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0x80070721 - A security package specific error occurred

This error often involves a kerberos authentication failure.

If you are using one of our products (PA Server Monitor for example), the problem can often be fixed by going into the Console application, to the Settings > System Settings menu, and entering the service username and password - the same ones you might have already entered in services.msc. This helps because it allows the product to capture the password (and store encrypted!) and then pass it along with the WMI or Powershell request.

If you are seeing this error on servers monitored by Satellites, the same thing (re-enter credentials) will need to be done on the affected Satellites. Note that there is a Bulk Config operation to help make this easier, "Satellites: Set Service Run As Account".

Other things to check:

  • Are the system clocks correct/syschronized between the server making the request and the server receiving the request? If not, kerberos will fail to authenticate.
  • Are there old systems in Active Directory with a name that matches another system? (Microsoft blog)

Database errors involving SQLSetConnectAttr

This error sometimes happens and causes database connection failures. The monitoring service or Satellite will automatically restart up to once per day in an effort to fix the problem.

Microsoft has released a document about the problem available here:

Essentially, do NOT use a data source name for the connection string, but rather use an actual connection string. OR turn off connection pooling. You can turn off connection pooling by setting:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\ (PAServerMonitor, PAStorageMonitor or PAFileSight)

The above value should be changed on the Central Server, and it will get synced to the Satellites after a little while.

After making the above change, restart the monitoring or Satellite service.

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