Oklahoma Joes BBQ Sauce
  • Oklahoma Joe's has been Featured on The Travel Channel's "No Reservations" with Anthony Bourdain and "Man vs Food."
  • Anthony Bourdain claimed it was "One of Thirteen Places to Eat Before You Die."
  • Oklahoma Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que has been named Kansas City's "Best Barbecue" by Zagat every year since 2004!
  • Men's Health magazine named it America's manliest restaurant.
  • In Spring 2013, USA Today named Oklahoma Joe's ribs as "Tastiest Ribs in America".

How Does This Work?

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  • Note: This offer is for U.S. residents only
  • Note: Only one bottle per address please
  • Offer is good until we run out of sauce, so hurry!

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How to Get Your BBQ Sauce

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Q: How do I share my experience?

A: We will accept a tweet, a Google+ post, a Facebook post, a forum post, a blog post…just send us a link or your Twitter handle so we can see what you've done.

Q: Is there any specific information I need to include in the tweet/post/etc.?

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A: Yes, as long as you're able to mention us somewhere online. It could be a post in your favorite forum, an online community you're part of, or even on your own website!

Q: How long will it take before I can enjoy my BBQ sauce?

A: As soon as we get an email from you showing how you've shared your experience, we'll get it in the mail the same week, and should take 5-10 days for shipping.

Q: I live outside the U.S., can I still get a bottle?

A: Unfortunately, no. We are very sorry, but this offer is only valid for U.S. residents.

Q: Can I sign up more than once?

A: Sorry, no. We limit this to one bottle per household.

Q: Are quantities limited?

A: Yes! We have only a limited amount of bottles of this world famous BBQ Sauce, so you should probably hurry!

Q: Will I love your software?

A: Absolutely!

Q: Will I love the BBQ Sauce?

A: Absolutely plus infinity!

*We reserve the right to deny this promotion to anyone we feel hasn't met the requirements stated on the page following form submission.
**Power Admin LLC and PA Server Monitor are in no way affiliated with Oklahoma Joe's or Joe's World Famous BBQ Sauce.
If you have any questions, please contact us at support @ poweradmin.com

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