PA Server Monitor Basics & Getting Started Guide

PA Server Monitor is our flagship product that was designed with the end-user in mind. It is the easiest server monitoring solution to install and use. Once installed, our PA Server Monitor is designed to provide agentless server monitoring to track and monitor various server aspects, including:

  • CPU Usage
  • Memory Usage
  • SNMP, Traps, and Syslog Monitoring
  • Disk Space
  • Services
  • Event Logs
  • Pings, and More

The software application includes features that allow you to customize and configure alerts via email or text messaging. There are also built-in customizable reporting features you can use to analyze and audit your servers. PA Server Monitor works on both Windows and Linux server environments.


This server monitoring solution was designed to work seamlessly with our PA Storage Monitor and PA File Sight applications as well.


PA Server Monitor Remote Capabilities

PA Server Monitor Ultra Editions include additional real-time server monitoring of remote servers and devices across the internet without requiring a VPN. All that is required is to install a Satellite Monitoring Service onto the remote server or workstation at the remote site.


The remote Satellite can then monitor the server or workstation it is installed on, as well as any other devices and servers on the remote local network at the site. All data and alerts are sent back to your Central Monitoring Service via SSL-encrypted HTTP.


Installing a PA Server Monitor

The first step is to decide where you want to install the Central Monitoring Service. We have developed and easy-to-follow setup wizard that walks you through the setup process. Simply accept the End User License Agreement, and then click next to get started.


You can change the default setup location if you want the server monitoring software installed in a different file on the host server or workstation. On the next screen, you are asked which PA Server Monitor components you want to install.


For the Central Monitoring Service, you want to check the boxes next to the first two options, which is a typical install. The third option is for installing the Satellite Monitoring Service. However, the Central Monitoring Service must be installed and configured first.


Next, select any additional tasks you would like and click next to start the installation process. You will be prompted to choose the license installation. If you are installing our FREE trial, then select Trial License Edition and choose which version of PA Server Monitor you want to install and try for free for 30 days.


Each PA Server Monitor version provides full functionality, so we recommend selecting the Ultra edition so you can take advantage of all the features and options.


Starting PA Server Monitor

Once the install is completed, double-click the PA Server Monitor Console icon on your desktop. Choose Local Host if the server monitoring service is installed locally or Remote Host if connecting to a remote computer on your network where it is installed.


The GUI interface will open once the software application starts. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the interface and Navigation Panel.


You will want to review our detailed PA Server Monitor documentation that walks you through the various settings and advanced configuration settings to customize the server monitoring service to fit your specific needs.


We provide all PA Server Monitor documentation for free online. We also recommend reviewing our server monitoring solutions frequently asked questions that feature a wide array of help and documentation.


About Power Admin

Power Admin has been building professional-grade system- and server-monitoring products for many years. We update our products on a regular basis based on customer feedback and requests for enhancements. PA Server Monitor and our other types of networking monitoring and server monitoring solutions are used by Fortune 500 companies.


In addition, we consider the security of your data to be a top priority. This is why, when using our products, all of your data stays on your servers. Your network layout, passwords, file names, running services, etc. all say stored on your servers within your control.


To learn more about PA Server Monitor and our other network and server monitoring solutions, or to download your FREE 30-day fully functional trial, please feel free to visit our official website at or contact us at  1-800-401-2339 today!



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