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Alert Reminders

Some times a customer will have alerts or problems that happen which aren't handled immediately, usually because something else of higher priority is being taken care of. But the alerts were defined because they were important so they need to get looked at.

Humans forget, but PA Server Monitor 8.2 Ultra doesn't, so it can be configured to occasionally send reminders. This is especially useful if you are using Event Deduplication and want to be reminded of duplicate events that are being suppressed.

Defining reminder rules is very simple. Just select the fields that describe the set of alerts you want to be reminded on. For example, the field "Still in Error" is something you would probably want to set to Yes. You can alert on acknowledged or not, time when the error first occurred, or the most recent time that it occurred.

The image above just shows a single reminder rule being created, but you can create as many as you need.

Part of the reminder rule is who should receive the reminder. Just check the boxes and you're done.

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