The NSA Spying Fiasco and Your Network

The NSA and their PRISM program got a black eye this week, and rightly so.  America is supposed to be the land of the free.  We’re supposed to speak out against surveillance states, not become one.  It’s a disappointing day.

Made in the U.S.A.

To make things worse, “Made in America” could become a liability rather than the asset it’s been.  Boycotts of American-made technology, especially cloud technology, are being discussed now.  Articles about PRISM killing the cloud are showing up.  It’s a mess. ‘Cloud’ has had a challenging time when it came to a good security story, and this is going to make things harder.


Our Products are American Made

bald eagle 03With that in mind, we thought we should make a few things clear about our own products and situation.  We are a company located in the United States of America.  We have never received any sort of subpoena, request, or anything remotely similar to that from a government or law enforcement entity for any customer information.  And here’s the beautiful part: if we ever did receive such a thing, we would be completely unable to help.  This is important when considering a monitoring product.

Most software products have some sort of user data.  Monitoring products in particular hold lists of servers, file names, access records, often administrator usernames and passwords, and more.  They must be trusted because they typically go behind the curtains and watch the inner workings of the technology running a business.


Not Able To Spy 🙂

With PA Server MonitorPA File Sight, and all of our other products, all of your information stays on your servers.  We don’t have central servers that store any of your monitoring data.  We don’t have your configuration data in the cloud.  We don’t even have it for an instant to display on one of our web pages (where it could theoretically be snooped on).  Nothing.  Your network layout, passwords, running service lists, file names, etc. are stored on your own infrastructure, 100% completely within your control.

So we can never spy on you.  We like that.  And we can’t be forced to help someone else spy on you either.  We like that.  We hope you will like it too.





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