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What is IPMI Monitoring?

IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) is a protocol used for monitoring devices (really small computers) within a server to check on hardware status.

IPMI can monitor physical characteristics such as fan speed, server temperature, power supply status, various internal voltages, and more. IPMI devices typically function even when the host computer is turned off, and some even let you see the output of the video card. Because of this, they are helpful when remotely diagnosing hardware problems, or proactively monitoring to catch a problem before it negatively affects a server.

Dell DRAC and HP iLO are examples of IPMI devices.

IPMI Monitoring with PA Server Monitor

IPMI devices like the Dell DRAC can be monitored with PA Server Monitor's Hardware Monitor. This monitor lets you keep track of current hardware statuses, for example whether a backup battery is charged and whether both cables for a dual-power supply device are plugged in. You can be notified if any hardware device goes into a degraded/warning or failure state.

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