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This help page is for version 8.3. The latest available help is for version 9.4.

Message Box Action

This action can be used when you want a message box to pop-up on the machine that is running the monitoring service with details about a recent anomaly.  The Message Box Action keeps track of how many more message boxes are waiting to be shown, and lets you cancel them all at once if you choose to.

The dialog shown below is displayed when you add or edit a message box action. PA Server Monitor fills this dialog with a standard message box title and message. You may customize the message box that is displayed when this action is taken when the error occurs by editing the Title or Message Text.

The button titled "Variables" will open a screen that displays the replacement variables that are available for use.

Note that you can choose where the Message Box is displayed. By default it will be displayed on the Central Monitoring Service computer, but you can choose to display it on a remote Satellite computer as well.

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