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PA Server Monitor

PA Server Monitor new interface preview

PA Server Monitor, our flagship product, is touted as the easiest to install and use server monitoring software. But don't let the easy part fool you. This software ranks right alongside, if not above, its competitors with server monitoring power that IT admins only dream of. It was built by IT administrators who understand first hand what was lacking in other programs, so you can be sure that it was built with you in mind.

PA Server Monitor's sleek design and user-friendly layout provides you with the following powerful features:

  • CPU and memory usage monitoring
  • Disk space monitoring
  • Ping response monitoring
  • Windows Event Log and service monitoring
  • SNMP, Traps and Syslog monitoring
  • Powerful alerting
  • Customizable reporting
  • Windows, Linux, and network device monitoring

And our agentless monitoring is as easy to use for remote distributed locations as it is for local servers.

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PA File Sight

PA File Sight is popular among companies that are concerned with HIPAA and PCI compliance, internal corporate compliance, ransomware protection or just want to know who deleted a file. This software enables you to:

  • See who is reading from and writing to important files
  • See what computer and IP address they accessed the files from
  • Prevent files from being written to cloud folders
  • Stop unknown applications from running
  • Get alerts when files or folders are created or deleted
  • Alerts when files are moved
  • Alerts when bulk file reads, writes or deletes happen
  • Detect users copying files
  • Protect servers from ransomware by blocking access to individual users

PA File Sight's active file and folder auditing can be an important part of meeting regulatory standards such as Sarbanes-Oxley, ISO and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. With the built in security settings, managers will know if files are tampered with, deleted, or being read by those who shouldn't have access.

The rules-based file I/O checking can allow or stop activity based on file paths, user, running process and more.

PA File Sight's advanced auditing technology has virtually no performance impact, unlike solutions that require native auditing. See for yourself why companies around the globe choose PA File Sight as their file auditing software of choice.

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PA Storage Monitor

PA Storage Monitor

PA Storage Monitor is the best solution for monitoring large disk volumes, reporting on the stored content, etc. Using the Satellite Monitoring Service, remote servers are monitored on their local LAN, and then alerts and reporting information are sent back to the central service.

The File System Analyzer module in PA Storage Monitor is possibly the most important and powerful of all of the monitors. It catalogs one or more entire disk volumes, including information on directories, files and file owners. This catalog can then be used to generate rich reports.

  • Directory growth over time
  • Duplicate files on the file system
  • File age, size and type distribution
  • Largest files
  • Largest storage users
  • Custom file searches by name, type, age, size, owner, etc.
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