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How to Prepare Satellite Installations for Imaging

Satellite Monitoring Services have a unique ID that helps the Central Monitoring Service know which Satellite is communicating, which one should receive which monitors, etc.

When a Satellite server is imaged and that image is then duplicated to multiple servers, the multiple Satellites will have the same ID (no longer unique) which will cause problems.

To get around this, set the following registry values on the Satellite server before imaging it:

Agent_ID = "$MacAddress$"
Agent_Name = "$Machine$"

When the Satellite is run, it will use the computer's network card MAC Address, and/or the computer's fully qualified domain name for the given parameter. Note that you can combine these values and add additional values. That means the above values can be any combination of:

These are all valid examples:

Agent_ID = "$MacAddress$"
Agent_ID = "$Machine$"
Agent_ID = "$MacAddress$-$Machine$"
Agent_ID = "CONTROL-428-A-$MacAddress$"

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