alert
  • The External API has a command for acknowledging alert programmatically via an HTTPS call.
  • You can reply to alerts via email and acknowledge them that way. Simply designate an email address that will be monitored for replies to email alerts. The email alerts will have a Reply-To header added so that replies go to your designated mail box. Acknowledging Alerts Menu Settings Additional details on Configuring Email Alert Acknowledgement.

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