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Diagnosing Satellite Connection Issues

The Satellite Monitoring Service lets you monitor remote sites, or sites across a firewall, and report monitoring data and alerts back to the Central Monitoring Service. Please see below if your Satellite Monitoring Service is unable to connect to the Central Monitoring Service.

A Few Things to Check:

  • Make sure the Central Monitoring Service is running

  • Test that the Central Monitoring Service's HTTPS server is running, and not blocked by Windows Firewall, by opening a browser and going to:{port you are using}

    Does that work? If not, it could be Windows firewall, or perhaps the embedded HTTPS service couldn't start. The product's service log file will show details in this case.

  • From a different computer on the same local network as the Central Monitoring Service, open a browser and go to:

    https://{Central Monitoring Service IP}:{port you are using}

    Does that work? If not the problem is probably firewall related.

  • From the computer where the Satellite Monitoring Service is running, open Internet Explorer (specifically Internet Explorer) and go to:

    https://{Central Monitoring Service IP}:{port you are using}

    If that fails, there are a few possible reason:

    • Windows Firewall might be blocking requests from the network
    • Internet Explorer (and that installation of Windows) has older Windows encryption DLLs and can't negotiate the SSL connection. If High Security is set in Settings > HTTP Server Settings, older Windows servers might not be able to negotiate the HTTPS connection.
    • Perhaps there is a physical firewall that isn't forwarding the port to the Central Monitoring Service
    • The filter in Settings > HTTP Server Settings might be blocking access

  • In the Satellite Configuration application, check that the host and port are the same as the browser test above.

    Try the "Test Connection" button in the Satellite Configuration application. Does it give any additional hints?

Thank you for providing such a great product and support.

Moshe M., 3M Health Information Systems Division, USA ionicons-v5-b