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This help page is for version 9.2. The latest available help is for version 9.4.

Installing a Satellite Monitoring Service

To install a Satellite Monitoring Service

  1. Be sure that you have completed the Installation Prerequisites before installing your first Satellite Monitoring Service.
  2. On the computer on which you want to install a Satellite Monitoring Service, open a browser, and connect to your Central Monitoring Service using the following URL:

    https://[computername]:[port number]

    where computername is the name of the computer where the Central Monitoring Service is installed, and port number is the HTTPS port that the service exposes (See Installation Prerequisites).

  3. On the login page there is a small link below the credential window with a link for "Satellite Installer". Download and run the setup program.
  4. The License Agreement page will appear.
  5. Click Next to advance through the wizard, accept the license agreement, select a destination location, and then display the Select Components page.
  6. Select the Satellite Monitoring Service option.

    Note: If you don't have access to a remote Console, select the Console User Interface option as well.

  7. Click Next repeatedly while accepting all the defaults.
  8. Ensure all options are selected on the Completing the PA File Sight Setup Wizard page, and then click Finish. The Configure Satellite Monitoring Service window will appear.

Next, Configuring a Satellite Monitoring Service.

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