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This help page is for version 7.0. The latest available help is for version 9.4.

Dynamic Server List

The Dynamic Server List monitor is a Global Monitor that runs outside of any server. It periodically checks servers to see which ones belong in a list determined by your criteria.

This monitor is very powerful and lets you select servers by:

For example, you could define a list of:

You can receive alerts when servers enter and/or leave the list.

Dynamic Groups

Once you've defined a server list and how often it should update, you can use it further by defining a Dynamic Group.

The Dynamic Group is defined by choosing an existing Dynamic Server List. Any server/device that shows up in the Dynamic Server List will belong to the group.

Because the Dynamic Group is defined by the server list, servers/devices can not be manually added or removed from the group. Other than that, these groups behave similar to other groups. That means you can:

Standard Configuration Options

Like all monitors, this monitor has standard buttons on the right for Adding Actions and setting the Monitor Schedule.

PA Server Monitor

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