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This help page is for version 5.6. The latest available help is for version 8.2.

Acknowledge Alerts via Email

If your organization tracks alerts via Error Auditing, then being able to acknowledge an alert by simply replying to an email is a useful feature. When this feature is enabled:

  1. Each alert is assigned a unique ID
  2. Emails have the alert ID appended to the subject like this: "Server is down {id:431}"
  3. The alert email will come from a special email address that you specify
  4. When support staff receive the email alert, they can simply reply to the mail, indicating they acknowledge it. Nothing special needs to be in the message body.
  5. The mail box where the replied-to alert goes is scanned for incoming messages
  6. Arriving messages are checked for the special ID in the subject
  7. If the message has the ID, that alert is acknowledged using the From: field of the message, and the acknowledgement email is deleted to keep the mail box clean.


Configuring this is very easy. First, you need to create or choose an existing email mail box that will receive the alert acknowledgement emails.

The configuration is available under the Advanced Services group as shown below.

The configuration dialog asks for typical email account information that will allow it to look at the received email messages.

Once Email Acknowledgement is enabled, email alerts will have the ID appended to the subject.

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