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What is Disk Capacity Planning?

Disk Capacity Planning is keeping track of disk space usage trends, predicting when the free disk space will be exhausted, and how much more will be needed.

Disk Capacity planning typically uses trend lines based on existing disk usage. The trend line can be projected forward with the same slope until it crosses zero, which would indicate there is no free disk space, or in other words, the disk is full. Because the trend line is disk usage versus time, where the trend line crosses zero is the time (date) when the disk is predicted to be full.

The trend line slope indicates how quickly disk space is being used, and enables forecasting usage into the future, which allows planning for future disk space needs.

Disk Capacity Planning with PA Server Monitor

PA Server Monitor makes disk capacity planning easy. Once your disks monitored by the Disk Space Monitor, data will be automatically collected about daily usage. With this, you can run a Disk Space Summary Report, which contains a Predicted Full Date.

In addition, the Disk Space Monitor can be setup to alert you when there are 30 days (or any other amount) until the disk is predicted full.

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