This help page is for version 3.7. The latest available help is for version 8.1.

Send Pager Alert Action

The Send Pager Alert action can send monitor details to an SNPP pager. 

Pressing the Message button displays the configuration dialog below.  This lets you customize the message text that is sent to you with replacement variables. This is most useful for trimming the size of the message that is sent to your pager. You can also rename the action as it shows up in the various action lists. You can reset the action to its original/default name by simply clearing the name field.

If you're lucky enough to not be on call 24/7 you can use the Schedule button to specify when notifications should be sent to the given pager.  On off hours the action acts as though it isn't configured at all.  The dark green below indicates 'on hours' and the lighter grey specifies 'off hours'.

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