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This help page is for version 8.3. The latest available help is for version 9.5.

Remote and Distributed Server Monitoring

PA Server Monitor can monitor servers within the local LAN with just the Central Monitoring Service. No additional software is needed.

If you want to monitor servers and devices that are on the other side of a firewall from the Central Monitoring Service (either within a corporate network, or across the Internet) then a Satellite Monitoring Service needs to be installed. The Satellite will do the monitoring at the remote location and report statistics and status information back to the Central Monitoring Service as shown in the image below. The Satellite Monitoring Service typically only needs to be installed on a single server at the remote site.


Pro Tip: Do not install a Satellite on each monitored server. Just install one at each remote location and let it monitor the local network. This works great for monitoring a DMZ as well.

NOTE: The Satellite Monitoring Service is only available in Ultra product editions.

The steps to monitoring remote computers and devices are:

  1. Install a Satellite Monitoring Service at the remote location
  2. Configure the Satellite Monitoring Service
  3. Using the PA Server Monitor Console, add new computers and devices to be monitored. The trick is to make sure and indicate that the newly added computers/devices will be monitored using the Satellite, and not the Central Monitoring Service.
  4. Once the computers have been added, add new monitors to watch the computers/devices added above. You will be able to add the new monitors as though the computers they belonged to were on the local LAN -- PA Server Monitor takes care of everything else.

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