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Custom Icons

The PA File Sight Console can show custom icons for servers/devices and groups.

To set the icon on a group, right-click the group and choose Set Group Icon.

To set the icon on a server/device, right click the server/device and go to Type & Credentials. At the bottom of the dialog is a setting for the device icon. By default the icon will be chosen based on rules applied to what the Inventory Collector monitor finds.

Icon Files

You can add your own icon images by copying a .PNG file to C:\Program Files\PA File Sight\Icons. The images should be 40 pixels wide by 40 pixels tall.

When you add an icon file, be sure to add an entry to the C:\Program Files\PA File Sight\Icons.INI file. The file contains instructions on the simple format.

Icon Rules

To control which icons are automatically chosen for a server/device, edit C:\Program Files\PA File Sight\Icons.INI

You can look in that file, and Icons_Default.ini to see the format. Only edit Icons.ini since Icons_Default.ini will get overwritten with future updates.


About once an hour remote Consoles will automatically sync the Icons.INI file and any new images in the Icons folder. This synchronization also happens shortly after the remote Console logs in.

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