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This help page is for version 8.3. The latest available help is for version 9.5.

How to Shrink Database Files

PA Server Monitor can use MS SQL Server or an embedded SQLite database to store it's data. This can be changed in Database Settings. You can control how much data is kept by adjusting the Database Cleanup Settings in the Database Settings dialog.

If you find the embedded SQLite database is using too much space (the files are stored in C:\Program Files\PA Server Monitor\Databases ) you can do the following to shrink the database files:

  1. Change the Database Cleanup Settings so that data is kept for a shorter amount of time.
  2. Because the databases get cleaned up about once per day, wait a day for the databases to get cleaned up.
  3. After the database files have been cleaned up, they will not be smaller, but there will be empty space in the database files. To reclaim the empty space, stop the PA Server Monitor service and run:

    C:\Program Files\PA Server Monitor\ServerMonSvc.exe /COMPRESS_DATABASES

    Extra disk space is needed for this operation as a copy of each database is made during the cleanup step. You will see the following dialog:

When the compressing step is finished, you should start the PA Server Monitor service.

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